New Audio-Visual Technology For Events Industry

The world is changing with time, and technology plays a crucial role. Over the years, technology has driven groundbreaking changes in almost every aspect of human life. As the world begins to change, millions of people are leveraging technology to adapt to the changing world. As a result, audio-visual technology has also enjoyed a reception in the event industry.

The industry has experienced tremendous digital transformations, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, event technology is taking a massive shape in the industry and will change everything. Therefore, it is essential to follow the current and emerging technology in the event industry.


About Event Audio-Visual Technology

Gone are those days of traditional event setup. Now, Hosts can use innovative tools and technological devices to assist, provide, and ensure the smooth running of events.

For example, the MC (master of ceremonies) can use these tools, software apps, and electronic devices to process check-ins, registrations, scheduling, networking, and simple logistics. In addition, audio-visual technology is there to enhance the event.


What is AV Technology?


Event Audio-Visual Technology Trends


Here, we look at some new audio-visual innovations in event production. These will help event planners catch up with innovative trends in event technology.


  • Virtual Reality

This system has been around for a while, but can be said to be a new video technology for the event industry. Interestingly, virtual reality is becoming more and more affordable for event owners.

The way virtual reality connects participants in an event is remarkable. It can help boost user engagement. It also works as an event management technology tool with many settings to fit the event being held.

This VR tech trend allows people from anywhere to attend and connect with an event online. The attendee or participant only has access to the event using a virtual ticket sent by the “Host” of the event.

VR is the best option for more participation from any part of the world.


  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is another event tech trend in the industry.

This tech-driven system makes event management easy and convenient. Like Virtual Reality, AI adds glamor to events.

For example, imagine having an automated response system that works with new audio technologies such as voice searches.

This system performs specific assigned actions by executing voice commands during events. AI is an event management technology that offers a fascinating experience.

Another interesting result is that the participants feel like VIPs using the Artificial Intelligence system to participate in the event.


  • Facial Recognition

This is one of the upcoming trends in event technology that has already gathered considerable interest.

The work of facial recognition tech is quite straightforward.

The technology has facial recognition features that capture, upload, and compare facial images of attendees.

This system is a very great idea for check-ins and check-outs. The event planner can also use attributed materials like scannable vouchers, printable badges, or seat tickets in the facial recognition procedure.

In addition, facial Recognition technology enhances security and helps with data collation which can help improve future events. And, of course, this audio-visual innovation makes the event venue look more attractive and high-profile.

Also valid for a spring theme party.


  • Second Screen Technology

Focusing on the speaker and the presentation can be difficult for significant events for participants. This is where the second screen projection comes in.

This new technology for the events industry is boosting attendees’ active participation during events.

Second screen technology renders the speaker’s presentation on each attendant’s smartphone, which helps every participant follow slide-show presentations, engage in Q&A sessions, fill questionnaires, and participate in polls.

This tech boosts the attendee’s experience and improves concentration and learning. One of the innovative trends in event technology which helps speakers connect and interact with attendees.

  • Wearable Tech Devices

Event participants are used to wearing ID cards in events. However, the current and emerging event industry technology is smart wearables that improve user experience during events.

This tech trend provides convenience and a personalized user experience.

Planners can provide smart watches or badges that connect the user with the event and other features attached to the event.

For instance, wearable tech can simplify check-ins, manage access to certain areas in the venue, and monitor the attendants.

With this tech, the event staff is less bothered by attendants.

You can also use wearables to collate attendants’ data to improve performance in spring events.

  • Hologram

Before, events would get canceled or postponed if the speakers could not be at the venue. Now, there is a way the speaker can appear in multiple places at the same time. Attendants can also participate from different locations and still see the speaker as real.

With one of the newest video technology, Hologram tech, the speaker can speak in one place, and their hologram can appear in several others. This trend is growing as it affords speakers convenience of location. In addition, a hologram can be included in spring party themes, especially where hundreds will gather for the outdoor event.

  • Drones And Robots

Planners may be considering an outdoor spring theme party. Using drones and robots is a great way to manage the event. But, first, planners can use this technology to capture the venue and facilities and present the venue’s uniqueness to attendees.

Also, with the use of robots and drones, you can monitor the attendees and other activities during the event. Therefore, staff must not be stressed to ensure the party runs smoothly.

This tech sees it all from the sky.


In Conclusion

Digital transformation continues to shape event planning and management. As a result, event planners and hosts need to look beyond the traditional event setup and leverage current and emerging technology in the event industry.

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  • Staff for all kinds of events (hostess, models, security, basic hands)
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  • Activity creation & management – leisure, cultural, team-building
  • Catering management
  • Transfer & Logistics management
  • Incentives
  • Latest AV solutions
  • Special decoration, design, and entertainment for all venues
  • VIP guests & motivational speakers
  • Exhibition design & Production
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Interactive Experience Ideas For Your Event

Interactive Experience

The interactive experience can be defined as the connection between users and the environments they are immersed in. What does “immersive” mean? The word is a metaphor for the submersion experience regarding representation, fiction, or simulation. Immersion is also defined as a state of consciousness in which a “visitor’s” or “immersant’s” awareness of physical self is altered by being surrounded in an artificial environment; it is used to describe partial or complete suspension of disbelief, allowing action or reaction to stimuli encountered in a virtual or artistic background. The greater the degree of presence established, the greater the suspension of disbelief.

An immersive experience pulls a viewer or user into a whole new world where there’s a blend of real and imagined things; it also enables them to manipulate and interact with that environment. These experiences use a combination of visual technology and sound to deliver one of the most blended and engaging worlds; it is usually an unforgettable experience.


What is the immersive experience definition?

According to Wikipedia, it defines immersive experience as similar to interactive experience, and they are sometimes called “interactive web experiences”. Immersive digital experiences enable you as a viewer to explore spaces through a series of the interconnected environment into which a person can manipulate traditional 2D videos and animation content alongside interactive hot spots and overlays. One can call it an unforgettable digital experience.

Several terms or languages come with the word immersion; these words are often used interchangeably among other terms. Some of the most common words are Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), among other things.


Immersion (Virtual Reality)

In case you are wondering what is immersive in virtual reality? Well, the answer is simple. Virtual reality is a technology that completely immerses the user inside the digitally generated world, thereby giving an impression to the user that they might have moved into the artificial world. Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) or multiple projections enable the goal of synthetic or virtual reality to be achieved. The HMD allows VR to be easily projected to the user’s eyes to focus on it without distractions. This immersive digital experience has so far been proven to be one of the most realistic answers to the question, “what is immersive experience?”  Virtual reality is the most common type of immersive technology, allowing users to become entirely engaged in a wholly digital environment that mimics another reality. To have a fully immersive experience with the ability to employ movements/reflects, users must use a headset, hand controls, and headphones.


Augmented Reality (AR)

This is another form of Immersive experience meaning an enhanced version of the actual (physical) world which is designed through the use of technology to help achieve the digital version of the real or physical world. This immersive digital experience makes use of digital visual elements sensory and sound elements which are then delivered through technology. Over the years, augmented reality has been achieved successfully, making it a growing trend in mobile computing and business applications in particular. One of the main goals of augmented reality, as data collection and analysis expands, is to highlight certain aspects of the physical environment, increase understanding of those features, and provide useful and accessible insight that can be used in real-world applications. Big data may help organizations make better decisions and acquire insight into consumer purchasing habits, among other things.

The slight difference between AR and VR is “Augmented reality uses the existing real-world environment and puts virtual information on top of it to enhance the experience.”


Mixed Reality (MR)

Following mainframes, PCs, and cellphones, mixed reality is the next big thing in computing. Consumers and businesses are increasingly adopting mixed reality. It frees us from screen-bound experiences by allowing us to interact with data in our living places and with our friends instinctively. Hundreds of millions of online explorers have encountered mixed reality through their mobile devices throughout the world. Mobile AR offers the most mainstream mixed reality options on social media nowadays. It’s possible that people aren’t aware that the Instagram AR filters they use are actually mixed reality experiences. With a combination of really stunning holographic representations of humans, high-definition holographic 3D models, and the real environment around them, Windows Mixed Reality takes all of these user experiences to the next level.


What Can Immersive Experiences Unlock For Business?

Immersion is meaningless without a purpose (the story you want to tell). There is nothing to be absorbed in if there is no story, and all of the technology you employ is nothing more than a gimmick. However, simply telling a narrative isn’t enough. The best immersive experiences allow the user to explore the tale on their own. That is the key to creating a memorable immersive experience. To entice their audience, a designer must present them with a challenge in order to completely immerse them into synthetic reality.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona – MWC 2022

Mobile World Congress

Talk about the greatness of mobile technology? MWC Barcelona is a credible witness. Mobile World Congress has evolved to become a stage for brands and manufacturers to gather. This show simply celebrates the technological advancement the mobile network industry enjoys. There you can see the hottest trends in the mobile world as brands love to launch their new products at this expo. The organizers, GSMA have invested a lot to make this event an unmissable one. Besides, who does not like to witness some tech magic?

Here are a few things you should know about the Mobile World Congress 2022.

MWC – The Largest Community for Mobile Communications

Mobile World Congress is usually held in Barcelona around February and March. MWC Barcelona remains one of the most anticipated expos despite the coronavirus pandemic disrupting several operations in the past two years. The reason is simple. It is the largest gathering of mobile network users in the world. You’ll see the reigning phone brands, device manufacturers, mobile network providers, wireless network representatives, and even the press. Annually, the show records a population of about 100,000 people around the world.

The show is about unveiling new devices and products. Brands and manufacturers will gather to showcase their tech innovations. GSMA has established two other brand expos to give room for more brand involvement. There is one in Shanghai named MWC Shanghai and the other in Los Angeles named MWC Los Angeles.

Why Mobile World Congress continues to be exciting

The world is changing with technology shaping our advancement. New tools, gadgets, and accessories are built to improve and better how people live. This is why Mobile World Congress is one of those events to look forward to every year. It is a place of the future. For tech-savvies and lovers of magic, MWC Barcelona is that great place to be. The show offers an exciting experience where attendants can see how technology has improved the mobile communications industry.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022

There are a lot of expos every year but Mobile World Congress is one big expo every fan of mobile technology looks forward to. The event is perhaps the best ground for top mobile manufacturers to launch their smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. That is where you get to see the hottest trends in the mobile industry. Mobile consumers fancy the expo because it brings many mobile heavyweights in the industry to talk about their innovations like the 5G network, VR, and other tech breakthroughs.

Everyone is looking forward to the 2022 Mobile World Congress. There have been many questions as to whether the 2022 event will hold. And if it does hold, will MWC 2022 be virtual or in-person?

Will MWC Barcelona 2022 Hold?

Mobile World Congress has not been the same for the last two years. With the show being cancelled in 2020 and many brands skipping the 2021 event, MWC will look to revive its greatness in 2022. The good news is, MWC Barcelona is coming out against the Coronavirus pandemic and hosting the show as the previous years. However, further changes will depend on the state of the pandemic.

This year, the annual mobile trade show is set to take place in Barcelona between February 28 and March 3, 2022. Unlike in 2021, we should be expecting an in-person event where almost all the brands will be fully represented physically. Brands like Honor, Accenture and Huawei have confirmed their attendance. Whatever is the case, we should expect the unveiling of some cool mobile solutions at Barcelona Mobile World Congress in a few weeks.


Setting the big stage to host the MWC Barcelona is always a huge task. As Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022 is set to happen in a few weeks, the Coronavirus pandemic is a big factor to consider. The world is looking forward to the physical activation of many manufacturers. This means more must be done to deliver the best return of the MWC expo in 2022.

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  • Catering management
  • Transfer & Logistics management
  • Incentives
  • Latest AV solutions
  • Special decoration, design, and entertainment for all venues
  • VIP guests & motivational speakers
  • Exhibition design & Production
  • Housing & Registration

The Best Pharmaceutical Product Launch Strategy Tips in 2021

In the first year of a new drug launch, studies have shown that two-thirds fail sales expectations. Of those products that manage to make their first-year target, only 65% will continue market growth in their second year. For these reasons, an effective pharmaceutical launch plan is essential to the success of a drug launch


Increasing percentages on successful launches requires better quality strategies. Pharma Launch plans will need to be cutting edge, produce an original value proposition, and possess teams prepared to deal with any potential problems. 


Some of the main obstacles to overcome are:


  • Commercialization of new drugs
  • Precisely estimating the size of the market
  • Targeting prescribers
  • Hiring a successful sales team
  • Organizing marketing strategies


The Commercialization of New Drugs


Despite how innovative and compelling the science is behind your drug, it can still crash and burn at a pharmaceutical product launch. A considerable amount of emphasis must be placed on your commercialization strategy, as it will be paramount to bringing your drug onto the market. 


In addition to determining your patient population or market size, you also need to consider 


  • Price to value ratio
  • Additional indications or off-label uses
  • Access related factors
  • Market share 
  • Payer models
  • Formulating a plan that knits together all of these factors will increase your chances of success in the commercial market. 


Potential problems should be addressed in your pharmaceutical product launch strategy and thought out carefully. Working with specialist companies in “to market” commercialization will benefit you in more ways than one.  These include strategic decision-making, risk aversion, and shaping your product and brand level strategy.


Determining the Size of your Market and Understanding the Population


If you want to measure your success accurately, you must know your audience size. To determine your real and potential target markets, the patient population is critical. This is important not only from a regulatory and payer viewpoint but also from a clinical and commercial aspect. 


To create a successful launch strategy, you need a clear understanding of your patient population to help guide your decision-making regarding risk trade-offs. You can also gain invaluable insight into the fundamental value proposition (an easy-to-understand reason why customers should buy your product) and in-scenario planning (distinguishing a well-defined set of dilemmas, different “realities” of what could happen in the future). 


All of this information will allow you to move forward confidently in determining the most effective price point for your product.


Targeting Prescribers

Competition has intensified in the pharmaceutical industry. New drugs are never alone for very long, with competitor products popping up five to eight years after launch. Using phase III clinical trial data to set apart your product to health insurers, regulators and physicians has become increasingly difficult. You must market clinical and non-clinical benefits to consumers and physicians in order to ensure a successful pharma product launch


Drug prescribing habits are forever changing, creating challenges that companies can only meet by collecting extensive data. Partnering with these companies can help you compile detailed prescriber profiles essential to prescriber targeting. 


Once your profiles are collated, manufacturers can identify doctors that prescribe specific drugs or drug categories within particular cities, counties, states, or countries. 


Your data must include information on integrated delivery networks (IDNs), which now own over 60% of physician groups and practices. As a result, IDN’s are now setting the standard for treatment protocols, so it is vital to focus on them instead of just individual prescribers. 


It is evident that these profiles now dictate a launch strategy that considers how pharma companies approach physicians. In turn, profiles will help you recognize prescribing trends for a more successful pharma launch plan.


Pharma industry experts at market research company Infiniti have said that most physicians’ brand choices are influenced by how much support the pharma companies provide. More specifically, answers to medical questions, connecting physicians with peers, and patient identification.  


The Hiring of a Successful Sales Team

A modern, high-end pharma rep knows that improved technology and digital skillsets need to be addressed with an ever-growing network of prescribers. They understand that the data being delivered is fast and precise, improving the overall patient experience. Naturally, you will want to find and hire the best of the best reps available in the industry. By recruiting and training a top sales team, you’re well on your way to executing a successful pharmaceutical product launch strategy.

New Companies Can Use Three Primary Resources to Find Great Talent:


Work with a firm that offers PR services


Working with a firm that offers PR services means they can create a press release to attract top reps. They can advise you of the right timing and professionally announce a sales team opening. This is a strategic way to get noticed by highly motivated sales reps through their newsfeed and not just job listings.


Recruit highly experienced C-suite executives and sales directors


Highly qualified and experienced professionals will be well connected and use their network to recruit a team that can lead them to success. Motivated individuals that fall into this category are a worthwhile investment.  Hiring a sales team in this way can save you energy and time toward building a great team.


One other consideration when recruiting the best sales reps is to guarantee they will receive the support they need to succeed in the job. This means asking candidates what resources they will need and ensuring they get them. Give potential candidates confidence that they can do an outstanding job with plentiful resources, and you will have more success in recruiting a reliable team. 


Another key to recruiting top sales reps is committing to provide them with the support they need for success. Ensure you provide your team with the best possible technology, data, and analytics solutions available. 


Organization of Marketing Strategies


Due to the modern technology shift towards digital marketing trends, target-market approaches benefit small and large pharma companies. The problems of the past are almost behind you, with incremental innovation, copycat drugs, and top-selling tablets no longer helping in the new pharma climate. The pressure is now on to prove your brand can add value and improve patient experience and quality of life using reliable data.


Provide Detailed Information and Social Proof for Consumers


Pharmaceutical consumers want detailed information to make informed decisions about taking your pharma product. This information will also help them decide if they are willing to pay a premium price for the benefits. Consumers want social proof and will do their online research, looking to their peers and the wider community. Make sure you have a social media and content manager ready to help. Digital marketing through social media and similar channels is now vital to your marketing strategies. 


Planning your successful pharma product launch goes beyond meeting quality standards, regulatory compliance, and the usual benchmarks. Your launch is the vehicle in which your brand and product will reach your target market with a clear value proposition. 

Make Sure Your Marketing is Data-Driven


Companies must offer clear and concise data-driven insight for both physicians and consumers in the current market. Forming relationships with businesses that can provide you with fast, accurate, and current data will play a massive role in your product launch’s success. 


If you want to be ahead of the competition, the benefits of working with advanced pharma software companies will be ongoing for your organization. Mastering the use of data will serve you in your future launches, assist in your ongoing marketing strategies, and positively impact your product sales.


Pharmaceutical companies need many months to plan a new product launch. The launch itself should be planned and ready well before the launch date. As the big day approaches, social media campaigns should be prepared to cover all platforms and forums, building up conversations around the targeted disease. 


The Future of Pharma


The recent challenge for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies includes navigating the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. New pharma product introduction will be affected with regards to planning and decision making. You will not only deal with social distancing issues but stressed healthcare systems as well.

In the years to come, pharma market leaders will likely be those companies that leverage new technology to integrate in-depth customer insights, use technology to engage and identify those customers, and deliver value. Companies that anticipate what the pandemic may do to the evolving market and healthcare systems will be prepared and ready to deliver successful new products.


+360 Powered Possibilities reported that “EvaluatePharma’s World Preview 2019, Outlook to 2024, prescription drug sales are expected to reach $1.18 trillion by 2024, with oncology continuing to stay the main R&D focus area in the biopharma industry.”


Products also currently being developed in other therapeutic areas include musculoskeletal and cardiovascular. Despite many drugs expected to obtain FDA approval over the coming years, their market success is not assured. Your pharmaceutical product launch strategy will play an integral role in the future of your product’s success story. 


Work With SmartWorks


Don’t get stuck using a pharmaceutical product launch plan template. If you would like to learn more about how SmartWorks can help you develop a new and successful product launch event strategy that will increase sales, contact us today to speak with one of our experts!

Pharmaceuticals Conferences: What You Need to Know About Attending a Pharma Event 

New and exciting opportunities await those eager to immerse themselves in the pharmaceutical industry. Attending a pharmaceutical event is an excellent opportunity to learn new information, network with industry professionals, and keep up with current pharmaceutical industry trends.


Although pharmaceutical events, including pharma trade shows and pharma conferences, can sometimes be time-consuming, expensive, and often involve travel, they are an invaluable source of information you can capitalize on within your own professional environment. 


Let’s get further insight into what a pharma event entails, the reasons why you should attend one, and the unique activities and opportunities available to digital conference attendees.


What is a Pharmaceutical Conference?


Pharmaceutical conferences are excellent opportunities for pharmacists, new or experienced, to learn new strategies to help their patients, discover how to best engage their community, and learn more about essential business skills.


Usually scheduled over 1-2 days, a pharma event is the meeting place for leading pharmacists and academia to discuss, exchange, and share ideas on a topic. Conferences differ in how they run; some are peer-led, some are interactive, but they all share the common goal of providing the latest developments in the field. It’s then up to you to decide how best to apply this newfound information to your own professional development.


You may have also heard the term ‘pharmaceutical trade show‘, which is essentially an exhibition for pharmaceutical companies to showcase and demonstrate their latest technologies. A pharma trade show provides attendees with the opportunity to explore new product offerings, while a conference hinges upon exchanging information. However, both have the shared goal of educating their audience.


7 Reasons to Attend a Pharmaceuticals Conference


When faced with the proposition of attending a conference, you might ask yourself: Is it worth your brand? Is it worth taking time away from your pharmacy? Shouldn’t I be focusing on my patients? But attending a pharmaceuticals conference is a rewarding and invaluable experience. Here are seven reasons why:


1. Networking


Networking is key to getting the most out of your pharma event. Conferences are fantastic places to meet like-minded individuals. Whether they’re new or experienced pharmacists, it’s important to create connections because you never know what they know or who they know.


For some, networking can be a source of anxiety regardless of how many networking events you’ve attended. It can be easy to stay in your comfort zone and only approach colleagues or people you’ve met previously. However, networking can open up to future collaboration opportunities and the expansion of your professional circle.


2. Catchup With New Pharmacy Trends


The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving, as is the role of the pharmacist. The opportunity to learn about new and innovative medicines, products, and services is invaluable in determining whether your pharmacy could benefit from these latest trends. By attending a conference, you can stay up-to-date with what’s on the horizon and what the future holds for the industry.  You may learn about something new that you would not have known otherwise.


International conferences are especially good at providing information about global pharmaceutical trends, enabling you to adapt this knowledge into your own practice.


3. Meet Industry Leaders


Not only will you have the opportunity to listen to industry leaders during a pharmaceuticals conference, but there’s a good chance you will be able to meet and talk with them, too. Although it may seem intimidating, approaching an expert in your field is guaranteed to give you the best insights into improving your business. As a plus, they may offer to keep in touch with you in the future or connect you with a contact who can provide their support.


It’s always a good idea to research who will be speaking at the event. Identify your area of interest and choose key speakers with whom you would like to talk. Remember to do some background research so you can mention or ask about something you enjoyed about their past work as an ice-breaker to initiate conversation.

4. Get Inspired by Other Pharmacists


Don’t just get inspired by industry leaders; gain inspiration from your fellow pharmacists, too. One of the best opportunities available to you at any pharmaceutical event is connecting with others who may face similar problems. Learn from their mistakes and their successes. Understand how they overcome those challenges. Take notes. Ask questions. Provide feedback if warranted. You can take all this information and apply it to your own business where you see fit.


5. Stimulate Ideas


Being in a room full of industry professionals may spark an idea for your own pharmacy. Listening to key speakers, talking with fellow pharmacists, and hearing about the latest developments, technological or otherwise, is a sure-fire way to inspire ideas. As a bonus, you’re able to bounce these ideas off other attendees and gauge their reactions in real-time.


6. Learn About New Technology


It’s essential to stay one step ahead of your competitors and provide high-quality service to your patients. By attending a conference or trade show, you’re getting the latest knowledge from industry experts in real-time. The pharma industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the medical sector.

While the industry itself is quick to adapt to the changing times, the pharmacist must also keep up to meet patients’ evolving needs. An awareness of products and strategies on show will help you stay competitive and gain actionable insights to improve your product and your business.


7. Professional Development


Attending a pharma event has the potential to expand your mind, leading to significant benefits for your personal and professional development.  Next time you attend a conference or pharmaceutical trade show, keep these tips in mind and get the most out of pharmaceuticals conferences.


Who Should Come to a Pharmaceutical Conference


Pharmaceutical conferences are not just limited to pharmaceutical professionals. Of course, pharmacy professionals are inclined to attend a pharma event. There is also a broad spectrum of industry professionals who are also encouraged to attend these events.  This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Medical Directors
  • Compliance Executives 
  • Physicians 
  • Nurses
  • Clinical Research Organizations 
  • Site Management Organizations 
  • Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists 
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Private Employers and Public Purchasers
  • Pharmaceutical Consultants

The medical industry is vast, with many sectors that overlap and intersect with one another. Attendees may need to keep up with the latest technological developments in the pharmaceutical industry as they directly relate to their own work, as a pharmacy technician, for example. Others may choose to expand their interests, build their reputations, or network with prospective partners to discuss collaboration opportunities and gain meaningful insights.


Virtual Conference Event Formats


With large physical events put on hold due to the global pandemic, many conferences have taken on the digital age. With no choice but to go virtual, conferences create online platforms where pharma companies can sit in chat rooms, and people can virtually move around to stands. This provides a unique opportunity for pharmacists to attend conferences that they perhaps couldn’t participate in previously.

An online pharma event has all the features of a physical conference but with a few added extras.  These including live chat questions and answers, one-on-one private conversations, networking ‘rooms,’ and the bonus of re-visiting the content due to the recording function.


It looks increasingly likely that the future of pharmaceutical conferences will become a blended model of a digital and physical experience. 


Upcoming Pharmaceutical Conferences 

With almost all pharmaceutical events taking place digitally in the foreseeable future, there is an opportunity to attend pharma events not only in your local area but to pursue opportunities abroad too.


August 2021

  • 2nd Annual BioPharma Conference – August 2-3 (Online Event, Denmark)
  • 34th World Congress on Pharmacology – August 16-17 (Online Event, UK)

September 2021

  • 24th International Pharmaceutical Formulations Conference – September 15-16 (Rome, Italy) 
  • 2nd World Pharma Expo – September 27-28 (Tokyo, Japan) 

October 2021

  • 19th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology – October 6-7 (Barcelona, Spain) 
  • 2nd Annual Congress on Antibiotics and Bacterial Infections – October 21-22 (Prague, Czech Republic)

November 2021

  • 15th World Drug Delivery Summit – November 1-2 (Rome, Italy) 
  • 27th International Conference on Advanced Clinical Research and Clinical Trials – November 15-16 (Madrid, Spain)
  • 12th World Congress on Bioavailability and Bioequivalence – November 29-30 (Bali, Indonesia)  


*Some events have been impacted due to the spread of COVID-19. Keep up to date with the latest using the “Pharma industry event tracker” here.


Work with SmartWorks Today


SmartWorks can help you create your own pharmaceuticals conference. We’ll work side-by-side with you and your team to help choose the best:


  • Accommodation
  • Transportation 
  • Catering
  • Venue Selection and Management 
  • Conference AV Production
  • Design and Décor 
  • Lighting 
  • Print Materials

While you might not opt for an in-person event at the moment, SmartWorks can still create a spectacular virtual event experience for your attendees. With years of expertise in meetings and AV events production, we can help you deliver a world-class event with exceptional quality content that your attendees will remember for a lifetime. 


Start planning your very own pharmaceuticals conference today with one of the leading destination event management companies

Virtual Event Ideas

What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are becoming a commonplace replacement for traditional physical-based events. At their core, virtual corporate events can translate relatively seamlessly from their in-person counterparts. Trade shows, product launches, and team-building meetings can all be held on a digital platform, such as Zoom. With only an internet connection, you can still network with some creative virtual event ideas.

The Best Virtual Event Ideas 

It can be daunting to switch over from the tried-and-true physical gatherings of traditional corporate events. However, with proper planning, adding some twists with modern technology, and incorporating innovative techniques, you can find some unique ideas for virtual events.

Here are some fun virtual event ideas to get you started.

Team-building Games

As the world shifts toward a mindset where remote work isn’t only acceptable, it’s preferable, there are some downsides to this structure. One of the major drawbacks is a lack of camaraderie between co-workers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Your company can find ways, such as hosting a team-building competition, to foster camaraderie.  One such social event idea is organizing a large-scale online board game with dedicated teams. If you want to up the game, you can schedule a virtual escape room, in which cooperation is necessary to succeed. 

Virtual Networking Seminars

Building meaningful connections with others in your industry is one of the largest draws for attending any corporate event. And, just because you’ve switched the meeting space to a digital one doesn’t mean you need to forgo this critical aspect. As far as virtual networking ideas are concerned, you can still arrange a setting that fosters the creation of professional connections.  

Virtual social event ideas can include making specialized “rooms” explicitly designed to meet with industry peers, creating a by-appointment meet-and-greet with known delegates and sponsors, or holding a fireside chat model for people to attend remotely.

Sponsor Branding

If you’ve secured sponsors, the networking sessions you’ve arranged offer an excellent opportunity for them to brand the event. The best virtual events bring some aspect of themselves into the physical world. Aside from networking opportunities, people love swag. You may try and organize with the sponsor to deliver some of their branded merchandising to the attendees in a similar manner that they would receive at a physical event.  


With many people locked away in their homes, health and wellbeing have been on a decline. As a company looking for virtual events ideas to boost morale and productivity, you may look to event ideas that promote physical movement. Whether you opt for a low-impact yoga session or a digital walk-a-thon, it will give your attendees the motivation to move their bodies between or in addition to the more business-related aspects of the event.

Host a Virtual Party

While in-person get-togethers may continue on the back-burner for a while, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate a team’s achievements. In terms of virtual event ideas, an online party may seem impossible. However, with a clever itinerary, you can certainly create a welcoming environment for people to enjoy themselves. While it may not be the same as an open bar affair, you can still post a cocktail menu with the recipes attached.  Don’t forget to book a live band that can stream to everyone connected. 

Organize an Online Skill Learning Course

Virtual courses have become an industry, and the number of skills to choose from can be staggering. One of the best virtual events that have a real-world impact is an online cooking course. You can gather all of your team members and have a real professional chef guide you through any number of cuisines. The best part is that after you’ve finished the class, you have a delicious treat or meal to enjoy. 

Virtual Trivia Night

Nothing gets people more excited than the opportunity to flex their brain muscles, and a trivia night is a perfect venue to let them shine. Play much like a bar trivia night; simply organize your employees into teams. With the right digital background, you can create an exciting event that features a little healthy competition.

Digital Murder Mystery Dinner

Like every aspect of the traditional murder mystery dinner, each participant enters the scene as a predefined persona, and then tragedy hits. There’s been a murder, and it’s up to the guests (in character) to solve the mystery of who-dun-it.

Dance Challenge

As platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have proven, you don’t need to be a trained dancer to bust a move. If your company wants to build awareness around a cause, or you just want to organize your team members to show off at the next gathering, learning a dance challenge has proven time and again to be one of the more successful virtual event ideas.

Virtual Events: Tips for Success

While these virtual event ideas are a great jumping-off point, there are some tips you should be aware of before you dive into hosting a virtual event.

Make Downloadable Content Available

After an event has wrapped up, it’s common for people to want something to take away from the conference. 

Ensure that the Keynote Speaker is Comfortable with a Virtual Format

Before you begin the conference, ensure that the conferences speakers are prepared to speak online. You’ll want to check that all audio and video is streaming perfectly and that the speaker’s background is appealing.

Offer Additional Value to the Event

One of the main draws of many events is that they offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits or certification for completing a virtual training course.

Organizing a successful virtual event can be complex. Luckily, you can rely on SmartWorks. As an industry leader in event planning, we’ve designed exceptional virtual event ideas that have consistently proven to be showstoppers. Contact us today to see how you can make your next virtual event the best it can be. 

Remote Production

What is Remote Production?

Want to know the remote production definition? Also known as Remote Integration Model or REMI broadcast, remote production is a production workflow that enables live content to be captured from a remote location and managed from a central control room. A remote or REMI production keeps all of the production elements you might find in a traditional broadcast, but your on-camera talent is in a remote location.

A REMI production workflow makes sense in the modern world, especially during the pandemic when many people are unwilling or able to leave their own homes.  Remote production is being used more and more by production companies and content creators around the world.

Benefits of Remote Production

There are many benefits to using remote production, including:

  • Cost savings. Production costs are typically a massive concern for broadcasters and right holders, and remote production is a flexible solution that allows you to cut costs for equipment and staff travel. Since production equipment can be in one centralized location and control remote on-site cameras, your organization can save money on travel and shipping costs. 

When you use remote production, you don’t need to bring a huge team of producers, managers, editors, and engineers to a site. Fewer people are actually needed in the field, which reduces travel costs and expenses like hotel and transportation. You also don’t need to spend money on transporting fragile equipment to the remote site. In addition, equipment setup is much faster, saving time.

  • Centralized resources. REMI remote production enables you to centralize your production resources by bringing audio and video streams back to one centralized production studio. This allows for improved quality and control during the editing process. Human and technical resources are all in one central facility, working within a familiar environment, where they can easily control factors like power, lighting, and sound. 

Your producers, editors, managers, and engineers are also not dependent on weather patterns or limitations at the remote site. They have everything they need set up at the centralized studio. 

  • Increased productivity. A REMI streaming solution also helps improve your production workflow. While your production costs are reduced, your productivity is actually increased, maximizing your production workflow. You would send most of your resources to the actual worksite with traditional production, meaning that your staff members can only focus on covering one live production at a time. Then, your staff needs to return before they can begin working on the next production.

    This process is much more straightforward with a live remote broadcast. Since remote production works over the public internet, there is much less set-up time, and video producers can optimize their resources. Remote production lets you handle multiple production events at the same time. Your production staff can actually manage two different productions during the same day since the production system will be re-used at the next event. Increased productivity means more money coming into your organization while you are saving money on travel costs, moving equipment, and more.
  • Monetized content. Remote production is an excellent way for content creators to monetize their content and is a solution to the evolving nature of content consumption. Viewers want content to be available on a wide range of different platforms. Moreover, audiences enjoy a complete viewing experience, whether they are watching on a tablet, television, smartphone, or computer. 

The remote production model gives organizations and content creators the opportunity to have dedicated camera feeds for delivery to mobile devices and tablets and provides an opportunity for these feeds to be monetized. Remote production offers an economic benefit for rights holders.

  • Low latency. Remote production also shows the benefits of IP technology to offer high speed and high-quality media transport. Multiple audio and camera feeds can be transported to a centralized production facility with low latency over relatively long distances. Plus, with the technology for low latency available, directors can ask the crew at the stadium to zoom or make any necessary adjustments, just as they would in a traditional live production environment. This capability will only be pushed further as the remote production technology grows and evolves.
  • Flexibility. A remote broadcast solution can be set up anywhere and controlled over a network by anyone on your team.  This allows your organization and team members to increase their flexibility and efficiency. This solution allows for improved flexibility for staff members and better distribution of production tasks to others across multiple locations. A graphics operator can assist production in real-time with a second control device. 

Remote film production allows for increased flexibility and efficiency. SmartWorks has highly professional AV production specialists that can work in tandem from a centralized studio and remote location. As we are experts in remote productions, we can facilitate fast communication and react quickly to production changes or challenges. For example, when a producer asks his camera people to do something at the remote site, they will follow those directions immediately.

  • Cloud power. Cloud capabilities allow your organization to customize or change your production workflow at any time. These cloud capabilities provide better scalability and expand with your individual production needs while enabling the safe control, distribution, and storage of your most important media assets in the cloud. Remote production is on the rise, and cloud power gives video producers huge benefits in embracing new network technologies.

Remote Production Solutions

Organizations and broadcasters turn to remote production solutions from companies like SmartWorks to help improve efficiency, generate more content and allow their staff members to work productively from nearly anywhere, especially during the pandemic. Remote production allows broadcasters to do much more with their resources and gives them the opportunity to generate more content and more revenue to meet demand. Broadcasters can focus on using their resources to produce more high-quality content for their viewers while reducing or even eliminating expensive and complicated logistics associated with traditional production.

Remote production helps organizations reduce costs and complexities by reducing the burden of deploying costly resources, the equipment needed to produce everything at a remote location, and the field crew required to manage it all. Remote production also helps you maximize your resources by creating multiple events more efficiently with better attention to quality and consistency. You can focus on accelerating production with IP technology that lets you transport video and audio feeds to a centralized production facility with relatively low latency. You can also create more content by freeing up valuable resources, in turn expanding your live event coverage and generating more revenue.

Live Remote Broadcast Equipment

Wondering what equipment you actually need for a live remote broadcast? Here is a breakdown of some of the best live streaming equipment for remote broadcasting:

  • Video cameras. One of the most important pieces of equipment for a professional live remote broadcast is a video camera. Thousands of different live streaming cameras are out there, including entry-level, prosumer, and professional cameras. The entry-level cameras are typically cheap and lightweight and range from $300 to $700. Prosumer video cameras have decent connectivity and a few manual controls and range in price from $800 to $3,000. Professional cameras are durable with higher build quality and high-resolution sensors for excellent image quality.  These cameras usually range from $1,500 to $25,000. 
  • Audio equipment. Audio quality is often more important to viewers than video streaming quality. There is low to medium quality audio live event streaming equipment, such as built-in microphones on entry-level and prosumer cameras, medium to high-quality audio equipment like built-in microphones on professional cameras, and professional quality audio equipment like XLR microphones.
  • Mixing equipment. Mixing equipment enables you to capture multiple video or audio sources and switch between them during a live remote broadcast. We recommend considering factors like user interface, physical size, inputs and outputs, automation, connectivity, and onboard processing when looking for the right video mixing equipment. Consider the number of input and output channels, digital inputs, auxiliary and monitor buses and outputs, control through a network app, and on/off or mute buttons.
  • Encoders. Organizations often choose to use video encoding to compress files without compromising the quality. You can use video encoders to reduce file size, reduce buffering for streaming video, change the resolution or aspect ratio, change the audio format or quality, or meet a particular target bit rate.  Video coders can also convert obsolete files to modern formats, make a video compatible with a specific device, or make a video compatible with a particular software or service. 
  • Mobile live streaming equipment. You need a different setup for mobile live streaming than you might need for streaming from a studio. We recommend purchasing a handheld smartphone gimbal, a multifunctional octopus tripod with a ball head, a compact on-camera microphone, and portable lighting gear for mobile live streaming.
  • Video streaming accessories. You also need a few miscellaneous video streaming accessories for live streaming.  These include cables, tripods, batteries, and light stands. 

SmartWorks Knows Remote Production

If you need remote production, look no further than SmartWorks for all of your remote production needs. We have over 15 years of event planning experience. As a result, you can trust us to handle all of your event planning needs. We’ll ensure every detail of your event is handled with precision and care from start to finish. 

Tech Conferences: The Best Technology Conferences to Attend This Year

Tech conferences have gone digital! Due to the pandemic, most of the biggest tech conferences have moved from convention halls to the internet. This new format will make attending some of the top tech conferences more accessible, convenient, and, in many cases, free. In some ways, digitizing tech conferences is a refreshingly innovative approach. 

Although some vendors have tentatively ear-marked physical tech events for 2021, most are planning their entire schedules virtually. Or, in some cases, a mixture of both. Overall, virtual conferences are here to stay.

The biggest drawback of attending an in-person conference is the inability to re-play the events of the day. Therefore, virtual conferences are beneficial, as participants have access to a replay function not too long after the event concludes. Of course, there are also drawbacks to virtual conferences — the biggest being the inability to network in person. 

Whether online or in-person, the best technology conferences still hold the same values: to educate, inform, and inspire.


What are Tech Conferences?


If you’ve never attended a technical conference, it’s probably time you did. Why? Two words. Learning and networking. Whether you’re a small tech business, a tech startup, or a tech entrepreneur, a tech conference is the place for you to be.

Tech conferences are typically held throughout the year to educate attendees about the latest technologies.

Usually scheduled over 1-2 days, technical conferences are events where you can meet leading professionals in the technology field to discuss, exchange, and share ideas on relevant topics.

Conferences differ from one another with regard to management styles. Some are peer-led, and some are interactive, but they all share the common goal of providing the latest developments in the field. It’s up to you to decide how best to apply this newfound information to your own professional development. 

For those still on the fence, here are some of the benefits that come with attending tech conferences

    • Gain perspective
    • Stay up-to-date on legal issues
    • Find new employment
    • Meet people in your field
    • Learn from experts and peers
    • Get feedback on your work
    • Improve your skills to advance your career


Now we’ve explained why you should attend a tech conference, let’s take a look at a few of the best tech conferences to attend.


What are the Best Tech Conferences to Attend?


With almost all tech conferences taking place digitally for the foreseeable future, you’ll have the opportunity to attend events in your local area as well as to pursue opportunities abroad.

Here are our best picks for 2021 and why we think you should attend them.

Cisco Live March

Date: March 30-31 (Americas), March 21-1 April (APJC and EMEAR)

Format: Virtual

An immersive two-day event featuring keynote speakers, technical education, and hands-on training. Plus, this conference features celebrity speakers and musical performances, all via an online platform. You’re able to create a personalized agenda with topics from a broad range of global sessions delivered live.

Choose between an All-access pass and gain entry into everything Cisco Live offers, or choose an Explorer pass which includes keynotes, innovation talks, and access to the World of Solutions.


Adobe Summit: 2021

Date: April 27-28

Format: Virtual

A free virtual event with over 200 different sessions and training workshops to attend. Join one of the largest tech conferences to expand your skills, engage with other tech enthusiasts, and be inspired to create exceptional experiences that drive your business’s growth and increase customer loyalty. Learn from experts and visionaries in the field on how you can optimize your business venture.


Red Hat Summit

Date: Multiple

Format: Virtual and In-Person

Designed to be more accessible than ever before, the Red Hat Summit features an all-new flexible three-part experience. This event kicks off with a free virtual conference on April 27-28, where attendees can get the latest technological developments. Then, from June 15 – 16, Red Hat Summit offers a second free digital event with a live “ask the experts” session. Later, and dependent on the current health crisis, the conference will end with hands-on activities and in-person networking events slated between September and December.


Interop Cybersecurity’s Changing Role in IT

Date: April 29

Format: Virtual

On this free one-day event, learn about the changing role of cybersecurity in the IT department and how security roles and IT roles are increasingly overlapping. Listen to keynote speakers, learn about emerging methods of remote authentication, and so much more. The conference is relevant for professionals working across diverse industries at different points in their careers. 

IBM Think 2021

Date: May 11-12

Format: Virtual

This premier hybrid cloud and AI event is one not to miss. This year’s event boasts a whole new level of direct engagement, including live discussions and on-demand sessions. Attendees will learn how you and your company can positively impact the world through technologies like hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence. Plus, enjoy technical sessions led by real users and make valuable industry connections.


RSA Conference: RSAC 2021

Date: May 17-20

Format: Virtual

As a virtual experience, the RSA Conference will feature hundreds of informative sessions for you to choose from and attend. Watch inspiring keynote speakers, expert-led sessions, solution demos, network, and engage in in-depth discussions on the latest cybersecurity issues. Despite being online, RSAC is committed to providing a meaningful, rich, and rewarding experience for all attendees.


Interop The Definite Guide to an Effective IT Automation Strategy

Date: June 15

Format: Virtual

With free admission, the Interop Digital conference aims to discuss and explore the automation options available to IT leaders to better understand how to intelligently plan the target to avoid costly overruns and complexities in implementation. Listen to their expert speakers to learn about the latest tools, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid. Open to all IT professionals, regardless of experience.



Date: June 27-30

Format: Virtual and In-Person (San Antonio, Texas)

Experience ISTELive 21 at your own pace with on-demand content available to access at your own pace before, during, or after the event. Choose to participate in live sessions with interactive content and unite to engage, experience, connect, and access the latest education technology solutions.


Black Hat USA

Date: July 31-5 August

Format: In-Person (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Black Hat is back, live and in-person, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This year, listen to leading security researchers as they take the stage to share their latest work and exploits. One of the USA’s biggest tech conferences and a must-attend for those looking to stay ahead of the latest security trends.



Date: August 22-25

Format: In-Person (Lake Buena Vista, Florida)

GMIS MEETS welcomes you to sunny Florida for their 2021 conference. A must-see for Government CIOs, technology directors, IT administrators, and those in the IT public sector. Enjoy three days of networking where you can listen to esteemed industry experts, have access to state-of-the-art sponsors and exhibitors, and exchange ideas all while staying at the luxury Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.


VMworld 2021

Date: October 5-7

Format: Virtual

Dates have finally been released for the VMworld 2021; however, details regarding the event are yet to be announced. Attendees can expect updates from VMware executives, news on the latest in VMware product and technology, hundreds of in-depth sessions, and tons of networking opportunities. Stay tuned for more details.



Date: October 26-29

Format: Virtual and In-Person (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Encouraged by recent COVID vaccine developments, the EDUCAUSE annual conference has planned for an in-person event with the best presenters, the best content, and the best networking in higher education IT. Discover solutions to today’s IT challenges from expert professionals and technology providers from around the world. Those that can’t attend in person are encouraged to attend virtually. 

There’s no doubt, both virtual and in-person tech conferences provide excellent opportunities for learning, developing, and networking. Although the world is still evolving around COVID-19 disruption, some fantastic tech events are still available throughout 2021.


Work With Us


Want to plan your own tech conference for 2021 or beyond? SmartWorks can help make that a reality. We’ll work side-by-side with you and your team to help choose the best:

    • Accommodation
    • Transportation 
    • Catering
    • Venue Selection and Management 
    • AV Production
    • Design and Décor 
    • Lighting 
    • Print Materials

While in-person events may not be possible at the moment, SmartWorks can still create a spectacular online event experience for your attendees. As one of the best event management companies in Europe, we have years of expertise in meetings and AV production. As a result, we can help you deliver world-class virtual events with exceptional quality content that your attendees will remember for a lifetime.  And, once in-person events are the norm again, we can execute high-quality in-person events for any number of businesses and associations, including DMC events

Trust SmartWorks to make your next event a success. We simplify European event planning, handling all of the necessary logistics from start to finish. As a result, you can be confident that your event will be a smashing success! 

The Phenomenon of AR Apps and How to Use It in Events

The latest trend of games is to mix geolocation and reality which can give an idea to event planners about what attendees want from the mix of the digital world and live experiences.


With the launch of Jurassic World Alive, the success of Pokemon GO and also Harry Potter. That give us the possibilities of using these games or apps on the smartphone which they are available to anyone and this can be used in our favour in events.


So how can we use existing apps like Pokemon Go or Jurassic World Alive in our events?


Because of the approach open to all audiences and with licenses known to the general public, it is a good option to implement in family events. The famous family days of which we talked to you before can be the occasion in which parents and children join in the search for specific Pokémon or dinosaurs.


When creating gymkhanas, these apps can allow the creation of “digital treasure searches” in which different teams with a smartphone or tablet must perform a series of actions that allow them to interact with their environment.


Another option may be a cultural tourism, we can guide a group of people to these points of interest since it involves “stops” or places where they will find Pokemon or dinosaurs.

Use of Drones in Events

The use of drones in the field of advertising and events is booming. These devices that can be from tiny sizes allow reaching unknown and distant areas and distances. The first drones were recorded from 1849 by the Austrian militia, but quadcopter exists since 1920. In the photographic field, they have been used for a decade. They are currently more accessible for use in private events and has opened up the possibility of numerous uses:

Sports events

Thanks to their speed, they can follow the action quickly through the stadium. They also allow you to approach much more than a photographer without disturbing the game.

Resorts and tourism

Drones allow us to record stunning scenes that advertise a location with a zenith plane, zoom-outs or general views of attractions or key points.


Their events are taken place in remote places where technology has not yet arrived and lack of Wi-Fi. Or, on the contrary, that they are so massive and they need to have massive assistance and there is a connection failure. In these cases, the drones are equipped with 5G technology and transmit a Wi-Fi signal to the attendees.


Security is one of the most important aspects, especially in events of thousands of people such as congresses or fairs. Therefore, the use of drones allows us to monitor at a greater height and with a larger scale and have controlled the entire area to guarantee 100% of the security to the attendees.

Visual entertainment

Drones can be equipped with LED lighting technology to form images or illuminate scenarios.


There are cases in which the drones are programmed and controlled to collect and deliver gifts, food dishes … It is a different and fun way to surprise the attendees of the event.