Choosing an unique event entertainment idea is a tough job as one of the most crucial parts of an event’s success or failure. 

The decision you make for your events can either make or break you. The goal is usually to maintain the right corporate event ideas within the budget while putting on the best entertainment for your audience.

It is pivotal to note that a variety of big and small details could affect your event, so it is best to have a carefully thought-out plan before you begin an event. 

This article seeks to provide you with great corporate event entertainment ideas. However, these tips may also be very applicable to other event types.

One of the most important aspects of event planning is finding the best event entertainment.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult to get correctly. Many event planners believe that having any form of entertainment is sufficient, but this is not the case. 

Perfect entertainment can transform a decent event into a fantastic one.

But, on the other hand, the wrong entertainment can turn a wonderful occasion into a letdown or, worse, a tragedy. 

“The quality of your event entertainment can make or break your event.” 




Before you decide on the entertainment ideas for your event, you should be sure to ask yourself the right questions, some of which are:



The theme of your event simply determines the type of audience to be entertained.

For example, if it is a fun corporate event, you need to channel your entertainment idea into a corporate-themed one to fit the occasion.

Keeping in mind your audience can be a helpful way to trim down the long list of entertainment ideas for events. 

Let’s assume you’re planning an event for a corporate and older audience, and you’re looking for a musical performer. In this situation, you can fairly rule out someone like Wiz Khalifa because your attendees are unlikely to be familiar with his music.

On the other hand, if you’re catering to a younger crowd, you can cross someone like Barry Manilow off your list.



The next step is to examine the type of event you’re hosting after you’ve whittled down the list, depending on what you believe the visitors will enjoy.

For example, is the event open to the public or closed to the public? Unarguably, the event’s focus usually determines the extent or type of entertainment adopted.



Top Exciting Corporate Events Ideas






This is one of the best ideas for a corporate event. It is mostly used in fundraising events, in a scenario where balloons are lined up in a row with several things in them.

Then, attendees randomly poke each balloon and do whatever they find inside. Often, it contains an amount that is meant to be donated, while in others, specific items are meant to be given to the corporate body.



Obviously, group dance comes to mind.

Especially if you need your audience to appreciate the artwork, you might have a few talented employees willing to put on a show for you.

We might even engage a professional dancing troupe to perform a whole show.

Irish dancing isn’t the only activity that can be done. Most types of dancing have their musical groups. 

If you want music to be the main attraction of the evening, we can help you hire a DJ, a band, or a singer of your choosing.

They can play background music at the reception before filling the dance floor later in the evening.

Any celebration with good music will be remembered.



You can hire a magician to entertain your guests if you want to provide truly memorable entertainment. Magicians are frequently hired to perform “mix and mingle” magic at corporate gatherings.

The magician will move among your guests and entertain them in small groups at a time.

This typically occurs at the reception, between courses at dinner, and/or prior to the band’s performance after dinner.

We can also help you book the best performance.

This is a formal show, similar to what comedians would put on. This usually occurs after everyone has been seated at their tables.



Hiring this type of artist for an event is a fantastic entertainment idea because people enjoy seeing artists at work in real-time.

Furthermore, it will give many participants something to hold on to and share.

Booking a caricaturist for your corporate event is a fun way to entertain your visitors while providing them with a memorable gift. 

Moreover, we can help you lighten the burden at Smart Works by helping you narrow down just the best for you.



Photo booths are another popular form of entertainment for event organizers and spectators alike.

They add a touch of class to events while providing a lovely backdrop for guests to photograph as soon as they arrive.

Organizers can also put up virtual photo booths, which aren’t confined to in-person events.

Attendees may also modify their selfies with various virtual backgrounds, and organizers can add their event logo to the mix. 



As event planners, we can plan activities for your spectacular business parties, such as playing interactive games, taking a mixology class, or shooting entertaining photos in a photo booth.

Create an atmosphere where guests may temporarily disengage from job obligations and enjoy a fantastic event, regardless of the type of entertainment you choose.





Event management is a specific part of professional managers focusing on all aspects of events, from selecting a venue to ensuring that guests are satisfied. An event manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing various events, including musical performances, food festivals, and conventions.

As an event manager, You’ll meet with clients to identify their needs and the event’s objective. 

Moreover, event managers must also meet with organizers, vendors, and other event specialists to build an agenda after you’ve set an aim. 

Financial management is also essential; an event manager must operate within the client’s budgetary limits. 

An event manager is responsible for planning, setting, and executing social gatherings. From small networking events with a few dozen visitors to large-scale conferences with thousands of people over several days—and everything in between—are all possible. 

Managing events, no matter how large or small, is always a people-centered undertaking. You aim to ensure attendees get the most out of an event and collaborate closely with others.

In this blog post, we will cover what makes event managing such a satisfying career (especially if you enjoy working with people) and the critical talents of a successful event manager. In addition, you will also explore the secrets of success from industry experts.



Above all, event planners require interpersonal skills. Clients, event planning teams, vendor and venue teams, and guests must all engage regularly. 

Every day, event managers collaborate with both familiar and unfamiliar team members. Therefore, event managers must also have the following abilities:


  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Super interpersonal skills.
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Excellent time-management.
  • A noteworthy event manager can reinforce client-to-business relations, improve the organization’s image, and effectively deliver on event objectives.
  • Project management experience.
  • Proficiency in various event software.
  • Risk management experience



                                   Employee Incentive Programs 





  • An event manager is on hand who understands the requirements and details of each event.
  • An event manager aids in the brainstorming and implementation of event concepts and plans.
  • He understands the client’s needs, wants, and requirements.
  • They work well, even with financial and time constraints.
  • I am in charge of locating book venues and hiring scheduled speakers.
  • They meet with clients and coordinate with them regularly and constantly.
  • Event managers make sure to engage and book speakers or entertainment for events.
  • They arrange transportation for the guests and organize parking or the event environment entirely for the sole benefit of the event.
  • They also obtain the necessary permits and appropriate insurance to cover your events in any case of damage or legal violations.
  • Help the event comply with health and safety standards, especially when organizing your events to be safe against the new COVID laws.
  • Develop emergency contingency plans and communicate with the rest of your team.
  • They must be able to manage a crisis event.
  • Event managers design a security plan for your vent within your budget.
  • Look for and compare different vendors (catering, decorators, musicians) to get the best price and service.
  • Hire, train, and oversee your wider team for event success.
  • Oversee all aspects of the event (preparing the venue, issuing invitations, food, drinks, entertainment).
  • Prepare a budget for the event and stay within it.
  • Organize and direct the event.
  • Evaluate the success of the event and send reports.
  • Clients, vendors, and employees should all be followed up with, which is another crucial aspect of an event manager’s job.




  1. Planning:


In fact a successful event is preceded by good planning. This is why it’s worth taking a closer look at the event manager and sales team’s planning role. 

Planning aims to maximize the use of resources across the board. Given the complexity of the decision-making process and the need for highly well-researched data, a cross-functional team is a must.

A significant component of any event that follows is the development of the event cash flow statement. Firstly this statement begins with knowing the client profile, the event short, the target audience, and the number expected. 

The event manager’s responsibilities include ensuring the planning role is involved in segments and sub-event coordinating operations on the event planning checklist. 

These obligations include liaising with the creative team to discuss, facilitate, and arrange for technical specifications such as sound, light, stages, and sets.


    2. Organizing:


Besides, the event managers are responsible for coordinating the necessary arrangements.

We also want to emphasize that organizing in event management implies describing the activities that must complete for an event,

such as identifying individual and team tasks and assigning responsibilities to coordinators. 

This type of exercise aids in the creation of a deliberate structure for role and position clarity.


However, these structures change with practically every event depending on the available resources.

As a result, the organizational structure in events might be referred to as a project-kind system in management parlance.



After all, Any successful event requires proper event management planning. The process is to determine how all of your event’s various moving pieces and different elements will work together to make your event safe and pleasant. 

We are professionals committed to our client’s needs, so finding the right manager to hire for your event is not a problem for us.

You can be sure to get the best. We have the right connections to pull off a super event for you, and we can quickly narrow down your search to specific individuals of your choosing.

You are sure to make the right decisions 

The events managed by an expert event planner are usually of a high standard.


How to choose an Inspirational Event Space

An inspirational event space does more than accommodate your guests. It leaves a lasting impression on them. Two things are critical to event planning:

  1. Ensuring that your attendees are satisfied
  2. And fulfilling the aims and objectives of the event

The above two points can rarely be possible without getting a suitable place for the event.  Continue reading to find out how impactful an inspirational event space can be on your guests.


What to Look out for

Choosing a befitting and inspirational event space is vital to the overall event planning process. Still, before asking for it, it’s essential to know what to expect from it and what not to. 

Some crucial make-out includes a cool conference room for your guests, a creative meeting space, especially for corporate purposes, and a conducive environment devoid of distractions. 

These are some of the critical drivers to attendees’ satisfaction. Then, of course, there is a question of internal make-ups like speakers, refreshments, souvenirs, sessions, etc., but that’s a discussion for another day. 

The above qualities are basic. However, there are a few other important areas to consider when choosing. You will agree that an excellent event center can easily underperform in terms of targeted results if the target audience is far off from the location and fails to attend because of resultant constraints.

So, striking event proximity is excellent. Choose a location that will not create too much stress for people that want to honor your event. More make out is hall capacity, event suitability, amenities, and uniqueness. 


Cool Conference Rooms

What do you see before describing a conference room as “cool” or referring to such a room as a creative meeting space? If you have, by any chance, been in the business of planning an event in the past, you would understand that what makes a wedding venue awesome can make a corporate meeting space awful. 

So your acceptance of a cool conference room should depend on the nature of that conference and the result it aims to achieve.

Make a mental picture of a secret garden loft at a far corner of a heavily wooded street away from the city. Such an event space can be perfect for specific events, including creative meetings about new products, small presentations, and team briefing sessions. But can the same thing be said about a wedding ceremony, festival, or reception of dignitaries? The answer is no! 

So, while settling for a standard of what to call a cool meeting room, use the nature of the meeting or proposed event as a determining factor.


Popular Questions

There are questions we repeatedly hear from people that have upcoming events: 

Are there corporate meeting venues near me?

Are there business meeting locations near me?

Can I get a large event center near me?


No doubt, these are salient questions. We have acknowledged that location is an essential consideration during event planning. Getting fulfilling answers to your questions is easy, provided those questions are directed to the right people. 

Everywhere in the world, and predominantly in the U.S., some agencies are renowned for event planning masterliness. One of these agencies is the Smart Work Agency. 

You can find some agencies that are affiliated with many event centers.

Others have the link and necessary information about the centers in their respective cities. Directing your event inquiries to these professionals will save you a lot of stress.

Alternatively, you can make your findings through the internet. Most businesses have created their online presence. I think any severe event center cannot be left out in such an awareness trend. The bad thing about this approach is that the information you get online may appear better than the quality of services you get afterward because some of them are unfairly hyped. 

This is why it is recommended to rely on the services of reputable agencies like Smart Work Agency any day, anytime.



4 Tips for You to Choose the Best Unique Meeting Spaces



Creativity as an Advantage of Inspirational Event Space over the Rest

A knees-up requires less inspiration than a business meeting. Why is that so?

People don’t go to knees-up to outshine others in projecting creative ideas; rather, they dance and make merry for the moment. So, what they want is not a creative meeting room but a disco-blast-condo. 

If the event’s objective is business-related, the significance of inspirational space cannot be over-emphasized. 

Let’s assume your company wants to hold a meeting to brainstorm rebranding an old product almost out of the market to have a relaunch. 

Or those intra-company C-Level executives are slated to meet to develop a campaign strategy for their new products. Again, this is where creative meeting space is needed. 

It has to be “creative” because the environment has a way of influencing our thoughts. Painters design their workstations to reminisce distant memories and foster creativity. They knew about this a long time ago. That’s the strength of a good environmental setting. 

Creative meeting space has the potential to evoke the creative prowesses of individual attendees and maximize their input in the course of a vital discourse. 



The Impact of an Inspirational Event Space on the Security of Individual Attendees

It is typical for an inspirational event center to be calm. The calmness directly promotes self-awareness among individual attendees. You have probably learned that environmental consciousness and self-awareness reduce possible security risks in social places. 

This quality makes “cool” event centers a cut above the rest.

Event planners know they are partly responsible for the security of people who honor their events, but ensuring maximal security in a noisy setting is often quite daunting.

Knees-up, for example, where people drink and get drunk, in a pretty loud dancehall is known for a high-security risk.

Something sinister lurking in the background can easily pass undetected. Also, people are more likely to do nasty stuff like causing harm to others when they are under the influence of alcohol than when they are not, which makes the security of lives in such settings a problematic task. 

When it comes to inspirational event spaces, the story is the opposite. The challenge is not about who drinks more or who dances better. 

Instead, it’s about who projects more impactful ideas, making it more of a mental task than a physical exhibition.


Join the Big Lig

Things change fast these days. Unlike what was obtainable decades ago, you need explicit knowledge of the trends in the meeting and event industry to be able to plan a successful event. 

Unfortunately, some people have delved into it to mess things up for themselves. That’s not what you want.

The wise choice here is to hire a professional event planner for your event and shift the workload to them. Smart Work Agency has the best understanding of the intricacies of modern event models and will make the best decisions for you only at your request. 

Smart Work Agency is a top-rated event organizer covering audiovisual, streaming, virtual, gala dinner, etc. …, So you can be sure of surpassing your expectations.

Summer Party Ideas You Should Try Out Today

When it comes to sunshine, summer is the best. The season gives the chance to have more outdoor time. There tends to be a rise in the level of sunshine, and you get to make the most of summer fruits like mango, grapes, pineapples, and more. However, our focus here will not be on the best thing about summer. It will be on both outdoor and indoor summer party ideas you can explore in the seasons. Ready?

Beach-Themed Party Idea for Adults

As mentioned earlier, it tends to be hotter during summer. And that is one of the reasons why beach-themed party ideas are commonplace during the season. But here, the focus will be on beach-themed parties for adults.

It’s so great to be around the beach, especially during summer. But the reality is that not everyone is fortunate to live close to one. However, to make the most of these ideas, you need to invest in beach-themed party decorations.

To get started, deciding on a perfect venue for the event will determine whether you and your guest will have the ultimate beach experience or not. Do you have lakesides or riverside spots around you? How about you start from there?

Now that you have the location unlocked, the next thing to choose is a theme. There are diverse beach party themes and ideas for adults you can explore with friends and family from the comfort of your home. We will only cover a few of these ideas. 

●       Costume: Looking at the part is yet another way to maximize the beach-themed party experience. You can keep it simple with sundresses, glasses, hats, swimsuits, and other kinds of beach gear. You can also explore different costume ideas like mermaids, fishes, and more. The best thing about the summer theme is that it allows you to get creative with your costumes.

●       Playing balloon volleyball: You will agree that volleyball is one of the games synonymous with the beach. But playing with balloons is an ideal alternative if you don’t have a backyard. Also, you can play this version both indoors and outdoors. If you decide to play indoors, you won’t have to worry about damaging furniture and other homeware. 

●       Photo scavenger hunt: The next idea is a composite of fun and adventurism. Here, everyone gets to be outdoors and tour the neighborhood. The only thing about the idea is that it requires planning. First off, you need a perfect spot for the hunt and then the hunt item. In this game, all participants must have a working camera; mobile phones are an ideal option.

●       DIY photo booth: Photographs allow us to preserve our most significant moments so they’d stay with us forever. And you will agree with me that no event is complete without preserving moments. You can do that with a DIY photo booth. A nice beach wallpaper can be used as a backdrop. You can also add different party props to make it all colorful for your summer decoration. 

Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Is your birthday or your loved ones between June 20th and September 23rd? Then you might want to consider having a summer birthday party idea. From wine-tasting parties to campfire celebrations, you will agree that many ideas are to be explored. Some of them are:

●       Wine tasting: The summer birthday idea is hassle-free and budget-friendly. It’s even better if you have favorite wineries in your community. You can decide to have a wine tasting party with your friends. The idea can also be spiced up with different drinking games. However, if you have enough money, you can decide to travel to a wine countries like Italy, France, Spain, Chile, and more.

●       Outdoor picnic: You can also make the most of summer’s beauty by planning an outdoor picnic for your birthday. Decide on a serene spot that would help your friends relax. Make sure you pack food, wines, and beer to entertain your guests.

●       Campfire celebration: Campfire is an ideal evening-themed birthday celebration in summer. With this event, you can have lots of exciting activities like dancing, chanting, and more. 


6 Spring Events Ideas For 2022


Office Party Ideas for this Season

If you have been assigned to plan a summer party idea, then you should know that this kind of party requires a lot of planning. But here are some ideas that will help you plan a colorful and eventful summer party.

●       Corporate summer competition: The competitive exercise is fun and enhances team-building in a corporation. It is pretty cost-effective and gives room for everyone to participate; no one is left out. To get started, everyone needs to be in their active clothing. And corporate competition will cut across egg/spoon races, bicycle races, human pyramids, and many more.

●       Outdoor cinema: This allows your team members to take a break and bask under the hot summer sun. One of the major reasons why this doubles as a summer garden party are that the event allows your team members to utilize their creativity. Those that have a knack for decoration will handle the summer garden party decorations. Those with technical ideas will handle the lighting, cables, audio, and visuals. It allows everyone to participate 


End of Summer Celebration

For everything that begins, there must be an ending. You can also host an end-of-summer party around September. Like other aforementioned party ideas, there are a lot of options you can try out. They include:

● White party

● Classic BBQ

● Fiesta

● Themed parties 

● Scavenger hunts

● Indoor and outdoor games 

● Black to school bash, to mention a few.


Hire SmartWorks for Your Summer Party

It’s a fact that planning any event is time-consuming and comes with tons of hassle when you are not familiar with event planning management. Also, planning events is time-consuming and could take a toll on day-to-day activities. From costume to venue selection to logistics to themed parties, SmartWorks got you covered. Our services cover the full spectrum of event management. 

Event Planning Trends 2022

There is a consistent drift in our day-to-day events and meetings, partly due to the COVID-19 protocol, which has changed the way we gather and socialize. Another strong influence on the current trend in event planning is the recent influx in the adoption of integrated technology. This article sets the stage for what to expect from the present-day meeting and event industry.

Your Event, Your Way?

Conceiving an event idea is often a no-brainer. The uphill is bringing that conceived idea to a full-fledged event. This is where professionalism comes into play. The meeting and event industry is thriving now like never before because getting things right without falling on the wrong side of the law has come off a lot dicier. For instance, almost all the countries in the world have strict COVID-19 protocols to be adhered to. These things are new to us.

Another reason event planning may appear strenuous these days is the sophistication that accompanies event industry trends. If you’ve got a big event to host or co-host and really wish to thrill your guests, you need to borrow a touch or two from the captivating event trends.

Hiring a professional to help shape your upcoming event is worth the stress almost all the time. Yeah… you may have the idea playing out in your head, but bringing it to a practical reality without the help of an expert can be more bane than a boon. Shifting the workload to professionals gives you the liberty to relax and watch as things unfold. Not only will your event enjoy the posh of masterliness, but the move will save you cost while also heaving the workload off your shoulders. You can’t beat them in budgeting, organizing, fine detailing, negotiation skills, etc. Let’s look at the 2022 event planning industry trends, what they are, and how the masters in the industry use these to their advantage.

1. Hybrid Events Continue To Grow

When we say “hybrid event,” we are referring to a conference, tradeshow, seminar, meeting, or workshop that combines a virtual (online component) event with a live (in-person) model. An example of a hybrid event is the Visual Collab 2018 at the RSA House in London.

Hybrid event is not entirely new, as some early uses date back to the late 90s. However, the need to avoid physical contact due to the present pandemic made it more relevant in the last two years. Also, a hybrid approach to events is pretty cost-effective. This influences its obvious position in the general event trends.

Research shows that the quest for hybrid events increased by 162% in the last five years, but the main boom happened in 2020. The current shift in this trend is aiming at 100% virtual, but event planners will have a hard time replacing the in-person event approach; this is why a little bit of this and that often makes a perfect setting in most event arrangements. But, it’s important to note that while the hybrid event model seems to be gaining dominance, it is still in its evolving stage and has not taken a definite shape as new changes keep having their way and reshaping the model.

Research conducted in late 2021 showed that more than 71% of event planners have permanently adopted digital strategy in their work to back up live events. This set of professionals has settled on the belief that hybrid is the future of events.

Bizzabo conducted a survey to understand people’s responses to this recent adoption. The result revealed that a large majority of both event owners and planners expect the inclusion of more features in the hybrid category. Their acceptance relies on the fact that the hybrid event model gives a more flexible outlook to events than the in-person option.

Also, this model lessens the logistics burden and thereby reduces the event cost. Smart Work Agency is a hybrid event planner and a cut above the rest in the meeting and event industry.

2. Micro-Events Become An Event Staple

The name has probably given the needed clue to what micro-events mean. These are simply traditional event models that are shaped in size and scope. This can be further regrouped into events within events and stand-alone events. Micro-events do not seek an unnecessary crowd. Five thousand people are not invited only for recognition to be given to less than five hundred. Stand-alone micro-events attract few people and connect all of them.

Event hosts certainly have their expectations, which shape their choices of the event model. If, for instance, a host is looking for an in-person fundraising program, they may have good reasons to shun the micro-event model because cutting off potential guests is the same thing as telling them: “I don’t need your money.”

As of February 2019, micro-events were more personal choices than regulatory mandates. People did that because they wanted to. This choice is one liberty the world will continue to miss until COVID-19 leaves us in peace. In early 2019, for example, the average social event attendance, specifically for conferences and meetings, was 4,932 people.

Well, the COVID-19 protocol is one thing that has made the micro-event model more relevant. The number has gotten smaller because people need to maintain a safe distance, and some people willing to attend events won’t do that if they need to be quarantined. Another reason for this model’s relevance is that it is more result-oriented in certain areas.

More than 58% of event planners have named health and safety concerns the major obstacle to hosting live events on large scales, contributing to the loss of about $30 billion in the event planning industry in the wake of the pandemic.

3. Events Become Important PR Tool

PR tools, in this contest, refer to Public Relations Tools, which include news speeches and special events. PR professionals are responsible for creating news in favor of their respective companies and disseminating them using the above channels.

In January 2022, Howard Givner, the founder and executive director of Event and Leadership, predicted a drift in the corporate event trends model from revenue source to marketing vehicle during his industry presentation.

It’s attainable and likely a better alternative to the conventional model because there is no limit to the number of attendees that can partake in an online event. Inadvertently, this has become another huge window for mass communication akin to PR.

Givner referred to Microsoft’s 2020 conference and used it as an example of his prediction. In 2019, that conference recorded 6,000 attendees, with each paying $2,395 for an access ticket, but when it was made free in 2020, the number of attendees rose to 197,000.

Well, Givner’s stance is no longer a prediction but a trend in today’s event planning. Most multinational organizations have keenly adopted this event model as it gives them a wider audience while also avoiding physical contact.

4. Events as Up-skill Avenue

You are aware that different clusters of staff in most organizations are slated for routine training in some set-aside skill acquisition facilities, right? Well, that’s what it is. Before the advent of technology adoption in corporate event planning, the training procedures were 100% in-person arrangement.

The event planners always did their thing – link the organizations to the training agencies, schedule training timing and other similar arrangements, book the fright (in some cases), and facilitate payments. The problem here is that this obsolete arrangement used to be time-consuming and capital intensive due to huge logistics.

The trending twist is that most corporate event planners lean towards the virtual model against the in-person model. This arrangement empowers organizations to organize result-oriented workshops more often with little financial input.

A recent survey showed that about 75% of the meeting and event industry professionals are angling for new skills to help them design live experiences in the present-day physical environment.

5. More Data Collection During And After Events

It is normal for an event planner to ask for relevant data from the event hosts to enable them to deliver quality and effective programs. Data collection passes as one of the top trends in event planning because that seems to be what everyone is asking for.

In the meeting and event industry, comprehensive data helps planners meet ever-dynamic customer expectations.

Freeman CFO, Chris Cavanaugh, confirms his desire and quest for data collection whenever the need to organize any event arises. Doing so guarantees success and the possibility of surpassing customers’ expectations. One of the important driving forces behind data collection for event planning is the struggles for online engagement.

For instance, a virtual event is not what it is called without a detailed collection of data. This is the direction the world has taken. Of course, the virtual approach to event planning has its shortfalls. People tend to miss certain important sessions due to related factors such as “Zoom fatigue.” This is why 100% virtual is not ideal in some cases, but a clean balance must be drawn while new findings are made.

Have you Tried Smart Works Agency?

Your event tells a lot about you. Do you know what this means? When people gather to honor your event, in-person or virtual, they tend to attribute their rating of such event to your individuality! Smart Works Agency saves you the stress of running around searching for an event planner and thereby making trials and errors. Smart Works Agency is a top-rated event organizer covering audiovisual, streaming, virtual, gala dinner, etc..… You can be sure of getting your expectations surpassed.

CMP Certified: All You Need To know

What is a CMP certification? How can I be CMP certified? If either of the preceding questions are your concerns, this article seeks to shed more light on what a CMP certification is, who can be CMP certified, and how to become CMP certified. This blog seeks to give you the best insight to a CMP certification program and how to be well prepared for it.

The Certified Meeting Professional CMP is a certification for event professionals that was established in 1985 by the Events Industry Council (previously known as the Convention Industry Council). To earn a CMP certification, candidates must first complete the CMP application to demonstrate their eligibility, and then pass a written exam in meeting management. As of May 2018, more than 11,000 meeting professionals in more than 55 countries have received the CMP certification.

It takes two steps to apply for the CMP certification program. Applicants must first apply to join the Events Industry Council and then pass a written exam on meeting management.


The CMP Program

The CMP exam was created and is maintained by meeting professionals from around the world who donate their time to ensure that the program reflects current meeting management best practices. The CMP accreditation is held by over 11,000 meeting professionals in 55 countries around the world. This unique community represents every area of the industry, from firms and groups to government and institutional organizations.

For event planners, designers, and strategists who want to show their professionalism to employers, peers, and clients, the Certified Meeting Planner designation is a must-have. However, because the test is difficult, meeting professionals who wish to pass must prepare in a variety of ways, including self-study, skills gap analysis, needs analysis, and prep courses.

The CMP programme is focused on increasing the professionalism of professional meeting management in all sectors. This is how it is achieved:

  • Creating a broad body of knowledge in the field of meeting management
  • promoting industrial ethics, norms, and procedures.
  • promoting the progress of meeting management as an art and science.
  • Increasing CMPs’ worth to their employers
  • Getting the most out of the goods and services supplied by CMPs


The Importance Of Certified Meeting Planner Certification

Meeting planners who have the CMP earn (on average) more than $10,000 more yearly than their non-certified peers, according to a recent industry survey performed by PCMA. CMP certification is a symbol of excellence in event planning and management. Certification gives you access to more and better opportunities. Clients have higher expectations for meetings than ever before, and CMP certification is recognized by recruiters and potential employers in the growing business.

The commitment necessary to obtain a CMP reminds us of the more obvious reasons why this investment is important. I’m sure there are plenty more, but here are a few to think about right now. Obtaining a CMP events certification will:

  • Provide you with a broad understanding of industry practices and standards.
  • This will offer you established credibility as an industry professional among your peers; clients and employers will regard you as an authority in the field.
  • gives you financial advantages when it comes to contract and/or salary negotiations
  • It provides you with access to business networking events and organizations.


Getting Your CMP Certificate

Requesting permission to take the Certified Meeting Planner test is a long, drawn-out process within itself! When applying, it’s a good idea to go over all of the requirements thoroughly. The CMP application has two sections. The first section is about professional experience, and a candidate must meet requirements that fall into one of three categories:

  • Candidates must have completed 36 months of full-time meeting planning work experience.
  • Candidates must have 36 months of full-time experience as a meeting management instructor at an educational institute was provided.
  • Candidates must have a hospitality degree and previously worked full-time in the meeting planning sector for 24 months.

The second section:

A candidate must have completed 200 hours of work in an industry-related internship and 25 hours of continuing education coursework in order to meet all of the requirements in the application’s second section. As outlined by the CMP International Standards, you will be required to present relevant documentation demonstrating your attendance, participation, and completion of applicable coursework.

Within 2-3 weeks of submitting it to the Convention Industry Council, you will receive notification on the status of your application and whether or not your candidacy has been approved. If your application is denied, you have 14 days to appeal to the CIC Office. If it’s been authorized, you’re ready to move on to the next step, which is deciding which of the four CMP exam dates works best for you and studying for the exam.

You will surely discover that the next phase necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. Hopefully, you’ve considered whether or not taking on this project now is a good fit for you. Add in the fact that studying for the exam will take you about 100 hours. This statistic is best divided into 30 hours set aside for formal study groups and another 70 hours set aside for independent study.



In our opinion, the most compelling reason for pursuing a CMP certification is a personal decision. The satisfaction of knowing you’ve completed your education in the field you’ve worked so hard in and are passionate about has its own wonderful benefits, and there’s a strong case to be made for professional development. However, keep in mind that only you can understand what it means to have the CMP designation after your name, so take your time and do your homework. There are a plethora of online tools available to help you. Start by going to the Convention Industry Council’s website.

Everything You Need To Know About Events Lighting

The importance of lighting in event setup can not be undermined. It gives depth and ambiance to your events. Apart from that, lighting also brings elements such as slide show presentation, seating, and sound.

Also, event uplighting helps set the mood. For instance, there are certain lighting that can evoke a certain emotional response from people. Thereby, giving the audience a quality experience in an event.

Almost all kinds of events require lighting. There are certain lights that are used for outdoor events. Shortly, we will walk you through everything you need to know about even lighting. But before we get started, here is the element of event lighting.

Elements of Event Lighting

There are four elements of event lighting. Here we will highlight and briefly explain each of them.


The first element is mood. It helps in the creation and enhancement of an appropriate atmosphere. But this you can do, you have to be able to determine the scene you would like for an event.

Although, nothing can be compared to natural light. However, working with lighting technology will take your event to the next level.


Lighting illuminates everything that revolves around an event. From performers to the speaker to the facilitators, lighting illuminates everything. It also engages the audience and facilitates the big picture.

Overall Composition

The element helps you strike a balance in the surroundings. This is done with the use of different color lighting to hold attention or emotions.


Have you ever been to an event and noticed that the light follows an object or the performer everywhere they do? Well, that explains the next element of the lighting event.

Focus stimulates the audience to focus their attention on a certain thing without any hassle. The lighting can be projected on the wall, the sponsor, the company’s logo, practically anything.

Event Lighting Tips and Tricks

Now that we have that covered. We walk you through the event lighting tips and tricks for outdoor and indoor events.

Indoor Events

There’s no limit to what you can do with indoor lighting for events. These events allow you to get creative as much as you want depending on the space and your budget. With that said, here are some lighting tips for indoor events.

  • Are you planning on using real candles to create the right ambiance? Then you might need to check with the venue first. Chances are they have a stringent policy on open flames in closed places.
  • Still on the venue. It is paramount to visit the venue before D-day, preferably at the exact time your event will take place. That way, you will be able to access the lighting and determine how much daylight will penetrate the venue.
  • Lastly, get a recommendation from the venue manager on the lighting companies. That will help hire the right lighting company. Apart from that, it is ideal to get a recommendation from those that have utilized their lighting requirements) equipment in the past.

Outdoor Event Lighting

When it comes to lights for events, outdoor events require thinking outside the box. And that is because of the level of lighting exposure. However, you have nothing to worry about as long as you follow the following tips:

  • Make use of stocked-up LEDS candles for nighttime. Place anywhere you would normally place regular wax candles.
  • Consult the venue manager about their power source before you decide on a venue for an outdone event.
  • Utilizing battery-powered or solar-powered comes with a lot of perks. But it wouldn’t hurt to have extra batteries.

Also, ensure that your test the solar before the event commences. That way, you will be able to determine the brightness of the lighting.

8 Lighting Design Ideas You Should Know About

Here, we will be looking at some of the lighting ideas you can explore. Let’s get down to it. Shall we?

Placing Pin Light Around the Table Centerpiece

The first lighting idea is great for indoor events. Also, the light idea is great for day or night events and venues without windows.

When you include this idea into your lighting scheme, it will enhance the ambiance you have for the event. Not just that, it will also highlight the design detail of the elaborate centerpiece. Placing pin light around the table centerpiece will also create a high-end layered outlook for your event lighting design.

The  Combination of LED lights for events: Washes, GOBOs, and Moving Lights

In cases when you have limited space preventing you from exploring different lighting options, trying out these combos will make a lot of difference indeed. How so?

To start with, the winning combination will entertain the guests, captivate their attention, and help set the tone for your event.

Utilize Event Spotlight Fabric Curtains and Drapings

To cast a glow for your event, utilize a multipurpose LED event lighting as a spotlight accent lamp or UV bar. But if you have limited space and you don’t have the option to pin them on the wall, you can easily use a pin light to secure the curtain rod. Also, moving spotlights could be a fantastic option if you are looking for the full attention of the attendees.

Display Event Names, Sponsor Logo, and Hashtag With Lighting Stencil

This lighting idea will help your guests get familiar with the event without asking questions. It will also help create awareness for your sponsor and anything you like to put out there will be your platform. With that said, you can either create your own stencil or hire a lighting company that provides gobo projection.

Outdoor Lighting Strands and Naked, Oversized Bulbs

Firstly, you should decide on glass bulbs because they are stylish and brighter compared to other options. Also, while hanging them, make sure you start from the plug end. That way, you won’t pull them far away beyond the outlet.

For Dark Corners or Spaces, Make Use of Vintage Lanterns

When you include vintage lanterns, it adds character to all those nooks and crannies that are often overlooked in an event. You can get vintage lanterns in a thrift store or opt for premade ones.  But if you don’t have the luxury of finding a vintage lantern, you can easily learn how to make antique lanterns online.

Colorful Projections that Blend With the Presentation Stage

Light-colored or reflective surfaces and colored projections might go hand-in-hand. But you can get a more creative outcome with cool effects by blending colorful projections with the presentation stage.

Pillar Candles in Tall Hurricane to Light Pathways

The lighting design idea is similar to the aforementioned vintage lanterns mentioned above. However, it works best for outdoor events when the weather is quite good. The lighting idea also works with indoor events only if your guests have help to navigate to and fro the venue.

Hire SmartWorks for Your Events

By now, I believe your knowledge on event lighting has increased. But the truth is when you have little or knowledge on event management planning, you might not be able to utilize all these event lighting design ideas. There is a lot that goes into planning events. But what if I tell you that for a price,  you don’t have to worry about all that?

When you hire a reputable event planning agency like SmartWorks, you don’t have to stress over anything. They will take care of everything for you, starting with logistics, entertainment, security, venue selection to lighting.

How To Host A Gala Dinner

A gala event is usually a formal party (but can be themed semi-formal). The event features high-profile personalities who gather for certain purposes. Usually, a gala is organized to raise money for charity, a project, or an organization. This means a gala has donors only as its attendants. A gala event is typically a social setting where invitees entertain themselves and have fun.

Gala And Product Launch

A gala can be themed for products launching. It is not only for charity or fundraising. The setup of a gala event can work well with product unveiling. And since it has to do with getting specific personalities on board, a gala seems to be a great method of having a successful launch.

What Is Product Launch?

Product launch means unveiling a new product to the public. It is expected that such product must be one with the features and potentials of competing with already existing similar products in the industry. The purpose of launching a product can be:

  • To gather money before the actual release.
  • To allow certain exclusive people test the product.
  • To gather in-house reviews and make improvements if possible.


How To Host A Gala For Product Launch

Hosting a product unveiling gala is not as simple as it sounds. There are crucial steps and ideas to consider if the host desires a successful launch. Below is a breakdown of essential ideas that should be implemented to host a gala for product launch.

·       Establish The Purpose

This is perhaps the first idea a gala host must consider when it comes to planning a gala event. What is the idea behind wanting to host a gala? In this case, the answer is for product unveiling. When the host is clear on the purpose, then other ideas on how to host a gala to launch product will fall in place.

·       Set Gala Goals

Another essential consideration to make is the goals of the product reveal gala. Here, it is expected that the host should highlight extensively what they want to achieve from the product or products launching. Sometimes, the goals are beyond just gathering money from invitees. Another goal may be to make all the attendants ambassadors of the product. This is a great marketing idea that has a long-term effect. It can also potentially bring more sales than the amount the host can record from the launching.

·       Analyze The Costs And Financial Implications

Part of the product launching plans for the gala must be the budget. No host wants to spend more than they can recover either in ticket sales or launched product income. Hosts should create a budget that details the event planning expenses so they can manage funds. Budget allows event planning to be clear as hosts can only spend on priorities. As a result, the host should take their time to list what they need and the amount they want to spend.

·       Choose A Ticket Price

As part of the products launch ideas, setting a ticket price is a great idea. For product launching gala, there is no need to have multiple ticket prices for different categories. All attendees should be considered equal and important. The ticket price does not have to be high because the host needs the attendees to spend on the product later. A ticket pricing system makes the gala looks exclusive. Hosts can also use a branded personalized or customized ticket.

·       Set Up Ticket Sales Method

Hosts do not want to frustrate attendees during the registration process. Simplifying the ticket purchase system is very important. It is advisable to set up a ticket sales system that is easy, fast, and convenient. This helps attendees a lot and also makes registration faster. In many cases, ticket sales might skyrocket if the process is super easy and fast. An online ticket sales method can work as long as the process is quick. Host should test multiple options.

·       Identify The Product Launching Method

How does the host want to do the product reveal? This speaks volume. The wrong method at the wrong time can make the whole product launch plans go wrong. A typical launching method is inviting every attendee to the stage to launch the product. The host can also make it simple by providing a personalized launching system attached to an online payment.

·       Target Your Invitees

To record enough income from product launching, having certain people in the event is crucial. No host wants to invite people that do not have interest in that business field or that may not launch. Hosts must run a check on potential invitees to see if they are best fit for the event. Targeting invitees can help hosts secure attendants who wouldn’t mind emptying their pockets to launch the product.

·       Seek Sponsorships

A gala is a classy event that requires a lot of preparations and expenses. More so, it is a product launching gala. So the host must create something special for the invitees. The atmosphere of the venue matters a lot. It is bad for business if invitees come into the venue and notice poor planning or mediocre gala management. If they are there to spend on launching a product, the best the host could do is to give them a memorable experience. Essentially, hosts should seek sponsors who can fund the gala planning and management.

·       Find A Venue

Venue like many other gala planning ideas passes a message to the invitees. It says a lot about the event setup and how topnotch the event is. The host should secure a venue that befits the purpose of the gala. The environment, setting, and structure of the venue should also be considered.

·       Select A Product Launching Theme

Galas are very unique due to the themes that usually accompany them. For a product launching gala, choosing a theme that fits the product or product industry is very crucial. The product launching theme can attract sponsors and attendees who are interested in the product.

·       Promote The Event

Product promotion before the launching day is not a bad idea. It is a strategy to attract more sponsors and attendants. Hosts can easily promote the event online through social media to give the public a taste of what to expect. This way, most invitees would not be afraid to pay the ticket price since they have caught a glimpse of the experience.

·       Sort Food And Drinks

Every gala has a rich atmosphere and that includes the food and drinks. It is not favorable if the invitees go hungry or are unimpressed with the catering services. The host can employ the services of a professional caterer to handle this department. Food, drinks especially cocktails should be available at the beginning of the event.

·       Don’t Forget Good Music

Gala is known for enjoyment, networking, and entertainment. The place of good music cannot be overstated. However, good music is not enough; the host must go for good music that complements the product launching event. Good complementary music brings good mood, and that’s how the money comes.

·       Employ Event Staff

Contracting event staff makes event planning and management easy and takes the burdens off the host. It is advisable to employ event staff to handle key areas like decoration, entertainment, catering, logistics, audio visual, and ticketing. The host obviously cannot manage all these.

·       Set Classy Event Activities

A product launch host cannot afford to make the event a boring one. The planning stage must include highlighting activities that entertain the invitees. Invitees need to be engaged, refreshed, and happy all through. Their mood is not what the host should joke with. Activities can be in the form of games, dancing, tricks, competition, raffles, etc.

·       Leverage Eye-Catching Decoration

The decoration of the event venue must be eye-catching. This is one of the elements that make the event generally attractive. Contracting an expert is advisable.

·       Use Branded Souvenir

Customized gift is one feature of a classy event. It is also a marketing strategy especially for product launching. Hosts should spend on branding the take-home gifts with inscriptions or materials that publicize the product launched.

·       Make The Event Exclusive

Exclusivity makes the invitees feel like VIPs. This can boost their interest in the event and make them spend more. The host should make the product launching gala exclusive and inform the invitees of the exclusivity.

·       Bring In Celebrities

Celebrities are crowd-movers. Promoting the product launch using them is one way to gather more invitees. It would be better even if the host can secure their presence during the launch. It adds glamor to the event.

·       Furnish The Public With Your Brand’s Accomplishment

The host must impress the audience before the launching. One way to do this is to share the brand’s progress and accomplishment during the event. The invitees are likely to give more if they are impressed with the brand. The same tactic goes for securing sponsors.

·       Allow For Networking

Gala events are not complete without a chance to network. The host must allow the space and time for invitees to meet one another and acquaint.


A gala event is an ideal event every host should consider whether it’s for charity, fundraising, project execution, or product unveiling. Not to worry about the stress of planning and management, SmartWorks helps hosts achieve their gala goals.

SmartWorks offers a complete spectrum of events management that covers:

  • Staff for all kinds of events (hostess, models, security, basic hands)
  • Venue selection
  • Off-site private gala dinner venue, restaurant selection, and management
  • Activity creation & management – leisure, cultural, team-building
  • Catering management
  • Transfer & Logistics management
  • Incentives
  • Latest AV solutions
  • Special decoration, design, and entertainment for all venues
  • VIP guests & motivational speakers
  • Exhibition design & Production
  • Housing & Registration



Everything You Need to Know About Audio Visual Innovations

It’s not news that planning events comes with a lot of hassle. One that can take a toll on you if you are not used to the stress and dedication that it requires. Event planning has different phases and one of them are new technology in audio and the newest video technology. Whether it’s a conference, lecture, or even Q&A session, you will need audio visual innovations. Shortly, we will walk you through everything you know about AV technology.


What is AV Technology?

AV technology is best described as the hardware utilized to transmit new audio technologies and new video technology signals. Some of the hardware include sound speakers, cameras, displays, microphones, and many more that can be used with thousands of other technologies. AV is an acronym for audiovisual. The earliest usage of AV technology can be traced to the early 1990s when real-life images are transformed into films.


Audiovisual Technology Checklists

If you are not a savvy event planner, you might have trouble coming up with an AV technology checklist. Don’t you worry, we get you covered.



There are different options of projectors you can use for your events. But your event should be a determinant for the kind of project you choose. It could be stream speech/interview, PowerPoint presentation, and even video projection. For instance, a bright projector is an ideal option for a PowerPoint presentation. And that is because this kind of projector ensures good visibility.

Moreso, it is crucial that you consider the level of natural light. Having an event in a room that has a lot of windows demands you decide on a brighter projector to ensure better visibility. Also, rear screen projections are a great choice for streaming content. And that is because of audio visual innovation: the project provides top-quality visuals.

Adapters and Dongles

If your speakers are presenting from their laptops. Or perhaps they need to project on the screen from their system. Then you should consider getting a lot of adapters. The truth is most PCs do not have HDMI outlets. The outlet is what allows you to connect your PC to your TV to enjoy streaming services like YouTube and Netflix. Apart from that, having them will save you from likely AV disasters.


Before you decide on any microphone, you need to determine the purpose of the mic and how it will be used. There are Q&A events that require the microphone to move around. There are events that are like lectures, the speaker stands on the podium from the start to the end of the lecture.

For Q&A events, you should consider wireless or CatBox microphones. But for events where the speaker stands on a spot, you should go for a wired mic.

Mixer or Sound Board

If you will have multiple microphones in an event, there will need to adjust volume levels, control feedback, and balance the sound. Your AV team will require a soundboard or mixer. These devices come with electronic consoles that control audio signals before you route them to the speakers.

Furthermore, ensure that your AV team knows the numbers of speakers that will need microphones in your event. But in cases where more microphones are required for Q&A with the audience, just make sure the mixer has enough channels.

Bandwidth to Support Multiple Devices

If you will be needing multiple devices, support such as mobile devices, tablets, and mobile phones. Then you need to consider more bandwidth. One of the perks of bandwidth is that it determines the level of information your internet connection can handle at a time.

When you have more than enough bandwidth, there will be consistent uploads and fast downloads speed. If you are streaming, it will not be interrupted by bad connection connection. It will give you and your attendees a smooth event experience. Here’s the trick, let’s say you are having approximately 200 attendees. And a large number of them are coming with their PCs and mobile devices. Then you should get bandwidth for more than 600 devices. That way, everything will run smoothly.


Hire SmartWorks for Your Audio-Visual Production

When it comes to hosting an audiovisual event, you need to take note of the following tips:

  • Know your budget and stick to it
  • Leverage professional advice
  • Consider the space before you decide on an AV tools

However, to a non-experienced event planner, AV events can be a hard nut to crack. But when you hire SmarkWorks, we will take your event to a new level of transcendence with our in-house AV production.

Our audio-visual services cover:

  • Creative development and implementation
  • Cutting-edge audio solution
  • Video and large screen display
  • Specialized lighting
  • Hybrid events
  • Stage design and construction

Furthermore, our services transcend beyond AV production, it covers full spectrum of event management such as:

  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Venue selection
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment and many more.

Málaga 2022: Digital Enterprise Show

About DES

The Digital Enterprise Show is one of the most important fairs in Europe, held every year and seeking to expand the knowledge and experience of the digital industry around the world. Furthermore, it is a space for networking and connecting entrepreneurs looking to implement solutions and new business ideas in the technological field.
This international exhibition brings together more than 300 world-leading companies in innovation and thousands of attendees interested in learning how the digital era is reshaping companies in different sectors at the level of skills, knowledge, and digital solutions of the future.

Where does it take place?

This year, the 2022 edition will take place at the fair and congress palace of Málaga, from Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 June. This city has become a technology destination since the Google company announced that it would build a center of excellence for cybersecurity. Also, Vodafone announced an exciting and vital investment in this area. The companies participating in this event provide artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cybersecurity, drones, robotics, AR/VR, periwinkle data & analytics, blockchain, mobile, and CRM.

Why attend DES?

DES is a recognized space for international debate and a place specialized in fostering powerful networking with activities where digital transformation ideas are shared and bonds are formed at the business level that could be valuable for the growth of the digital era. The most incredible is that you are able to get your tickets at the official web starting from 60 euros or get the special VIP passes.

Hiring An Event Planner in Málaga!

SmartWorks, which is also located in Málaga, will help you to organize a memorable event to please all your attendees. Our event planning team offers a full range of event management services, including:
  • Selection of the perfect venue, whether a gala dinner, conference meeting or incentive trip.
  • Selection and management of exclusive catering.
  • State-of-the-art audiovisual production, covering:
    • Creative development and implementation
    • State-of-the-art audio solution
    • Video and large screen display
    • Specialized lighting
  • Customized exhibit decoration, design, and production.
  • VIP guests and motivational speakers.
  • Exclusive entertainment with artistic shows.
  • Management of interactive, recreational, cultural, and team-building activities.
  • Staff such as guides, hostesses, models, and security.
  • Transfers and logistics management.
  • Accommodation
  • Registration system