Many event planners need help when planning a business conference. This is because of the formality associated with business meetings. Still, despite the almost no fun allowed in such a gathering, the business conference can be a fun event to look forward to. Business conferences allow professionals to meet, discuss innovative ideas, and network. As such, there should be a list of fun things to do at a conference to get the meeting going.

This will engage the occasion and get business tycoons to share their ideas on global issues. Planning a successful business conference or even a luxury event requires that you play all your hands. 

The planning must be thorough, with everything acting out as it should. The venue, decorations, programs, speakers, and guests must present a unified front. The activities running in sync are what makes a successful business conference. 

Business conference activities

Several activities take place at a business conference. To spice your business meetings, below are business conference activities to do.

  • Presentations:

Business meetings are great opportunities for attendees to present what they have discovered or hear from experts in the field. Experts come with their innovative ideas and services and showcase what they have. Sometimes, it is the experts coming to watch startups’ products and ideas. This way, they can offer their expert advice over such


  • Panel discussions:

The business conference is almost incomplete without panelists coming together to talk about compelling matters in business. Panelists have their topics which they discuss extensively. 


  • Breakout sessions:

     This is the breaking of attendees into smaller groups to be handled by experts. This helps to have better access to experts and to be able to disseminate creative ideas directly to everyone. 


  • Networking:

    Conferences like this provide attendees with ample time to network. They can have contacts of experts in their business and introduce their ideas too. Networking is one activity that must always come into play at every event.


  • Keynote Speakers moment:

    Conferences feature keynote speakers in their area of expertise. Keynote speakers are the main speaker in that field. For instance, when organizing an agricultural conference, you want to get speakers who are in the agricultural sector and doing great. Those speakers are your keynote speakers.   


  • Exhibition:

     Manufacturers see the business conferences as another time to showcase their products. Having a show is one business conference activity that pulls them in. 


  • Fun activities:

     This is where it gets interesting. Getting people to engage right in a business conference needs to be considered. Games, challenges, surveys, polls, and a venue tour if it’s an attractive site are activities to induce into the program. It will make the conference not so business-like and get participants to loosen up. 


10 Creative Conference Ideas to Increase Attendance



Due to the long hours conferences take, breaking it out into sessions makes it not boring. Conference sessions hold as part of activities at the business meeting. These sessions include panel discussions, lectures, workshops, presentations, or roundtable talks. 

These activities are intended to make the meeting interactive and engaging. After which room is given to questions and answers, observations and comments. 

How to make a conference session interactive

Event planners are often at a loss on how to make a conference session interactive. This could be a great task as these sessions are handled not by the host but mostly by keynote speakers, panelists, or conference speakers. But not even that can stop a determined event planner who knows that the success of the meeting rest on their shoulder. 

As the event planner, the secret is listing out what is expected of each speaker and fashioning the order of the program in a fun way. Then, if you want the sessions to be interactive, draw out the fun list ideas and enforce them. Here are a few ideas to help boost your choices, as every great event begins with great conference ideas.  

Incorporate introductions:

Informing session speakers to include a brief introduction in their sessions is an excellent way to start. Give room for the attendees to introduce themselves briefly and let speakers get to know their participants. This will open the floor for some fun. 


 Incorporate Q&A:

The participants can also be implored to actively participate by asking questions and stating their observations or what they’ve learned from the session. 


Breakout sessions:

Try grouping the attendees into smaller groups to allow for more engagement and interaction. And have something fun for each group to do. It could be a challenge where you pitch the groups against each other. 


Introduce technology:

Many tools are available to make your event top-notch. Making participants take surveys and polls and even answer questions online while in session is a fun idea. Their interests are spiked, especially if this is a new tool or something they aren’t aware of. Gathering feedback online is one of the creative conference ideas you can incorporate. 


Hands-on activities:

It doesn’t have to be a game, and it could be. Some hands-on activities include working on excel sheets, drawing, or even playing card games. 


Planning luxury events

A luxury conference is a professional event that is designed to be upscale and lavish. Everything about this type of event screams luxury and splendor. Industries into luxury, like the fashion industry, travel, and high-end technology, are the ones that hold luxury events. As such, a luxury event planner will always go out of her way to bring the best to the table. Planning a luxury event is a complex task but handed the right tool, one can do a great job. Sample luxury events are:

  • Gala dinner

  • Charity ball

  • Wedding

  • Private concert

  • Corporate retreat

  • Product launch ceremony

  • Fundraising gala

  • Art exhibition 

People attending luxurious events expect world-class feelings and VIP treatment since they are highly placed, dignitaries. Therefore, you will want to satisfy them on a global scale. Doing this means getting your hands on the global events list to ensure all T’s are crossed, and I’s dotted. Planning a luxury event is to create an upscale atmosphere. Give your guests that, and you will have their smiles forever. You can also have an agency work you through the plan for that exquisite taste. Smart Work Event Agency gives you the best course for every event. 

4 reasons why Event props are hepfull for your success

Every party leaves an impression; some good, some not. Since no organizer wants bad feedback, event organizers must have the right tools to plan a great event. The secret of every event lies in the decoration of the event center. Everything must speak detail, class, or whatever message your themed event is about. Everything must project originality and detail, from the lighting to the decorations, wall hangings or paintings, to the table setting, and invitation cards. Still, extra lightning and effect go a long way for your event to stand out. Event props are the additional effect you need to light up the occasion. 

 These are used to add some excitement to the occasion. They are the lifeless life of the event. Using oversized props, you can add extra toppings to the cake when shopping for event props. 

Oversized props are large event decorations used to light up the event venue, beautify and generally add a nice touch of glitter to the party. Event props are helpful for varying reasons. These are:

1. To make giant props designs

Event props make for fancy decorations for themed events. These could be something as simple as making the giant props into letters or even more glamorous designs. 

These Giant props can be a huge wedding cake which might be a fake palm tree, big cutouts, fake animals, fake humans, and so on. 

The cutouts is decorated to appear natural with that beautiful touch. 

2. As a wall covering for a party

Oversized props can make for good wall covers for the party

Using oversized props as wall coverings is a creative and fun way to decorate your event center. 

Prop ideas for wall coverings can be cutouts to make a HAPPY CELEBRATION tag and pinned on the wall. 

The cutouts can be any design made from materials of choice like cardboard, glitter papers, and fabrics. 

Balloons also make excellent wall decor. You can also make murals for the walls for a more dramatic effect.   


9 Tips for Planning the Perfect Event


3. Adding visual effect

Giant event props are great for adding cool visual effects to your event. 

Many event props are available for adding special visual effects to your event. 

For example, inflatable decorations can create a festive atmosphere at an event. This can be to make sculptures, arches, or columns. 

Lightening backdrops create a visually striking touch as a photoshoot spot for your guests. 

Laser lights are also an excellent visual effect idea to provide extra lighting. 

Should you need it, Smart Work Event Agency is a reliable source of audio-visual services. 

4. To beautify centerpieces 

Because centerpieces are also a point of attention at every event, they must also be beautifully decorated. 

Adding flowers, candles, balloons, or decorative items is an excellent way to turn centerpieces into objects of attraction at your event. 

Good props to get when organizing a party

For an attractive and well-decorated party, the following list of a prop for party examples: 

  • Lights
  • Wall decorations/hangings
  • Tableware
  • Curtains
  • Speakers’ cards
  • Name tags
  • Leaflets
  • Invites
  • Curtains
  • Party hats
  • Balloons
  • Large party props

Where to get event props

Event props are everywhere, but keep an eye out for the good ones. You can get giant props online or onsite. 

There are always giant props for sale when you know what to purchase. 

Thus, you must have your event plan ready and know which props you are getting and for what. Also, you do not have to buy an entire store or break the bank to get these fun items.

There are event props for hire. Smart Work Event Agency lends you large party props for your event to be colorful and have a lasting effect on your guests without denting your account. 


Conclusively, Giant party props make great additions to the event. These beauties make an event more visually striking and memorable by adding a sense of scale and impact. 

These event effects are also great, as you can use them for both indoor and outdoor decorations. All you need to consider is how to secure them. 

And with glue, ribbons, a stapler, and your event props, you are almost ready to create a lasting event in the mind of your guests.  

Fun ideas for events, What you should know?

There is nothing better to bringing a community together than a fun event. Every community has that one host or company who calls for a gathering, and you want to be there. This isn’t only because the community loves the host but because there is an unspoken attachment beneath all the love. That extra topping is none other than the fun event ideas this host keeps managing to spring into their events. This keeps pulling the crowd back whenever that company sends out invites. Creating a fun event is an art everyone and every company should learn. Learning to organize fun events is a deliberate move requiring detail to attention and other elements syncing. And that journey starts with having fun ideas for your events.

Fun ideas for events

There are great fun ideas for events that one should know to have a lingering event long after the party. 

So many fun ideas are available to spice your social and corporate events. However, several things must align at your event to get the best fun. First, who are the people coming for this event?

Corporate events or social gathering

The first thing to consider when planning your fun event is categorizing the gathering. For example, is this a social call or a corporate gathering? Knowing this will help you develop the best fun ideas for the occasion. 

This is because some fun games and ideas wouldn’t go well with a corporate gathering but do just right at a social event. 

On the other hand, when such fun ideas find their way into a corporate circle, it is like coming dressed like a clown to a contract-signing event. No one takes you seriously! You don’t belong there. That is why you must check if this is a social call or a formal gathering before making your fun list. Once this is ascertained, one can come up with your social event idea list for a social meeting or corporate fun ideas to chip into a formal gathering.

Having sorted this part out, here are Fun event ideas to make a memorable event.

  • Charity walk or run:

     a charity walk is a great way to keep your guests excited while also getting something for charity at the backend. It is a great idea also for a corporate gathering.

  • Outdoor movie:

     movie night is always a fun idea. Imagine having the movie night, not in the cinema but outdoors with all the extras to spice it up! Nothing beats that feeling.

  • Competition:

     competing is another fun idea to do at your event. It is always, always fun, both at corporate and social gatherings.

  • Live band:

     live band at your party depicts class, and having them at your party is enough to pull the crowd in.

  • Talent show:

     a talent hunt is another fun idea to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

6 Effective Ways to Connect with Your Audience

Corporate and Social fun event ideas

Social events are gathering for luxury, celebration, and fun. It is majorly not a business gathering. On the other hand, corporate events are formal events and business gatherings. It is the type of gathering where business associates meet, deals are sealed, and contracts are signed. And though a touch of fun goes on underneath, everyone knows it is an official gathering with the appropriate codes in place. For a successful corporate or social hosting, some fun ideas must be chipped into the program for the day. This is to leave a lasting impression on your guest and ensure they want to come back when you call for another, and it is rated a success. It should be noted that even though a business gathering is a formal event, it is also a social one as people would be coming together. hence, you need social event ideas even for a corporate event. 

The following are elements that make a great hosting a corporate gathering:

  • Conferences speakers

Conference speakers play a great role in corporate gatherings. They are like the highlight of the day. People will judge your party by the speakers listed on your invites. 

conference speaker is someone who will determine how your gathering goes. Therefore, your fun ideas will also hinge on this speaker or speakers. If your conference speaker is fun-loving, they will support having a fun event idea, even if it is a corporate event. If he is the strict type, you should remove some fun event ideas from the list. Also, several conference speakers depending on the event’s theme. These are:

  • Expert Conference Speakers:

     these are conference speakers who are academicians, researchers, business leaders, or professionals.

  • Comedian:

this is someone who provides the event with a burst of laughter and humorous activities. Sometimes, these speakers are brought into the corporate gathering to boost the mood.

  • Motivational speaker:

This speaker inspires the crowd to be all they can be.

  • Public figure: 

This is the speaker invited for their fame to pull the crowd and give the crowd something to look forward to.

  • Experiential speakers 

As magicians, demonstrators, and acrobats who perform to entertain.

  • Author/Orator: 

These conference speakers are the ones who create engaging talks at the event.


  • Entertainment for a fun event

Entertainment is another element that makes an event memorable. The type of entertainment allowed at a social event differs from what can be brought into a formal gathering. When planning an event, the kind of entertainment that would be done must also sync in for a successful hosting and a memorable one. 

  • Keynote speakers

For a corporate event, keynote speakers are considered the best as they are the best in their chosen fields. Because they are experts in their field, they are often the best when calling for a corporate gathering in that field, and their speech is targeted at getting more engagement at the gathering. The keynote speakers can be called on to present a captivating speech at the beginning of an event to motivate the crowd. They may also come at the tail end of the event, so their speech is something everyone takes back home and ponders on. However, the best keynote speakers to get are the ones who can deliver on the theme of your event. To make your event spicy, get some Keynote speakers for the conference.

Conference keynote speakers also have panel discussions, where a group of speakers participates in a moderated discussion on a particular topic. 

  • Guest speakers.

Guest speakers also make for a great part of your event. Like the conference speakers, guest speakers will either pull the crowd or push them away. So, deliberate on the speaker you are bringing to the table. Look for an expert speaker in the field your themed event centers on.

Conclusively, planning an event takes a toll, but with the right fun ideas, and other elements, you can have a fantastic event. Sometimes, a little external help is all the planning you need. Smart Work Agency provides the help you need to pull off a super event. 


How to get Stage Design Ideas for Innovative Events

Stage Design Ideas for Innovative Events


Innovative event planners will agree that the generality of the event industry has continued to experience a progressive transformation since the last decade. The stage set-up is pretty notable in this context, with a barrage of stage design ideas in the reach of modern-day event planners.


Why Is This So?

It’s fairly logical to conclude that “change” is one thing that touches every sphere of human endeavor.

Moreover, almost all inventions and ideas that form the bases and principles of our daily routine are consistent along the path of progressive transformation.

So this is not peculiar to the event industry. 

However, the known forces driving rapid changes within the event industry are largely connected to integrating technology into the way of doing things. 

As a result, technology industry events come off with modern and smarter outlooks and outcomes. 

The consistent, systematic adoption of new ideas and trends into the current practices has grown into what is presently cherished as the latest technology for the events industry. This is quite visible in modern stage set-ups.

We will narrow our scope to reviewing and understanding stage design trends and the true impact of new technology in event production.


What is Your Objective?

To be numbered among the big players in this industry, you’ve got to always be in the know.

Rather than being informed about the event tech trends, be among the forces that make it trend.

A clear mental picture of your objectives will shape your decision to reach good stage decoration ideas and apply appropriate event technology.

The moment an event planner is called upon for stage set-ups, the first questions that come to mind are, is it a:


–      Content Presentation that involves a speech or series of speakers?

–      Product Presentation?

–      Entertainment, Live Performance?

–      Launch Event?

–      Business Meeting?

–      Etc…



Upon rightly answering the above question, this planner will further need to evaluate the space available for the event. 

Top-rated professional planners have their red lines. Some of them won’t hesitate to turn down an offer that has the potential to undermine their professionalism—for instance, being called for stage set-ups for an event that is space-constrained. 

It’s so because space is an essential factor in event planning.

I have heard people claim that space constraints shouldn’t be seen as a limitation but as an opportunity to be creative. 

While there are few exceptions, such attempts often flop because one can only be creative with what is available. 

When the issue of space is sorted out, the audience is next to consider.


Therefore, it is critical in the course of a stage design to evaluate the class of people that are invited to an event. 

For example, you could never expect Jimmy Carter’s 98th birthday stage set-ups to feature the same themes and elements as that of the daughter of Janet Montgomery, Sunday Fox’ 3rd birthday. 

Both events were birthday celebrations, but the audiences were different, and as such, they influenced the respective stage designs. 


The Effect of Great Lighting

Generally, stage decoration ideas are rarely complete without effective lighting.

When done the right way, lighting will help your stage come alive as it sets the mood. 

Professionals in event stage set-ups will determine what type of light is required to make an event great. 

Things to consider are the event’s time and the space’s condition. 

Basically, lighting brings forth the right energy to make an event lively and memorable.


Everything You Need To Know About Events Lighting

Leveraging Stage Design Elements/Themes

This is where a knowledge of event technology plays a good role.

Mostly, stages start just as elevated platforms along blank canvases that set out the foundation of what is to be showcased. 

Thinking about adding elements to these canvases brings professionalism into play and knowing what is suitable is key. 

The following features are growing in popularity:


Event Backdrop 

As often featured in modern stage set-ups, your event backdrop is an excellent branding element that helps you do everything from promoting a product delivering a specific message, or enhancing a theme. 

It can be designed in many different sizes to fit in very well and cover a range of event types, from a small meeting room to a large ballroom.


Digital Stage Banners and Widescreens 

This is one critical example when you hear about new technology for the events industry

This element makes your event much more fascinating while also helping to pass whatever message you have in a more appealing, engaging, and creative manner. 

Digital stage banners and wide-screen are largely adopted into stage set-ups for the above reasons. 

This is often most suitable if the stage in question is large, but smaller event stages aren’t neglected because they are adjustable.

Stage design professionals focus on other vital areas while carrying out the set-up activities: color schemes, creative visuals, and décor and props. 

However, they all play significant roles in helping them to achieve the expected outcomes. 


How Are Events Hosts Responding to These Developments?

One awful thing is that most event hosts need help understanding the actual impact of the stage design on their events unless told. 

As much as everyone seems eager to join the trend and get the best out of their events, they end up contracting inexperienced stage designers who end up making a mess of their supposed happy moments.


If you are Interested in Mastery, Choose Smart Work Agency

There is this thing in every human being that abhors mediocrity. We all want the best and some touch of uniqueness too. 

That is what Smart Work Agency does. 

Their highly skilled professionals are trained to help event hosts pick the most suitable event set-ups for whatever events they want to organize.

They will further give it the magical touch that will make it pretty outstanding.

Smart Work Agency is a top-rated event organizer covering audiovisual, streaming, virtual, gala dinner, etc.

You can be sure of getting your expectations surpassed.

LUXURY EVENTS: the checklist you were looking for

With luxury events, words that come to mind when planning such events are glamour, elegance, grandeur, and extravaganzas.

A luxury event planner does not just provide the event; the service must be a high-end luxury 12-month calendar that is part of the deal.

Everything should be high-end business to make your luxury events company stand out for marketing to high-end business magazines and glossy brochures in luxury events worldwide amongst other high-end global event list and brands. 

As luxury event planners, brand delving into this niche comes with a deeper understanding of what luxury event design is and what fitting into private event forums entails

Some of these high end business puts it all out by using thousands of flowers forming ceiling installations, crystal statuettes for every wedding guest, hiring a celebrity chef for the occasion, designing a starry night indoors, complete with crystal chandeliers and fairy lights, drone videography, Live music featuring famous bands, a choir, or a string quartet.

Luxury event planners incorporate elements that impress the guests with their exclusivity, artistry, and beauty.

Before choosing this niche as a luxury event companyyou must have asked and given possible answers to questions that will pop up while establishing a high-end business to cater to high-end luxury 12-month calendar events worldwide. 


What does it take to transition and shift your event planning brand into the high-end specialty niche if you are already in the business?

What puts the highlight in your luxury events worldwide?

How to differentiate your luxury events company from others?

The offerings that will make your luxury event design stand out?


The best approach to starting a reputable luxury event planning brand is to work your way up, building experience and establishing a deep-rooted reputation among clients before entering the high-end business market.

This helps in allocating and managing significant budgets,


  • Set the mood with music

To create a luxury atmosphere and elevate the experience for your luxury event guests, you have to understand the right theme, equipment, and instrument to use for each event, as this determines the party’s mood. 

The right music determines the private beach party’s mood, making it unforgettable.

  • Guarantee the Crème de la crème attending are safe.

With high-end Luxury event planning, the security of clients and their celebrity guests should scream ‘safety.’

Your client should know they can attend the luxury events on your global events list without fear of being harassed or boycotted for autographs.

Emphasis is that “it is unwinding time,” not “work hours,” and this also goes for the properties in your care.

It is best to partner up with the best security service brands that will foster the safety of your global event list and clientele

  • Create that sophisticated party theme for clients

Establishing a luxurious party event service theme is an underlying factor that serves as an anchor for your idea exchange.

This is useful for luxury events

A luxury theme can also create much attention for social or corporate events. Indeed, if event activities and communications are adjusted to the guests’ needs, they will likely get buzz in their social circles.

Moreover, by using attractive accessories like a customized photo booth, wallpapers, and other structure theme designs, Guests become more engaged.


How To Host A Gala Dinner


  • What’s on the menu for the day? Everything should be fancy and non-allergic.

Fancy food courses can elevate a luxury event and give it a luxurious feel in ways few others can. Similarly, your menu should accommodate those with dietary restrictions or allergies.

As such, it makes sense to consider your menu options carefully.

Regardless of the type of luxury eventyou are planning, it is preferable to have several courses as a part of the plan.


  • Find a venue that screams “extravaganza.”

Some come with planning a grand luxury event, and one of the equivalent perks is the venue in terms of capacity and its proximity to accessible spots. 

The right luxury events worldwide will not only delight guests but leave a stunning impression of the event. Selecting the best location goes both ways for clients and planners. 

The luxury event planners experience smooth planning while the guest enjoys maximum comfort and do not forget the satisfying feeling you want them to experience; of course, this would come at a price way more expensive than the ordinary events, but lavish events are most certainly always worth the investment in the long run.

Global Luxury Event is a theme that has come to stay in the event planning world. Smart Work Agency creates new, breath-taking, beautifully planned luxury events in a world of creativity. 

From corporate events and product launches to unforgettable weddings, red carpet experiences, and a high-end luxury 12-month calendar, Smart Work Agency will help you deliver a luxury event worth discussing for years to come.

With no request too big or detail too small, the Smart works agency, a luxury event planning brand, attend to every event element, from the idea inception on the drawing board to flawless delivery.

Every aspect of all one-of-a-kind events is infused down to the last detail with your signature style. Smart Works Agency has a passion for creating spectacular events, and combined with our seasoned know-how team members, it gives you the delivery you deserve every step of the way.

Start-up kit for an event planning service business!

Start-up kit for an event planning service business!

Let’s face it, starting an event planning service businesslike any other business, requires a lot of dynamic researching, planning, and organizing and can be pretty daunting for an amateur. 

With scanty information, a start-up event planning service can be frustrating; however, you can narrow your bucket list after reading our event planning start-up kit.

When starting an event planning service business, the first kit to gear up with is to give detailed responses to all of these essential questions: 

What niche would you be working at? 

Such as wedding planning and coordination, private parties? Corporate functions? Private event planning, Destination wedding planning, Luxury wedding events, Floral design, Virtual events, meeting planning service, Promotional event planning start-up, Travel and tourism services, Festival and live event planning, theme design, and catering management.

How long have you been and want to be in the event planning service business for a few years or decades? How much field experience do you currently have?

How many clients do you have at the moment? Are you planning to launch your business by partnering up with vendors, or will it be a one-person business? 

If it is a team business, how experienced are your team members when it comes to planning events? What qualifications do you have as an event planning start-up? Do you specialize in any high-demand niches or do you intend to?

How much time does each client take up per month annually? How profitable is this event planning service industry within your niche market space right now?

Afterward, you can determine more accurately how much money it would cost to run your company over time, such as the first five years.

What your start-up event planning service business must offer

  • Customized design

  • Detailed flawless delivery

  • Exclusive experiences


Are you starting your Event planning brand with no capital? Here is a list that will make it a flawless party event services journey.

Network with prospective high-end clients.

Once you have drafted an attractive portfolio, party planning business card, event planning book, and a user-friendly website, the next step is to figure out how to reach your potential clients. Infiltrate and warm up with them by building quality relationships through networking.


The Tips for Planning the Perfect Event



Now is the time to design that attractive party-planning business card

Your event party planner business card and your meeting planning elevator pitch should be designed and developed consecutively. 

This should be handy and readily available at all times when you network. This is your best chance at making a first impression for your brand, and you do not want to give off an inferior vibe. 

Maintaining the highest standards of professional behavior and ensuring you sustain good relationships is ideal, and adding this to your networking skills will eventually work for you. 

After you have positively established your event planning service brand as a trusted brand, word of mouth from networking who give you social media shootouts are likely to become a significant source for your event planning book for clients to place order for your start-up event planning service business.

Never walk the event planning service brand road alone.

While you network, it is unavoidable to meet other event planners too. This is no time to play the lone wolf game but keep good professional relationships with them. 

You do not have to shy away from hearing their views and opinions, especially if they have more experience.

You never know when a colleague’s schedule will be full, and you will be the first to get a referral call. 

In event planning services, partnering with other brands is a great choice, especially if you do not have enough money and is wondering how to start an event planning business with no money

Partnering with another event company can give you ample time to perfect your specialty.

You also get to use their equipment and gears you need to make your dream party business ideas come to reality. 

However, make sure you make it clear what their role in the partnership party event services would be. Your brand’s party event services should stand out.

You do not want your clients to think you are incapable of handling their projects.

Volunteer for public meeting planning services 

Volunteer for public event planning service and give it your best like it is paid. This boosts your on-field experience and career expertise in the future.

Volunteering for public meeting planning service benefits you, especially when cutting down on the capital required to start your brand’s event planning start-up kit and finesses the connection to build a bigger event planning service brand.

Now is the best time to consider working from home.

To cut down on the floor space rental expenses in your event planning book, you can make do with that extra guest room or your garage at home as a convertible office space. 

Event planning service needs a lot of storage space, but the actual work comes through communicating with clients, and this can be effortlessly done on virtual platforms.

Renting out storage space for the event planning start-ups office may be postponed till future years to maximize the returns over time.


Always request an advance payment.

Newbie or professional event planning service requires many funds to run, and as a brand looking out on how to start an event planning business with no money, once you get the right clients on your event planning book to trust your brand through networking, convincing them to pay upfront after pitching your event planning ideas to them should come in handy. 

Requesting an advance payment is not something to be shy about, but stand procedure would foster trust and commitment from your clients.


Your first event planning project might seem like ages away, but the earlier you have your checklist ticked with Smart Work agency, the more likely the chances of your success the very first time. 

The agency not only help you answer those how to start-up an event planning business with no money but will also help by sitting you down, understanding the goal you have for the event planning, checking out the marketing approach against the competitors offering and helping plan the best way to carry out a smooth planning and delivery process.

8 Keys to planning Pharma Events

Bringing life to science is one of the goals of organising pharmaceutical events, and understanding this cross-cultural goal enables curating and delivering seamless pharma events for global audiences.

Contrary to popular belief, planning a Pharmaceutical conference does not necessarily have to be complicated or tedious.

By following these tips and consulting with a professional when needed regarding costs and strategies to adopt the Pharma trade show and pharmaceutical conferences into a less complicated and trying process and the event into an unforgettable one.

Plan a Networking-based pharma event 

Networking is one of the best ways to gain an audience for other Pharma events, pharmaceutical trade shows and conferences provide a platform for effective networking; networking is one of the most important reasons for attending pharmaceutical events. 

Therefore, you should plan a pharma event to offer networking opportunities for the participants.

You can do this in various ways by scheduling time slots and dedicated venues for networking and conducting interactive sessions for games and discussions.

More so, hosting a live chat room where attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and hosts can connect is highly beneficial.

After goal setting comes planning the pharma events .

Pharmaceutical event management requires rigorous organizational skills and adherence to deadlines.

Such attributes are helpful when the event lead times are shorter, with nothing more than a few weeks.

However, there is a lot to do in such little time, such as setting up landing pages and registration portals, marketing, and logistics. 

When coming up with the pharmaceutical event schedule, ensure your event is not coinciding with any other major event that might interfere with yours.

A virtual event planning platform reduces the event costs tremendously and lifts a significant chunk of the responsibility off the event planning committee’s shoulders.

You also have to schedule in-house meetings to track and record progress and increase coordination and accountability regarding resource and time management.

Plan the event to have active audience engagements.

Engaging the participants not only makes the pharma trade show an interactive one but also helps the organizers less anxious about their responsibilities of managing the pharmaceutical events.

The participants must be engaged before, during, and after the pharma events.

Activities like playing mind games and answering and taking surveys ensure audience engagement. 

The pharma conferences also need to have a session where audiences ask the pharma event’s moderators questions and get satisfying answers to these questions, giving the Pharma trade show a necessary feel of effective bilateral communication.

Though Pharma events are educational, having active, inspiring moderators with incredible communication skills for every session of the events is also ideal for engaging the audience’s interest throughout the pharmaceutical events. 

You have to choose moderators with care and an edge of competitive advantage.

They play a significant role in the pharma conference and must be just as ready to play as they would be to ensure that the positive words regarding the event are spread before the day. 

As well, they provide participants, and the audience enjoys every event segment. They also are there to see to the smooth running of the event.

It is not unusual for meetings and discussions to steer away from the initial point.

Therefore, the importance of a dynamic and focused moderator cannot be stressed enough for your pharma event.

Budgeting your way through the start-up

While you may tend to have planned a lot in pharmaceutical event planning, unaccountable resources, and budget may ruin it, despite how many insightful and engaging ideas you may have for your pharmaceutical event

To avoid this type of discrepances, pharma event budgeting is crucial.

It allows you to make realistic expectations and aids in better pharmaceutical event management by prioritizing the bare necessities.

In addition, having set goals in mind helps decide what is essential and what you must let go of in case of budget constraints.

Additionally, the pharma event format you choose to go with will play a huge role in its funding.

While in-person pharma events see minor gains, virtual events are the least expensive option with a higher success rate. 

However, hybrid events can accommodate in-person and virtual attendees on a budget between the other two formats.

Knowing what you want to achieve through any pharmaceutical event will help you develop a clear plan for it.

Drafting a pharma trade show agenda will, subsequently, assist in scheduling the event. 


The Best Pharmaceutical Product Launch Strategy Tips in 2021

Marketing the pharma event through the right channel to the right demographic.

The success of an event is in the numbers, based on the quality and quantity of its participants.

And the better the marketing strategy, the more people you will have at your event.

A lot of pharmaceutical events have been organized through the years.

So you have to make yours noticeable to the right audience for bookings.

But it’s not just about the strategy adopted during the pharmaceutical event, but more about the early marketing budgeting plan.

For optimal success investing in promoting pharma tradeshow is advisable. 

Neither it isn’t just about dumping huge funds for promotion; understanding where to pump in the promotional advertisement as early as possible will be a better strategy. 

Target what demographic you want to reach with the pharma conferences and what’s the most effective medium to reach them and see how well the turnout would be.

 The venue is important

Venues can make or mar the success of the pharma event as it decides the perspective of your event to the attendees.

Book the right venue ahead of time and make sure it is available, with no last-minute change of plans that would disrupt the smooth running of the pharmaceutical event.

When choosing, ensure the venue is budget-friendly, a venue that suits the style of your brand and the goal you have for the pharma trade show.

It should have the capacity to hold the number of attendees you need.

                                                                                                                        Analyze the competitors’ offering

You do not have to steal your competitor’s ideas and concepts for your pharmaceutical events, but you can also learn from them, especially when it is your first.

Understand what they are offering their attendees and use it as a guide to determine yours.

This helps your pharmaceutical event have a competitive edge over time.

Ask for feedback and never ignore the bad reviews.

After analyzing the realities of the pharma trade show and pharmaceutical events, it is best to reach out to the participants to determine which event session they find more informative and interactive.

This will not only help you identify the pharmaceutical event’s strength but also in building on the areas you are weak, making the next one a promising one.

To help you ensure high booking numbers and a broad social footprint, the Smart work agency will help you conduct post-event research at every event session.

We also guide media polls through the planning stage with prospects to determine their perspective of the executed pharmaceutical event trade show against yours. 

This customer-first based approach will guarantee success for the next one you are planning. 

Smart works agency also incorporates detailed pharmaceutical event briefs consisting of strategic, functional, and pragmatic information to ensure participants and organizers have a common ground throughout the event.




Choosing an unique event entertainment idea is a tough job as one of the most crucial parts of an event’s success or failure. 

The decision you make for your events can either make or break you. The goal is usually to maintain the right corporate event ideas within the budget while putting on the best entertainment for your audience.

It is pivotal to note that a variety of big and small details could affect your event, so it is best to have a carefully thought-out plan before you begin an event. 

This article seeks to provide you with great corporate event entertainment ideas. However, these tips may also be very applicable to other event types.

One of the most important aspects of event planning is finding the best event entertainment.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult to get correctly. Many event planners believe that having any form of entertainment is sufficient, but this is not the case. 

Perfect entertainment can transform a decent event into a fantastic one.

But, on the other hand, the wrong entertainment can turn a wonderful occasion into a letdown or, worse, a tragedy. 

“The quality of your event entertainment can make or break your event.” 




Before you decide on the entertainment ideas for your event, you should be sure to ask yourself the right questions, some of which are:



The theme of your event simply determines the type of audience to be entertained.

For example, if it is a fun corporate event, you need to channel your entertainment idea into a corporate-themed one to fit the occasion.

Keeping in mind your audience can be a helpful way to trim down the long list of entertainment ideas for events. 

Let’s assume you’re planning an event for a corporate and older audience, and you’re looking for a musical performer. In this situation, you can fairly rule out someone like Wiz Khalifa because your attendees are unlikely to be familiar with his music.

On the other hand, if you’re catering to a younger crowd, you can cross someone like Barry Manilow off your list.



The next step is to examine the type of event you’re hosting after you’ve whittled down the list, depending on what you believe the visitors will enjoy.

For example, is the event open to the public or closed to the public? Unarguably, the event’s focus usually determines the extent or type of entertainment adopted.



Top Exciting Corporate Events Ideas






This is one of the best ideas for a corporate event. It is mostly used in fundraising events, in a scenario where balloons are lined up in a row with several things in them.

Then, attendees randomly poke each balloon and do whatever they find inside. Often, it contains an amount that is meant to be donated, while in others, specific items are meant to be given to the corporate body.



Obviously, group dance comes to mind.

Especially if you need your audience to appreciate the artwork, you might have a few talented employees willing to put on a show for you.

We might even engage a professional dancing troupe to perform a whole show.

Irish dancing isn’t the only activity that can be done. Most types of dancing have their musical groups. 

If you want music to be the main attraction of the evening, we can help you hire a DJ, a band, or a singer of your choosing.

They can play background music at the reception before filling the dance floor later in the evening.

Any celebration with good music will be remembered.



You can hire a magician to entertain your guests if you want to provide truly memorable entertainment. Magicians are frequently hired to perform “mix and mingle” magic at corporate gatherings.

The magician will move among your guests and entertain them in small groups at a time.

This typically occurs at the reception, between courses at dinner, and/or prior to the band’s performance after dinner.

We can also help you book the best performance.

This is a formal show, similar to what comedians would put on. This usually occurs after everyone has been seated at their tables.



Hiring this type of artist for an event is a fantastic entertainment idea because people enjoy seeing artists at work in real-time.

Furthermore, it will give many participants something to hold on to and share.

Booking a caricaturist for your corporate event is a fun way to entertain your visitors while providing them with a memorable gift. 

Moreover, we can help you lighten the burden at Smart Works by helping you narrow down just the best for you.



Photo booths are another popular form of entertainment for event organizers and spectators alike.

They add a touch of class to events while providing a lovely backdrop for guests to photograph as soon as they arrive.

Organizers can also put up virtual photo booths, which aren’t confined to in-person events.

Attendees may also modify their selfies with various virtual backgrounds, and organizers can add their event logo to the mix. 



As event planners, we can plan activities for your spectacular business parties, such as playing interactive games, taking a mixology class, or shooting entertaining photos in a photo booth.

Create an atmosphere where guests may temporarily disengage from job obligations and enjoy a fantastic event, regardless of the type of entertainment you choose.





Event management is a specific part of professional managers focusing on all aspects of events, from selecting a venue to ensuring that guests are satisfied. An event manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing various events, including musical performances, food festivals, and conventions.

As an event manager, You’ll meet with clients to identify their needs and the event’s objective. 

Moreover, event managers must also meet with organizers, vendors, and other event specialists to build an agenda after you’ve set an aim. 

Financial management is also essential; an event manager must operate within the client’s budgetary limits. 

An event manager is responsible for planning, setting, and executing social gatherings. From small networking events with a few dozen visitors to large-scale conferences with thousands of people over several days—and everything in between—are all possible. 

Managing events, no matter how large or small, is always a people-centered undertaking. You aim to ensure attendees get the most out of an event and collaborate closely with others.

In this blog post, we will cover what makes event managing such a satisfying career (especially if you enjoy working with people) and the critical talents of a successful event manager. In addition, you will also explore the secrets of success from industry experts.



Above all, event planners require interpersonal skills. Clients, event planning teams, vendor and venue teams, and guests must all engage regularly. 

Every day, event managers collaborate with both familiar and unfamiliar team members. Therefore, event managers must also have the following abilities:


  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Super interpersonal skills.
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Excellent time-management.
  • A noteworthy event manager can reinforce client-to-business relations, improve the organization’s image, and effectively deliver on event objectives.
  • Project management experience.
  • Proficiency in various event software.
  • Risk management experience



                                   Employee Incentive Programs 





  • An event manager is on hand who understands the requirements and details of each event.
  • An event manager aids in the brainstorming and implementation of event concepts and plans.
  • He understands the client’s needs, wants, and requirements.
  • They work well, even with financial and time constraints.
  • I am in charge of locating book venues and hiring scheduled speakers.
  • They meet with clients and coordinate with them regularly and constantly.
  • Event managers make sure to engage and book speakers or entertainment for events.
  • They arrange transportation for the guests and organize parking or the event environment entirely for the sole benefit of the event.
  • They also obtain the necessary permits and appropriate insurance to cover your events in any case of damage or legal violations.
  • Help the event comply with health and safety standards, especially when organizing your events to be safe against the new COVID laws.
  • Develop emergency contingency plans and communicate with the rest of your team.
  • They must be able to manage a crisis event.
  • Event managers design a security plan for your vent within your budget.
  • Look for and compare different vendors (catering, decorators, musicians) to get the best price and service.
  • Hire, train, and oversee your wider team for event success.
  • Oversee all aspects of the event (preparing the venue, issuing invitations, food, drinks, entertainment).
  • Prepare a budget for the event and stay within it.
  • Organize and direct the event.
  • Evaluate the success of the event and send reports.
  • Clients, vendors, and employees should all be followed up with, which is another crucial aspect of an event manager’s job.




  1. Planning:


In fact a successful event is preceded by good planning. This is why it’s worth taking a closer look at the event manager and sales team’s planning role. 

Planning aims to maximize the use of resources across the board. Given the complexity of the decision-making process and the need for highly well-researched data, a cross-functional team is a must.

A significant component of any event that follows is the development of the event cash flow statement. Firstly this statement begins with knowing the client profile, the event short, the target audience, and the number expected. 

The event manager’s responsibilities include ensuring the planning role is involved in segments and sub-event coordinating operations on the event planning checklist. 

These obligations include liaising with the creative team to discuss, facilitate, and arrange for technical specifications such as sound, light, stages, and sets.


    2. Organizing:


Besides, the event managers are responsible for coordinating the necessary arrangements.

We also want to emphasize that organizing in event management implies describing the activities that must complete for an event,

such as identifying individual and team tasks and assigning responsibilities to coordinators. 

This type of exercise aids in the creation of a deliberate structure for role and position clarity.


However, these structures change with practically every event depending on the available resources.

As a result, the organizational structure in events might be referred to as a project-kind system in management parlance.



After all, Any successful event requires proper event management planning. The process is to determine how all of your event’s various moving pieces and different elements will work together to make your event safe and pleasant. 

We are professionals committed to our client’s needs, so finding the right manager to hire for your event is not a problem for us.

You can be sure to get the best. We have the right connections to pull off a super event for you, and we can quickly narrow down your search to specific individuals of your choosing.

You are sure to make the right decisions 

The events managed by an expert event planner are usually of a high standard.


How to choose an Inspirational Event Space

An inspirational event space does more than accommodate your guests. It leaves a lasting impression on them. Two things are critical to event planning:

  1. Ensuring that your attendees are satisfied
  2. And fulfilling the aims and objectives of the event

The above two points can rarely be possible without getting a suitable place for the event.  Continue reading to find out how impactful an inspirational event space can be on your guests.


What to Look out for

Choosing a befitting and inspirational event space is vital to the overall event planning process. Still, before asking for it, it’s essential to know what to expect from it and what not to. 

Some crucial make-out includes a cool conference room for your guests, a creative meeting space, especially for corporate purposes, and a conducive environment devoid of distractions. 

These are some of the critical drivers to attendees’ satisfaction. Then, of course, there is a question of internal make-ups like speakers, refreshments, souvenirs, sessions, etc., but that’s a discussion for another day. 

The above qualities are basic. However, there are a few other important areas to consider when choosing. You will agree that an excellent event center can easily underperform in terms of targeted results if the target audience is far off from the location and fails to attend because of resultant constraints.

So, striking event proximity is excellent. Choose a location that will not create too much stress for people that want to honor your event. More make out is hall capacity, event suitability, amenities, and uniqueness. 


Cool Conference Rooms

What do you see before describing a conference room as “cool” or referring to such a room as a creative meeting space? If you have, by any chance, been in the business of planning an event in the past, you would understand that what makes a wedding venue awesome can make a corporate meeting space awful. 

So your acceptance of a cool conference room should depend on the nature of that conference and the result it aims to achieve.

Make a mental picture of a secret garden loft at a far corner of a heavily wooded street away from the city. Such an event space can be perfect for specific events, including creative meetings about new products, small presentations, and team briefing sessions. But can the same thing be said about a wedding ceremony, festival, or reception of dignitaries? The answer is no! 

So, while settling for a standard of what to call a cool meeting room, use the nature of the meeting or proposed event as a determining factor.


Popular Questions

There are questions we repeatedly hear from people that have upcoming events: 

Are there corporate meeting venues near me?

Are there business meeting locations near me?

Can I get a large event center near me?


No doubt, these are salient questions. We have acknowledged that location is an essential consideration during event planning. Getting fulfilling answers to your questions is easy, provided those questions are directed to the right people. 

Everywhere in the world, and predominantly in the U.S., some agencies are renowned for event planning masterliness. One of these agencies is the Smart Work Agency. 

You can find some agencies that are affiliated with many event centers.

Others have the link and necessary information about the centers in their respective cities. Directing your event inquiries to these professionals will save you a lot of stress.

Alternatively, you can make your findings through the internet. Most businesses have created their online presence. I think any severe event center cannot be left out in such an awareness trend. The bad thing about this approach is that the information you get online may appear better than the quality of services you get afterward because some of them are unfairly hyped. 

This is why it is recommended to rely on the services of reputable agencies like Smart Work Agency any day, anytime.



4 Tips for You to Choose the Best Unique Meeting Spaces



Creativity as an Advantage of Inspirational Event Space over the Rest

A knees-up requires less inspiration than a business meeting. Why is that so?

People don’t go to knees-up to outshine others in projecting creative ideas; rather, they dance and make merry for the moment. So, what they want is not a creative meeting room but a disco-blast-condo. 

If the event’s objective is business-related, the significance of inspirational space cannot be over-emphasized. 

Let’s assume your company wants to hold a meeting to brainstorm rebranding an old product almost out of the market to have a relaunch. 

Or those intra-company C-Level executives are slated to meet to develop a campaign strategy for their new products. Again, this is where creative meeting space is needed. 

It has to be “creative” because the environment has a way of influencing our thoughts. Painters design their workstations to reminisce distant memories and foster creativity. They knew about this a long time ago. That’s the strength of a good environmental setting. 

Creative meeting space has the potential to evoke the creative prowesses of individual attendees and maximize their input in the course of a vital discourse. 



The Impact of an Inspirational Event Space on the Security of Individual Attendees

It is typical for an inspirational event center to be calm. The calmness directly promotes self-awareness among individual attendees. You have probably learned that environmental consciousness and self-awareness reduce possible security risks in social places. 

This quality makes “cool” event centers a cut above the rest.

Event planners know they are partly responsible for the security of people who honor their events, but ensuring maximal security in a noisy setting is often quite daunting.

Knees-up, for example, where people drink and get drunk, in a pretty loud dancehall is known for a high-security risk.

Something sinister lurking in the background can easily pass undetected. Also, people are more likely to do nasty stuff like causing harm to others when they are under the influence of alcohol than when they are not, which makes the security of lives in such settings a problematic task. 

When it comes to inspirational event spaces, the story is the opposite. The challenge is not about who drinks more or who dances better. 

Instead, it’s about who projects more impactful ideas, making it more of a mental task than a physical exhibition.


Join the Big Lig

Things change fast these days. Unlike what was obtainable decades ago, you need explicit knowledge of the trends in the meeting and event industry to be able to plan a successful event. 

Unfortunately, some people have delved into it to mess things up for themselves. That’s not what you want.

The wise choice here is to hire a professional event planner for your event and shift the workload to them. Smart Work Agency has the best understanding of the intricacies of modern event models and will make the best decisions for you only at your request. 

Smart Work Agency is a top-rated event organizer covering audiovisual, streaming, virtual, gala dinner, etc. …, So you can be sure of surpassing your expectations.