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Corporate Event Planning

Jaw-dropping experiences start with a high-quality team. SmartWorks has over 15 years of large-scale meeting and event management experience for clients across the globe, handling every detail from start to finish. With the local knowledge of our English-speaking staff, we'll help you choose the best vendors, venues and accommodations without the headache of researching everything blindly from abroad. Partner with us to craft an unforgettable European event for your attendees.

Full-Service Destination Management Solutions

If you can dream it, we can bring it to life. From galas and product launches to sales incentive trips and client appreciation dinners, we orchestrate all aspects of your event, no matter how large. All you need to do is show up and enjoy the experience with your guests. Our corporate event planning company will handle the rest, right down to napkin selection and travel itineraries.


Our local team arranges the perfect accommodations for your attendees. We’re intimately familiar with the reputation of each hotel, offering your guests safe, luxurious accommodations that fit seamlessly into the event itinerary.


We build transportation into the event schedule, safely transporting attendees between the airport, hotel, event space and activities on time without hiccups. Our local vendor relationships ensure you get the best experience and price.


We serve delicious, locally-inspired fare prepared by culinary specialists. Collaborating with you on the menu and any special dietary requests, we orchestrate end-to-end catering for the entire event – from an arrival breakfast to evening happy hour or a five-course gala dinner.

Venue Selection & Management

Not sure which venue is right for your needs? Our extensive European network means we’ll find the most compatible, reputable venue to host an unforgettable event – while managing the entire relationship for you.

AV Production

SmartWorks is one of few companies with an AV Production team that participates in event planning from day one. With a streamlined creative process, we deliver on every aspect of your vision for truly awe-inspiring AV productions using the latest technology.

Design & Décor

Luxury events call for timeless, tasteful design. We craft luxurious, on-brand experiences for your attendees – from displays to table settings to backdrops – with corporate branding integrated and every element perfectly coordinated to create a seamless, stunning event experience.


A perfectly illuminated event can make all the difference. We leverage professional lighting technicians and the safest rigging technology to make sure every aspect of your event is ideally lit and evokes the intended mood.

Print Materials

No need to coordinate shipping event programs, menus or badges to Europe. We handle all of the design and printing, ensuring that every asset is flawless and perfectly branded for use during the event.


SmartWorks’ senior event managers are on the ground throughout your entire event to manage every detail. We pair you with trusted local guides, translators, drivers, security, photographers and all other needed vendors, overseeing all staff for a seamless experience.

Event Website

Elevate the pre-event experience with a dedicated website showcasing all event details. Our team designs and develops the website, landing pages and HTML email invitations for your use. We also handle digital attendee management for easy tracking and communication.

Furniture Rental

Furniture should be the last thing on your mind for a destination event. SmartWorks leverages our relationships with furniture rental vendors across Europe to obtain the exact pieces needed to complement the event design and decor.


Enthrall your attendees with one-of-a-kind performances by professional artists and entertainers. From live musical artists to comedians and other talented performers, we book the ideal talent to keep your guests fully engaged.


No event is complete without exciting activities that showcase the local attractions. Whether you want to take attendees skiing in the Alps or sailing in the Mediterranean, we make it happen thanks to our trusted vendor relationships.


SmartWorks can handle all of your communication needs. From creating and managing a social media presence to contacting traditional media outlets, we’ll help get the word out about your event.


There are a lot of administrative tasks associated with events. Let SmartWorks send out the email invitations, handle RSVPs, manage the logistics for your speakers, and process payment for registrations. We’ll even send out “thank you” emails along with photos and/or videos! We’ll wrap it all up with a report after the event to help you understand your ROI.

Customer Testimonials


Richard CRichard C
21:00 15 Sep 19
A very professional and experienced team. The perfect partner for events in Spain and rest of Europe. Even for the biggest projects, they are reliable, organized and creative.
Reinoud KrijgerReinoud Krijger
12:00 13 Sep 19
Having worked with them in a few large events I can say that it's an incredibly motivated team providing great service.
José García PulidoJosé García Pulido
14:54 28 May 19
Outstanding service and lovely people.
Santi MartSanti Mart
11:29 27 May 19
Perfect staff for a perfect event THANK YOU SW TEAM
David S.David S.
16:20 26 May 19
The best gala dinner organized MWC in Barcelona. We had such a great time there!

Why SmartWorks?

We simplify European event planning with end-to-end destination management that brings you peace of mind. Trust our experienced team of professionals to handle all of the logistics for your business event with care.

Full-Service Events

Every last detail is accounted for by our responsive, English-speaking staff – from event start to finish.


Our “yes we can” attitude and 24/7 availability mean we’re available for all your requests.

Smart Structure

Make faster decisions with direct access to our CEO, AV team and creative division.

Experienced Team

We have over 15 years’ experience working with some of the biggest, most exclusive companies in the world.

Local Relationships

Access 5-star suppliers at no added premium through our relationships with trusted local vendors.

Minimized Costs

We’re based in Spain, which means you pay 0% VAT for your entire business event.

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What is Corporate Event Planning

Whenever a company has a major announcement to make to its employees or a public audience, it needs to turn to a corporate event planner. Regardless of the size of an event, several moving parts behind the scenes require expertise offered by a company event planning. Corporate event planning takes the complex logistics behind an event and solidifies it into a cohesive and manageable plan of action. 

The scope of corporate event planning companies is broad as the scale of the gathering can range from an intimate 100 person meeting to a convention that hosts tens of thousands of people. However, even with smaller events, there is still a substantial workload for a corporate event planner that needs to be done before the launch of the actual event. 

Corporate event services

When it comes to organizing successful company events, the role of corporate event services cannot be underestimated. These services encompass both company event planning and corporate event management, ensuring that every aspect of the event is flawlessly executed.

A reputable corporate event management company understands the unique requirements of each organization. From conceptualization to implementation, they bring creativity, attention to detail, and logistical expertise to the table. Whether it’s a product launch, gala dinner, or team-building retreat, their comprehensive approach ensures a memorable experience for attendees.

Types of Corporate Events

Corporate event management companies run the gamut of classifications and naming conventions. They can include small internal training seminars, company-wide team-building exercises, and massive multi-day events requiring a convention hall. When strategizing for your corporate event management, it’s helpful to break down the event in terms of its size.

Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and seminars compose the bulk of corporate events solution as the size can run from a few hundred guests and attendees up to 1,000. Although considered medium-sized events, the corporate conference management involved is multifaceted as accommodations, transportation, entertainment, technology integration, and pre / post-event logistics need to be factored in. 

Corporate conference planning is usually more involved than seminar planning, as conferences tend to be multi-day affairs while seminars host a single day of workshops and meetings.


Corporate events for under 100 attendees fall under the classification of a meeting. These types of events generally focus on internal announcements or small press releases. A corporate event planner will need to manage fewer aspects for a meeting than for a conference. The bulk of the work involved in planning a meeting includes securing a venue, beverages and snacks, the itinerary, and registration. 

While corporate meeting planning may not need to account for as many attendees as a conference, there is still an extensive amount of pre-planning that must be accounted for to pull off the event successfully. 

Large-Scale Conferences and Conventions

A conference planner company create events that last multiple days, host off-site entertainment, and draw in over 1000 attendees require months of corporate gala dinner planning. With so many moving parts, a corporate event planner will need to manage enterprise-level technology, such as online booking, hotel arrangements, and flights, all while trying to remain within budget.

The corporate event planning steps in an organization for an event of this size need to account for many factors. Aside from the standard logistics found in smaller conferences, these large events may require the corporate event consultant to negotiate with sponsors, organize a dinner with a complex menu, and manage multiple high-end delegates.

How Can a Corporate Event Planner Help? 

Perfectly executing your next event will necessitate help from an experienced corporate event planner. At SmartWorks, we’ve established ourselves as the premier organizers and event managers with our stellar track record. We understand how logistics, multimedia technology, refreshments, online branding, and marketing can impact the success of an event. 

You can rest assured that every box has been checked off the list with a corporate event planner.

Corporate Events Planning: Tips for Success

Whether you want to start some pre-planning before taking on a corporate event planner or want to include them in the beginning process, here are some tips corporate event companies give to you for successfully execute an event. 

Define the Goal of the Event

Before you can accomplish anything else, the purpose of the event needs to be determined. By understanding what you hope to achieve, you can narrow down the venue, attendees, and overall scope of the event.

Select an Audience

Once you have an objective in place, it’s time to decide who should attend the event. The audience will significantly impact the expectation from the event. Hosting an international golf event for senior management will require a completely different program than a 10,000 plus attendee, multi-day convention. 

Establish a Budget

After you’ve decided the purpose of the event and selected the attendees, the next factor to consider is how much money you have at your disposal. Keep in mind that unexpected circumstances will occur, and you should pad your budget to account for these unknowns. 

Set a Timeline

Most events need to be planned months in advance of the actual date. During this planning, you should establish milestones to guarantee you remain on track. As with any project, project management platforms can help keep everyone responsible for their tasks. These digital task managers ensure that every assignment has been accounted for in detail.

Choose a Theme and Venue

Depending on the budget that you’ve allocated and the guests you hope to have, you will have an understanding of the best type of event to achieve those goals. For example, if you plan on a small meeting with a fireside chat format with a guest speaker, a smaller venue may prove to be an excellent choice to convey intimacy. This will help brand your company as a competent authority instead of just another vendor waiting to peddle their wares.

Plan the Itinerary

While a corporate event planner can help establish the venue and speakers, determining the day’s logistics is where they can truly shine. Hosting an event requires the inclusion of numerous third-party vendors, such as A/V technicians, caterers, print houses, and security, amongst many other necessary services. 

To ensure that each piece of the event works seamlessly with each other, a corporate event planner can prove invaluable. 

Contact SmartWorks and take your corporate event to the next level!

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