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Live Stream Virtual Events Online

SmartWorks is redesigning how businesses do events. Take your in-person events virtual without losing the impact of a large-scale in-person experience. Using the most powerful audio-visual equipment on the market, we turn your live event into a TV-quality show streamed online in full HD and 4K.

Leveraging interactive solutions and augmented reality to boost engagement, we make everything happen remotely, creating an unforgettable virtual experience.

The Many Possibilities of Online Streaming

SmartWorks stays on the cutting edge of online streaming capabilities so that we can offer the most engaging experiences possible. Live-stream events are no longer limited to a single stationary video recording or mundane webinar. With our robust in-house AV capabilities and full TV production studio, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Advanced Graphics

Don’t be limited by one-dimensional imagery. Our creative graphics team creates advanced graphics to bring your concepts and presentations to life: holograms, augmented reality, 3D modeling, data visualization and more.

Audience Engagement

Keep viewers engaged with innovative digital interactions. We create quizzes, interactive chats and other opportunities for real-time responses and engagement to maximize your event’s impact.

Online Learning

Taking professional development online? Avoid low engagement levels with our innovative eLearning solutions, from specially-produced videos to conference live streams and 3D animation that keep your staff plugged in and up-to-date.

Augmented Reality

If attendees can’t be there in person, we can create the next best thing. We can create an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience to keep your audience engaged and foster deeper connections with your brand.

Live Studio Production

SmartWorks has opened up our Madrid production studio to European businesses planning live-stream events. We’ll produce your own cutting-edge TV show with the presenters live in studio for a high-caliber online streaming experience.

Remote Filming

No need for your production team to travel abroad for a movie or video shoot. We’ll organize and live stream a shoot in Europe on your behalf. You get real-time footage and a direct line of communication to instruct our team throughout filming.

Virtual Events

In-person events have become much more challenging since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic. But luckily, virtual events have become a viable alternative, and they will likely only grow in popularity even when everything returns to normal.

Let’s look at how to host a virtual event and why they are important below. 

Why Are Virtual Events Important? 

For many, the transition to virtual events has been a challenge. Replicating the environment and the advantages of in-person events isn’t always straightforward, but even in the last few months, there has been tremendous progress in how these types of events are put together.

The global pandemic has forced the hand of many businesses, with direct contact and in-person conference planning becoming impossible. But because of virtual events, many industries have been able to continue forward, utilizing the technology available today to bring people together and form new relationships.

But even if you look past the unique circumstances that have made live event streaming a necessity, these types of virtual events actually have unique benefits that could see many businesses opting for this model even after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

For instance, virtual events eliminate restrictions created by distance, and organizing global events with participants from all over the world has become easier than ever before.

People can connect globally without traveling long distances, saving time, resources, and money without having to sacrifice anything in return.

What’s more, virtual events can actually become a part of your brand’s unique appeal, especially if you operate in a tech-related field and have an audience that likes innovative solutions.

Different Types of Virtual Events

One of the best things about virtual events is the wide range of opportunities that they offer. If you’re willing to embrace out-of-the-box solutions, you can host almost any type of event virtually, and you won’t have to worry about travel restrictions or anything else.

Here are just some of the virtual events that you could put together: 


Planning a virtual conference is now easier than ever. Many of the main attractions of conferences translate really well into the digital world, including virtual presentations, networking opportunities, and even sponsorship positions that can help make your event more profitable.

Product Launches

Just because it’s the pandemic doesn’t mean that product launches come to a halt. In fact, you can stream your product launch just as effectively and reach an even broader audience than you could in person.

Team Building Events

Even though employees can’t always be in the same room, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the unique perks of virtual team building events. Incorporating virtual games and allowing people to showcase their personalities can be great bonding experiences and teach your employees about collaboration and trust.

Hybrid Events

One of the best things about using a virtual event platform is that it doesn’t necessarily have to replace your in-person event, but can also enhance it. By creating hybrid events, you can have an in-person event and also host elements of it online, increasing your reach and generating more buzz around your brand. 

How to Plan for a Virtual Event

If you’re organizing your first virtual event, the process can seem scary and unfamiliar. But even though some things are different, there are also plenty of similarities compared with an in-person event, which makes the entire process much more manageable.

Here are some of the most important steps.

Define Your Strategy

First, you will need to create a strategy and understand what you’re trying to achieve. By having a clear goal to work with, navigating the various possibilities that virtual events offer will become easier, as you’ll start looking at them as tools with a specific purpose.

Think about your target audience, why they would be interested in your event, and how you can offer them the best experience possible. Also, consider where your audience hangs out online and how you could reach them with your message.

Consider the Timing

Just as an in-person event, timing is crucial, so make sure that your event doesn’t conflict with any other major events in the industry, or you’ll have a hard time persuading people to give you time. Sure, virtual events are easier to attend, but people might not have the time or the energy to actively participate in multiple events at once.

Utilize Online Marketing Opportunities

The event’s promotion will also be quite similar to in-person events since many live events heavily rely on online marketing. However, showcasing the value of virtual events isn’t always as easy, so make sure to emphasize the unique benefits that your event offers, as well as what value the attendees can expect. 

Leveraging social media, engaging your email list, and partnering up with other brands to spread your event’s message are just some of the ways to quickly fill up the virtual seats at your event. 

Choose the Right Platform

One of the most critical steps when organizing a virtual event is finding the right virtual event platform. Sure, you don’t have to worry about as many details as you would have to with an in-person event, but there are still plenty of important considerations.

The more interactive features you can offer, the more appealing your event becomes, but at the same time, you want the event to be convenient and straightforward if you want your guests to engage.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to live stream events online; you just have to find an option that’s customizable, allows you to share content quickly, and offers engagement possibilities for your audience. 

Keep It Simple

Finally, if you want to maximize the chances of your event being successful, you must make sure that you keep everything as straightforward as possible. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t add intriguing features or opportunities, but it does mean that every element you add must be considered and carefully evaluated.

Before the event goes live, it’s also crucial to test everything out, because the last thing you want to deal with is your event going down at the worst possible time. Especially, since unlike live audiences, people online can simply log off and go do something else.

SmartWorks Can Help

Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of organizing a virtual event is completely understandable. Which is why SmartWorks is here to guide you through the entire process.

We have the experience of organizing memorable virtual events and can take care of all the planning for you.

Virtual Event Ideas

Since virtual events have taken off in recent years, the number of unique ways to use the technology has skyrocketed. Savvy event planners worldwide are continually pursuing new ways to use live streaming solutions, and this year has been no exception.

So, let’s look at how a virtual event planner might use digital technology available today.

Advanced Graphics

Advanced graphics in virtual events are perfect for making your products capture the attention of the viewers. By presenting your products using advanced visual effects such as holograms or 3D modeling, you can allow your audience to imagine what the product looks in action and provide a significant boost to its appeal.

Another excellent way to use advanced graphics is to bring your points home. When you’re making a presentation, showcasing data in a visually-appealing way will instantly make your audience take notice, and it can ensure that the people watching will remember the point that you’re trying to make. 

Audience Engagement

One of the virtual conference best practices is to use virtual event tools for audience engagement. For instance, you could organize a quiz that the audience can participate in by submitting their own answer and giving out rewards to those who are the most successful.

You can also use the technology to make a presentation a two-way conversation, allowing your audience to ask questions, submit feedback, and even share their insights. All of this will not only keep your audience engaged but will actually enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Online Learning

Online learning is one of the most promising ways to use virtual event technology. A company could create an entire education portal that utilities specialized videos with animations to supplement comprehensive courses for complicated subjects.

Another exciting use of virtual technology in online learning is by making conferences and lectures more interactive, utilizing various visuals and interaction capabilities to completely simulate the in-class experience for students.

Augmented Reality

One of the best things about augmented reality is that it can provide an experience that’s as close to being physically present as possible. For instance, a video game company could use Augmented Reality (AR) to provide an incredibly immersive preview to an online audience.

Even in a launch for a physical product, creating an Augmented Reality experience where the attendees can see and almost feel the product can provide a massive boost to sales and engagement.

Live Studio Production

SmartWorks has recently opened up a production studio in Madrid that will provide a whole range of new opportunities to businesses across Europe. If you want to create a regular TV show or an online show for your audience, we can help you make that a reality and ensure that the production quality will meet even the highest standards.

Another excellent use for our live studio production services is the ability to create content around an upcoming digital event, talking with guests and creating a buzz that is sure to increase exposure and attendance. 

Remote Filming

Because of the coronavirus, traveling in Europe has gotten more complicated, and filming in remote locations is challenging. But if you need to film a conference somewhere in Europe, we can organize the entire shoot and provide you with a live stream, managing everything according to your instructions.

No matter whether it’s a product launch or a commercial for your upcoming product, we can take over the entire process, and you can remain in complete control over the direction that we will take. 

Start Planning With SmartWorks

The upward trend of virtual events is set to continue into the near future. If you want to learn more about how SmartWorks can help, call (+34) 951 286 856 or fill out a form, and let’s get started as soon as today!