Use of Drones in Events

November 14, 2019

The use of drones in the field of advertising and events is booming. These devices that can be from tiny sizes allow reaching unknown and distant areas and distances. The first drones were recorded from 1849 by the Austrian militia, but quadcopter exists since 1920. In the photographic field, they have been used for a decade. They are currently more accessible for use in private events and has opened up the possibility of numerous uses:

Sports events

Thanks to their speed, they can follow the action quickly through the stadium. They also allow you to approach much more than a photographer without disturbing the game.

Resorts and tourism

Drones allow us to record stunning scenes that advertise a location with a zenith plane, zoom-outs or general views of attractions or key points.


Their events are taken place in remote places where technology has not yet arrived and lack of Wi-Fi. Or, on the contrary, that they are so massive and they need to have massive assistance and there is a connection failure. In these cases, the drones are equipped with 5G technology and transmit a Wi-Fi signal to the attendees.


Security is one of the most important aspects, especially in events of thousands of people such as congresses or fairs. Therefore, the use of drones allows us to monitor at a greater height and with a larger scale and have controlled the entire area to guarantee 100% of the security to the attendees.

Visual entertainment

Drones can be equipped with LED lighting technology to form images or illuminate scenarios.


There are cases in which the drones are programmed and controlled to collect and deliver gifts, food dishes … It is a different and fun way to surprise the attendees of the event.