Product Launch Event Ideas

December 9, 2020

A launch event is one of the best ways to present your new product to the world! A product launching event is used to introduce products, showcase them, and build attention around the benefits of your new product or service. Engaging with as many people as possible when a new product enters the market is essential in achieving initial traction, which leads to strong momentum in revenues. 

Read on to learn what launching events look like, discover product launch ideas, and to see how SmartWorks can help your company using various launching party ideas

What a Launch Event with Smartworks Look Like

A launch event is designed to help companies introduce a new product to the local or international market. Until the time a launch event occurs, the world might not know anything about the particular product. Therefore, a launch event is the moment the public learns about the product and its benefits. 


A launch event is the first step in the overall advertising campaign for the product launch. Its design and organization start well before the product is ready to enter the market. In a sense, launch events create anticipation and hype around upcoming products. When done correctly, it unleashes a strong momentum the company can use to expand its sales and carve its market share. 


Many successful companies have been using launch events for years prior to releasing a new product. If you have a new product and you are looking for the best way to initiate your advertising campaign, you can trust SmartWorks to create the ideal promotional launch event ideas for your company. 

      1. Venue

The emphasis is always on the product. However, the right venue will have the atmosphere and mood you want to accompany your product launch. After all, it’s all about the branding experience. When the venue matches your brand and product, guests are comfortable, excited, and receptive to the information. An example would be, if the launch event is about a well-being product, then choosing a place that is loud and full of technology will produce the wrong message. If, on the other hand, you are launching a technology product, the venue should be appropriately equipped to represent a modern vibe.  

      2. Theme

A proper theme is always pre-selected to match your product or the general industry. Let’s say you are releasing a new food item. The theme that might be best suited for your launch party would be a BBQ or classic dinner party theme with all the bells and whistles. The theme is the perfect opportunity to show the application of your product! 

      3. Entertainment

When discussing launch party ideas, keep in mind every successful launch event needs entertainment. People might not remember what was said, but they will remember how they felt. This is essential to conveying a story about your brand and product. Creating the right atmosphere with the right entertainment leads to feelings of pleasure and overall joy. These feelings will indirectly attach to your brand.


SmartWorks understands the importance of the right emotional response from your attendees during a launch event. Depending on the theme, product, and audience, there are a variety of options for entertainment. Some product launch events ideas for entertainment include taking advantage of facilities the venue might offer, such as a dance floor or a large ballroom. Hiring comedians or professional ballroom dancing crews can also be a big wow for the general atmosphere. There are multiple ways to incorporate the product into the entertainment aspect as well. For example, a crew of professional dancers can sport clothes with the company logo, etc. 


The SmartWorks team is exceptionally creative and ready to help you put together an unforgettable launch event to introduce your product. 

      4. Timing

We are sure you have heard the phrase that “timing is everything.” This phrase is especially true when launching a product. Timing is critical to your overall success.  Do a launch event in the wrong season or during a time when other huge events are happening, and you might be left competing for attention in an overly saturated market. 


Generally, launching events are held either on the day the product is released or a few days before to “tease” the audience and increase anticipation.  You can consult our team to discover how to coordinate your product launch. Doing so will mean all possible predictable elements are in place to guarantee you have a successful product launch. 

      5. Social Media

We make the most of your social media presence to ensure the highest possible visibility for your intended audience.  Hyping the product and creating anticipation through social media platforms starts well before the actual launch event. Weeks before the event occurs, you will need a strong advertising campaign for a product launch. Such campaigns are primarily performed online. During these campaigns, remember that the importance should be placed on the event and not the product. 


In many instances, many of our clients tend to hold post-launch event follow-ups. Post-event ideas allow for open communication and keep the momentum surrounding your product high. 

General Purpose of Launch Events and Why they Work

The purpose of a launch event is to introduce a new product to the market through an official event. This event marks the beginning of a product being introduced to the world. Launching events work well because they align with marketing objectives and strategies designed to deliver results. Launching events excel at doing the following: 


          • Building anticipation
          • Reinforcing the brand through a theme and an atmosphere that fit the product qualities
          • Creating an exclusive feel
          • Strengthening the company image
          • Creating real connections with the consumer base
          • Collecting impressions and feedback that can be used to further additional marketing campaigns
          • Amplifying the company vision and message
          • Identifying possible networking and partnership opportunities
          • Inspiring attendees and creating brand ambassadors

At the end of the day, if a company does not create the opportunity for its audience to understand the brand, then the company’s story is left in the hands of consumers. A launch event is the perfect opportunity to build a fantastic story, so your product is pulled (not pushed) into the market.  

Why Launch Events are Important

Launch events are important because they bring a number of benefits to your company. 

      6. Enhanced Reputation

A launch event allows a company to interact with their consumer base and express gratitude. Market competition is fierce, and companies tend to do significantly better when they engage in meaningful ways with their audience. What better way to show your appreciation and show that you value your customer base and their opinion?

      7. Get Attention

It has become increasingly more difficult to demand consumer attention. Launch events are an elegant yet powerful method to “demand” attention from your audience. Events are a dynamic resource because they remove the pressure of paying 100% of your attention to the product. Instead, people have a good time networking and they walk away knowing all of their new connections were made possible because of your company. The result is a higher willingness to engage.

      8. Leads

Launch events create an incredible amount of leads for your business. In fact, they are also an excellent avenue to attract investors to your company. These events are the perfect opportunity to impress current connections while also nurturing new ones. 

      9. Revenue Momentum

Revenue is the natural outcome of a successful product launch event. This can happen instantly due to people ordering your product while attending the event. During the event, you will have an opportunity to connect with people that love to assume the role of brand ambassadors, influencers, and first adopters. This crowd provides a unique opportunity for strong organic growth. 

Launch Event Locations and Venues 

You have worked hard to bring your product to life, and now it is our turn to work hard to make sure your product launch is a success. We have a fantastic team of specialists that can pick the best location and venue for your product launch. We will create the most spectacular online or offline event so your product can have the market grand entrance it deserves.


SmartWorks can help create an incredible launch event in any of the following locations:


          • Austria
          • Czech Republic
          • Denmark
          • England
          • France
          • Germany
          • Holland
          • Hungary
          • Italy 
          • Malta
          • Poland 
          • Spain 
          • Switzerland 


Our pre-selected venues in each destination include historic buildings to top-of-the-line business centers. SmartWorks can locate the best venues to fit your product and brand personality. 

Launch Event Examples 

Companies, especially in particular sectors, have come to depend on the power of a successful launch event.  

How to Launch a Drug in a Different Country

Some more recent examples include the Pharmaceutical Industry. The industry as a whole will come to expect 25% to 80% of its revenues from new products by 2021. 


Pharmaceutical companies have a small window to claim the market for a new drug before a similar one appears on the market. As a result, they need to place extreme emphasis on their launching methods and take full advantage of initial momentum to claim their market share. Many times, they need professional partners across the ocean to bridge the gap and make all the right connections, guaranteeing no time is lost. Therefore, in many instances, a product launch event is the perfect solution. Pharmaceutical companies can get all the critical parties in one place and create all the right connections for a triumphant market entrance. 

How to Launch Software in a Different Country

Similar to the pharmaceutical industry, launching software in a different country requires creating the right partnerships for strong results. The initial momentum of a software launch is indicative of how well it will perform over time. There is extreme competition in the tech sector, which means that the right partnerships are an influential traction factor.

Experience the SmartWorks Difference

We understand all the hard work that goes into creating new products, not to mention the hopes and anticipation attached to introducing a new product to the market. As such, SmartWorks, our virtual event company, is here to put together the perfect product launch event for your company, whether that be virtual events that need appropriate AV production or in-person events that need destination event planning. Our goal is to get you the results you deserve. So if you are looking for the best product event launch management company, you found us.


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