The Phenomenon of AR Apps and How to Use It in Events

November 26, 2019

The latest trend of games is to mix geolocation and reality which can give an idea to event planners about what attendees want from the mix of the digital world and live experiences.

With the launch of Jurassic World Alive, the success of Pokemon GO and also Harry Potter. That give us the possibilities of using these games or apps on the smartphone which they are available to anyone and this can be used in our favour in events.

How can we use existing apps like Pokemon Go or Jurassic World Alive in our events?

Because of the approach open to all audiences and with licenses known to the general public, it is a good option to implement in family events. The famous family days of which we talked to you before can be the occasion in which parents and children join in the search for specific Pokémon or dinosaurs.

When creating gymkhanas, these apps can allow the creation of “digital treasure searches” in which different teams with a smartphone or tablet must perform a series of actions that allow them to interact with their environment.

Another option may be a cultural tourism, we can guide a group of people to these points of interest since it involves “stops” or places where they will find Pokemon or dinosaurs.