New Audio-Visual Technology For Events Industry

July 25, 2022

The world is changing with time, and technology plays a crucial role. Over the years, technology has driven groundbreaking changes in almost every aspect of human life. As the world begins to change, millions of people are leveraging technology to adapt to the changing world. As a result, audio-visual technology has also enjoyed a reception in the event industry.

The industry has experienced tremendous digital transformations, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, event technology is taking a massive shape in the industry and will change everything. Therefore, it is essential to follow the current and emerging technology in the event industry.


About Event Audio-Visual Technology

Gone are those days of traditional event setup. Now, Hosts can use innovative tools and technological devices to assist, provide, and ensure the smooth running of events.

For example, the MC (master of ceremonies) can use these tools, software apps, and electronic devices to process check-ins, registrations, scheduling, networking, and simple logistics. In addition, audio-visual technology is there to enhance the event.


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Event Audio-Visual Technology Trends


Here, we look at some new audio-visual innovations in event production. These will help event planners catch up with innovative trends in event technology.


  • Virtual Reality

This system has been around for a while, but can be said to be a new video technology for the event industry. Interestingly, virtual reality is becoming more and more affordable for event owners.

The way virtual reality connects participants in an event is remarkable. It can help boost user engagement. It also works as an event management technology tool with many settings to fit the event being held.

This VR tech trend allows people from anywhere to attend and connect with an event online. The attendee or participant only has access to the event using a virtual ticket sent by the “Host” of the event.

VR is the best option for more participation from any part of the world.


  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is another event tech trend in the industry.

This tech-driven system makes event management easy and convenient. Like Virtual Reality, AI adds glamor to events.

For example, imagine having an automated response system that works with new audio technologies such as voice searches.

This system performs specific assigned actions by executing voice commands during events. AI is an event management technology that offers a fascinating experience.

Another interesting result is that the participants feel like VIPs using the Artificial Intelligence system to participate in the event.


  • Facial Recognition

This is one of the upcoming trends in event technology that has already gathered considerable interest.

The work of facial recognition tech is quite straightforward.

The technology has facial recognition features that capture, upload, and compare facial images of attendees.

This system is a very great idea for check-ins and check-outs. The event planner can also use attributed materials like scannable vouchers, printable badges, or seat tickets in the facial recognition procedure.

In addition, facial Recognition technology enhances security and helps with data collation which can help improve future events. And, of course, this audio-visual innovation makes the event venue look more attractive and high-profile.

Also valid for a spring theme party.


  • Second Screen Technology

Focusing on the speaker and the presentation can be difficult for significant events for participants. This is where the second screen projection comes in.

This new technology for the events industry is boosting attendees’ active participation during events.

Second screen technology renders the speaker’s presentation on each attendant’s smartphone, which helps every participant follow slide-show presentations, engage in Q&A sessions, fill questionnaires, and participate in polls.

This tech boosts the attendee’s experience and improves concentration and learning. One of the innovative trends in event technology which helps speakers connect and interact with attendees.

  • Wearable Tech Devices

Event participants are used to wearing ID cards in events. However, the current and emerging event industry technology is smart wearables that improve user experience during events.

This tech trend provides convenience and a personalized user experience.

Planners can provide smart watches or badges that connect the user with the event and other features attached to the event.

For instance, wearable tech can simplify check-ins, manage access to certain areas in the venue, and monitor the attendants.

With this tech, the event staff is less bothered by attendants.

You can also use wearables to collate attendants’ data to improve performance in spring events.

  • Hologram

Before, events would get canceled or postponed if the speakers could not be at the venue. Now, there is a way the speaker can appear in multiple places at the same time. Attendants can also participate from different locations and still see the speaker as real.

With one of the newest video technology, Hologram tech, the speaker can speak in one place, and their hologram can appear in several others. This trend is growing as it affords speakers convenience of location. In addition, a hologram can be included in spring party themes, especially where hundreds will gather for the outdoor event.

  • Drones And Robots

Planners may be considering an outdoor spring theme party. Using drones and robots is a great way to manage the event. But, first, planners can use this technology to capture the venue and facilities and present the venue’s uniqueness to attendees.

Also, with the use of robots and drones, you can monitor the attendees and other activities during the event. Therefore, staff must not be stressed to ensure the party runs smoothly.

This tech sees it all from the sky.


In Conclusion

Digital transformation continues to shape event planning and management. As a result, event planners and hosts need to look beyond the traditional event setup and leverage current and emerging technology in the event industry.

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