The 3 Stages to Organizing an Event

April 23, 2019

An event involves a series of activities that, regardless of their type, are carried out and
divided into 3 stages: before, during and after the event. Each one must be done in a
strategic and orderly manner, as the result of each will depend directly and indirectly on the
previous phase.

Defining the purpose of the event is what you need to plan and organize the activities
together with your team.

Check list:

● Objectives of the event

● Target audiences

● Event type

● Venue and date

● List of guests

● Budget

● Event schedule

● Suppliers

● Promotion: Social networks, email.

The key to this stage is to plan each task, keeping in mind what each of them entails.

During the event
Probably the most stressful day for all those who work in event industry.

It requires all your attention to every detail of the established agenda: your coordination to
the whole team and supervision to the logistics are crucial.


● Guest registration

● Schedule or agenda

● Signaling of the event

● Assembly of the room (audiovisual media, decoration, equipment)

Post- event
The activities of this stage depend on the type of event, since some require greater
evaluation and feedback from the client and final user (guests), but certainly also from the
work team in relation to each delegated task.

● Disassembly

● Financial closure

● General and specific evaluation of the event

● Qualification of suppliers and exponents (quality and compliance)

● Final analysis
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