Start-up kit for an event planning service business!

October 24, 2022

Let’s face it, starting an event service businesslike any other business, requires a lot of dynamic researching, planning, and organizing and can be pretty daunting for an amateur. 

With scanty information, a start-up event planning service can be frustrating; however, you can narrow your bucket list after reading our event planning start-up kit.

When starting an event planning service business, the first kit to gear up with is to give detailed responses to all of these essential questions: 

What niche would you be working at? 

Such as wedding planning and coordination, private parties? Corporate functions? Private event planning, Destination wedding planning, Luxury wedding events, Floral design, Virtual events, meeting planning service, Promotional event planning start-up, Travel and tourism services, Festival and live event planning, theme design, and catering management.

How long have you been and want to be in the event planning service business for a few years or decades? How much field experience do you currently have?

How many clients do you have at the moment? Are you planning to launch your business by partnering up with vendors, or will it be a one-person business? 

If it is a team business, how experienced are your team members when it comes to planning events? What qualifications do you have as an event planning start-up? Do you specialize in any high-demand niches or do you intend to?

How much time does each client take up per month annually? How profitable is this event planning service industry within your niche market space right now?

Afterward, you can determine more accurately how much money it would cost to run your company over time, such as the first five years.

What your start-up event planning service business must offer

  • Customized design

  • Detailed flawless delivery

  • Exclusive experiences


Are you starting your Event planning brand with no capital? Here is a list that will make it a flawless party event services journey.

Network with prospective high-end clients.

Once you have drafted an attractive portfolio, party planning business card, event planning book, and a user-friendly website, the next step is to figure out how to reach your potential clients. Infiltrate and warm up with them by building quality relationships through networking.


The Tips for Planning the Perfect Event



Now is the time to design that attractive party-planning business card

Your event party planner business card and your meeting planning elevator pitch should be designed and developed consecutively. 

This should be handy and readily available at all times when you network. This is your best chance at making a first impression for your brand, and you do not want to give off an inferior vibe. 

Maintaining the highest standards of professional behavior and ensuring you sustain good relationships is ideal, and adding this to your networking skills will eventually work for you. 

After you have positively established your event planning service brand as a trusted brand, word of mouth from networking who give you social media shootouts are likely to become a significant source for your event planning book for clients to place order for your start-up event planning service business.

Never walk the event planning service brand road alone.

While you network, it is unavoidable to meet other event planners too. This is no time to play the lone wolf game but keep good professional relationships with them. 

You do not have to shy away from hearing their views and opinions, especially if they have more experience.

You never know when a colleague’s schedule will be full, and you will be the first to get a referral call. 

In event planning services, partnering with other brands is a great choice, especially if you do not have enough money and is wondering how to start an event planning business with no money

Partnering with another event company can give you ample time to perfect your specialty.

You also get to use their equipment and gears you need to make your dream party business ideas come to reality. 

However, make sure you make it clear what their role in the partnership party event services would be. Your brand’s party event services should stand out.

You do not want your clients to think you are incapable of handling their projects.

Volunteer for public meeting planning services 

Volunteer for public event planning service and give it your best like it is paid. This boosts your on-field experience and career expertise in the future.

Volunteering for public meeting planning service benefits you, especially when cutting down on the capital required to start your brand’s event planning start-up kit and finesses the connection to build a bigger event planning service brand.

Now is the best time to consider working from home.

To cut down on the floor space rental expenses in your event planning book, you can make do with that extra guest room or your garage at home as a convertible office space. 

Event planning service needs a lot of storage space, but the actual work comes through communicating with clients, and this can be effortlessly done on virtual platforms.

Renting out storage space for the event planning start-ups office may be postponed till future years to maximize the returns over time.


Always request an advance payment.

Newbie or professional event planning service requires many funds to run, and as a brand looking out on how to start an event planning business with no money, once you get the right clients on your event planning book to trust your brand through networking, convincing them to pay upfront after pitching your event planning ideas to them should come in handy. 

Requesting an advance payment is not something to be shy about, but stand procedure would foster trust and commitment from your clients.


Your first event planning project might seem like ages away, but the earlier you have your checklist ticked with Smart Work agency, the more likely the chances of your success the very first time. 

The agency not only help you answer those how to start-up an event planning business with no money but will also help by sitting you down, understanding the goal you have for the event planning, checking out the marketing approach against the competitors offering and helping plan the best way to carry out a smooth planning and delivery process.