8 Keys to planning Pharma Events

October 19, 2022

Bringing life to science is one of the goals of organising pharmaceutical events, and understanding this cross-cultural goal enables curating and delivering seamless pharma events for global audiences.

Contrary to popular belief, planning a Pharmaceutical conference does not necessarily have to be complicated or tedious.

By following these tips and consulting with a professional when needed regarding costs and strategies to adopt the Pharma trade show and pharmaceutical conferences into a less complicated and trying process and the event into an unforgettable one.

Plan a Networking-based pharma event 

Networking is one of the best ways to gain an audience for other Pharma events, pharmaceutical trade shows and conferences provide a platform for effective networking; networking is one of the most important reasons for attending pharmaceutical events. 

Therefore, you should plan a pharma event to offer networking opportunities for the participants.

You can do this in various ways by scheduling time slots and dedicated venues for networking and conducting interactive sessions for games and discussions.

More so, hosting a live chat room where attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and hosts can connect is highly beneficial.

After goal setting comes planning the pharma events .

Pharmaceutical event management requires rigorous organizational skills and adherence to deadlines.

Such attributes are helpful when the event lead times are shorter, with nothing more than a few weeks.

However, there is a lot to do in such little time, such as setting up landing pages and registration portals, marketing, and logistics. 

When coming up with the pharmaceutical event schedule, ensure your event is not coinciding with any other major event that might interfere with yours.

A virtual event planning platform reduces the event costs tremendously and lifts a significant chunk of the responsibility off the event planning committee’s shoulders.

You also have to schedule in-house meetings to track and record progress and increase coordination and accountability regarding resource and time management.

Plan the event to have active audience engagements.

Engaging the participants not only makes the pharma trade show an interactive one but also helps the organizers less anxious about their responsibilities of managing the pharmaceutical events.

The participants must be engaged before, during, and after the pharma events.

Activities like playing mind games and answering and taking surveys ensure audience engagement. 

The pharma conferences also need to have a session where audiences ask the pharma event’s moderators questions and get satisfying answers to these questions, giving the Pharma trade show a necessary feel of effective bilateral communication.

Though Pharma events are educational, having active, inspiring moderators with incredible communication skills for every session of the events is also ideal for engaging the audience’s interest throughout the pharmaceutical events. 

You have to choose moderators with care and an edge of competitive advantage.

They play a significant role in the pharma conference and must be just as ready to play as they would be to ensure that the positive words regarding the event are spread before the day. 

As well, they provide participants, and the audience enjoys every event segment. They also are there to see to the smooth running of the event.

It is not unusual for meetings and discussions to steer away from the initial point.

Therefore, the importance of a dynamic and focused moderator cannot be stressed enough for your pharma event.

Budgeting your way through the start-up

While you may tend to have planned a lot in pharmaceutical event planning, unaccountable resources, and budget may ruin it, despite how many insightful and engaging ideas you may have for your pharmaceutical event

To avoid this type of discrepances, pharma event budgeting is crucial.

It allows you to make realistic expectations and aids in better pharmaceutical event management by prioritizing the bare necessities.

In addition, having set goals in mind helps decide what is essential and what you must let go of in case of budget constraints.

Additionally, the pharma event format you choose to go with will play a huge role in its funding.

While in-person pharma events see minor gains, virtual events are the least expensive option with a higher success rate. 

However, hybrid events can accommodate in-person and virtual attendees on a budget between the other two formats.

Knowing what you want to achieve through any pharmaceutical event will help you develop a clear plan for it.

Drafting a pharma trade show agenda will, subsequently, assist in scheduling the event. 


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Marketing the pharma event through the right channel to the right demographic.

The success of an event is in the numbers, based on the quality and quantity of its participants.

And the better the marketing strategy, the more people you will have at your event.

A lot of pharmaceutical events have been organized through the years.

So you have to make yours noticeable to the right audience for bookings.

But it’s not just about the strategy adopted during the pharmaceutical event, but more about the early marketing budgeting plan.

For optimal success investing in promoting pharma tradeshow is advisable. 

Neither it isn’t just about dumping huge funds for promotion; understanding where to pump in the promotional advertisement as early as possible will be a better strategy. 

Target what demographic you want to reach with the pharma conferences and what’s the most effective medium to reach them and see how well the turnout would be.

 The venue is important

Venues can make or mar the success of the pharma event as it decides the perspective of your event to the attendees.

Book the right venue ahead of time and make sure it is available, with no last-minute change of plans that would disrupt the smooth running of the pharmaceutical event.

When choosing, ensure the venue is budget-friendly, a venue that suits the style of your brand and the goal you have for the pharma trade show.

It should have the capacity to hold the number of attendees you need.

                                                                                                                        Analyze the competitors’ offering

You do not have to steal your competitor’s ideas and concepts for your pharmaceutical events, but you can also learn from them, especially when it is your first.

Understand what they are offering their attendees and use it as a guide to determine yours.

This helps your pharmaceutical event have a competitive edge over time.

Ask for feedback and never ignore the bad reviews.

After analyzing the realities of the pharma trade show and pharmaceutical events, it is best to reach out to the participants to determine which event session they find more informative and interactive.

This will not only help you identify the pharmaceutical event’s strength but also in building on the areas you are weak, making the next one a promising one.

To help you ensure high booking numbers and a broad social footprint, the Smart work agency will help you conduct post-event research at every event session.

We also guide media polls through the planning stage with prospects to determine their perspective of the executed pharmaceutical event trade show against yours. 

This customer-first based approach will guarantee success for the next one you are planning. 

Smart works agency also incorporates detailed pharmaceutical event briefs consisting of strategic, functional, and pragmatic information to ensure participants and organizers have a common ground throughout the event.