6 Spring Events Ideas

April 18, 2022

Spring is synonymous with the theme of renewal and birth. It also symbolizes love, hope, youth, and growth. In this season, the daylight hours have increased and the weather is warmer. Apart from that, it is the time for sowing seeds and the perfect serene nature makes people love to spend more time outdoors. In a moment, we will walk you through 6 top spring theme ideas you can explore.


Porch Party

The best about porch parties are about anything you make. Simple, cost-effective, and hassle-free. However, you can make an effort with light, decorations, and the menu. Hosting a porch party will allow you and your guest to make the most of the serene environment. As mentioned earlier, people like to spend more time outdoors in spring.

It even gets better if the party is held in the evening, the light of stars, the breeze, and the quietness will make the event memorable. The spring event idea gives room for creativity. After the party, you can give your guests’ party favors, customized with personalized thank you notes.


Popsicle Party

Made from birch woods, popsicles are unarguably warm-weather treats. With the increased temperature in the spring, it is only natural to host a popsicle party. So how do you go about it?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that there are many creative ideas for this kind of party. It could be a picnic, a themed party, and come with other ideas. You can party from the comfort of your home. You can combine different fruit juice flavors or even spice things with a splash of champagne. But note that if you are including champagne, it has to be an adults-only popsicle party.


Spring Work Events Ideas

You will agree that the importance of team-building activities can not be undermined. Our spring event ideas also include work events for the spring. There are different corporate event ideas you can explore. Shortly, we will be looking at some of them

  • Giving back to society as a team: Businesses or corporate entities that are established mostly to offer solutions to people’s problems. But it should be more than that. Apart from doing some good in the world, giving back to society as a team will inspire your team members to volunteer or participate in charitable works. With that said, you can either come up with a workplace volunteer day or set up a volunteer program.
  • Spring scavenger hunt: The next corporate entertainment idea is a scavenger hunt. Now, this idea is a composite of fun and adventure. It is also a smart way to bring your team together while engaging in numerous outdoor activities.
  • Take your child to work day: Take your child to work day is observed in the United States every April 28. On this day, kids get to see where their parents work. Even if you don’t have kids you are still going to have a blast with the little ones.


Gold Themed Party

Here comes the return of the sun in the spring. And that makes hosting a gold-themed party appropriate. See it as the celebration of the shift in temperature. The spring event idea is pretty simple, you will have lots of gold or bright yellow decorations and items. You can also have different yellow food.


Butterfly Bridal Shower

The next event entertainment idea is also practiced in the summer. But when you think about it, you will see that butterflies are a great theme for spring events too. Also, there are more butterflies in the spring than in any season of the year.

Like every bridal shower, the themed event is often a private party. There should be fresh flowers, a beautiful butterfly photo arch, stunning cake detailing, and many more. You might want to hire the services of an event management agency for a butterfly bridal shower.


Garden Themed  Party

Lastly, it’s only natural to host a garden-themed party in the spring with all the fresh bloom around. You can have the spring part either outdoor or indoor depending on your preference. For a garden-themed party, you will need different potted plants and decorations in the shade of green.  If you have a knack for plants and greens, you might want to consider the party idea.

We have reunited some 2020 themes for events and upgraded the ideas with the new trends, turning them into these April event ideas, considering spring themes for events.


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