Fun-Filled April Event Ideas You Should Explore

April 12, 2022

A lot goes into planning events and that is why it is always great to plan ahead of any event. If you are planning on hosting any events in April and you need creative ideas that will wow your guests. Then this read is for you if you are looking for spring themes for events or entertainment ideas for corporate events.

Here, we will be walking you through fun-filled April event ideas you should try out. These ideas are a perfect fit for either a public assembly or a small get-together gathering. It cuts across corporate, virtual, in-person, and social events. Let’s get down to these April-themed events.

Host Webinars

Hosting webinars is one of the next-level ways to impact knowledge with your team members and the members of the public. Therefore, it is classified as one of our corporate event ideas you should explore this spring. 

There are numerous webinar software that makes it easy for you to host live chats with hundreds of attendees. This software comes with engaging features like live polls, sharing information, Q&A, commentary, and more to ensure that you and your attendees have a wonderful experience. 

Movie Night

April is known for its warmness and people love to spend more time outdoors in the spring. This is why it’s only natural to host a movie night. It is much preferable to have one outdoors. That way, you and your guests will make the most of the serene environment. Here are some tips to help you get started with movie night.

  • The first thing is inviting the right guests. People that are not enthusiastic about art and movies are more likely to get bored in the middle of movies. But when the right guests will engage and show utmost interest.
  • Do not stint on snacks. Keep popcorn, soda, candy, and salty munchies rolling. Snacks will help spice things up with your movie night.
  • Decide on the right movie. Movies that have sensitive imagery are not likely to be appreciated by everyone. You can come up with collections of classics and get your guests to participate by deciding on movies to watch.

Music Concert

The next April event idea is fun-filled and could be held virtually or in person. Nothing can be compared to losing yourself to good music. And live music events will forever be in high demand. However, the idea is capital intensive. You will get a venue, hire DJ/performing artists, logistics, and more.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to have a performance artist at a music concert event. With a savvy DJ, you and your guests have a great experience. It is crucial to note that paying attention to every detail, from the sound system to the safety of your attendees, should not be taken for granted.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an ideal corporate event entertainment. It is thrilling and considered an effective team-building activity. The event idea is physically demanding and requires a lot of teamwork. You and your team members could either decide on an outdoor adventure or an indoor rock climbing center. You will definitely have a blast either way.

Talent Show

A talent show is how you get kids and adults to participate in your event. Here, different people will have the chance to show off their talents and entertain others. The best thing about this kind of event is that people get to be themselves without any pressure. Also, it gives a chance to anyone. Comedians, Actors, Gymnasts, Musicians, and other kinds of performances could give your guest a fun-filled experience. The guest could be judged by deciding on the emerging winner. 

Karaoke Night

You will agree that there is a singer in everyone. Most of us sing in the shower and when we are alone. With Karaoke, people get to show their singing abilities with lots of laughter and no pressure. The event idea could be Hosting a Karaoke night is budget-friendly and should be one of the event ideas you should try out in April.

Employee Appreciation Day

Here’s another perfect corporate entertainment and event idea you can try out. Appreciating your employees will more likely increase the level of productivity and make your company more friendly than it used to be. Set out a day to appreciate your team on their unanimous effort towards contributing to the growth of your business. 

Hire SmartWorks for Your Spring Work Events

The best thing about all these aforementioned April event ideas is that it also doubles as a corporate work event and regular event entertainment among friends and family.

But there’s a lot that goes into planning for an event from start to finish. It requires a lot of time and devotion. Two luxuries you might not be able to afford if you are running a day-to-day business. When you hire SmartWorks, they handle every aspect of your events on your behalf and could give you the most amazing company party entertainment ideas.