Main Trends in Corporate Events

March 15, 2019

To make a successful event, it is essential to be aware of the latest trends. In this post we give you a tour of the trends for this upcoming year.

+ Broadcast your event

The live transmissions are increasingly trending and they allow to virtually witness something that is happening in another physical place. The scope and use that is given to Facebook in the world, for instance, is enough to realize that this tool is very powerful.

You can use Facebook Live for speeches, opening ceremonies of an event, show the arrival to the room, etc. If your company has locations in other parts of the world you can make those people feel closer, with a simple live broadcast. There are other tools with more functionalities, but they usually are expensive.


+Personalization in the registration process

Through registration or any other ticket purchase forms, you can collect personalized and valuable data. You can also offer discounts for certain attendees, activities and personalized meals, among other things. Each attendee will feel unique and your business will collect a lot of valuable data about your target audience.


+ Email marketing

Contrary to what you can imagine, email marketing continues to be an effective and direct means of communication with our objective.

The key is to avoid falling into SPAM due to deceptive, boring or abusive titles.

For better performance,keep the mail visually clear and simple with little text and clear CTA – call to action– to the user


+ Go friendly

In this era where digital media allow interaction and constant dialogue, it is increasingly important to provide spaces for interactivity in the event. It is essential to present feedback channels, encourage the realization of questions or queries and / or conversation among those attending the event.