How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Event

March 13, 2019

It is essential to use all the social networks that relate to your target when it comes to promoting your event. In this post, we give you some tips to use the Facebook page to promote your event.


  • Use Facebook Ads for retargeting: It allows you to show online advertising to certain users who have visited your website. Advertisers have the possibility to show a wide spectrum of ads to users of the social network who have left their web platform before making a purchase or confirming their attendance to the event. This tactic has a high efficiency index.


  • Make a creative video summarizing previous events or actions: Videos are an excellent way to convince the audience and visually show all the emotions linked to live events. Nowadays you can use Facebook Live Video to encourage users to sign up for the event. They are also a fundamental tool to viralize the content.


  • Use an attractive bank of images from previous editions: It would be even better that you get the users themselves to mention you and tag you in the content published in their social media profiles and related to the event. It is very important that you take care of the quality of the photographs..


  • Create own hashtags for all social networks: It is essential to create, use and promote the concrete hashtag of each congress or action so that it is present in all your posts, multimedia contents or publications of all your social channels, increasing the frequency of its use in the days before it takes place.


  • Share photographs of participants accompanied by interesting phrases: You can choose an inspiring quote from each of the attendees involved in your event and then create a graphic piece that summarizes an important theme in the event and that is also a reflection of the authorship highlighted by the expert or speaker. Thus, you will give people a vision and draw a personalized presentation of each of the attendees.


  • Post on your blog articles with all the relevant information of the event, curiosities and interviews and share it in your networks before, during and after the event.