How to Choose the Best Speakers for Your Event

December 18, 2019

When you organize a professional event, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to choose the profile of the speakers for your event. Their names and specialities will be the claim so that your attendees want to attend your event, ensuring that participation is a success.

To choose the best speakers, three fundamental factors must be taken into account: relevance, objective and influence.


Relevance: Having a renowned speaker, known inside and outside the sector of your event is a perfect claim to attract attendees. However, having a recognised speaker is meaningless if it does not have quality information to contribute to your event. The objective is that your attendees have quality content and relevant and leading information in the sector.

Purpose: Not all the moments of your event are the same, so taking into account what you want to transmit at each moment is key to choose each speaker properly. For example, the keynote speaker will be the one who sets the tone of the event, creating expectations among the attendees. On the other hand, the speaker who takes up the event after lunch will have to be someone dynamic who wakes up the attendees with a topic that does not require a maximum concentration. To give dynamism to your event, it is essential to know the style of each speaker and organize their participation at the time of the day that fits the best.

Influence: In addition to looking for speakers with excellent communication skills, the speakers of your event have to build trust and persuade the public that they still have doubts. Your speakers must have a solid reputation and serve as influencers of the professional sector.

Find the perfect speaker based on these three key objectives and when you have the selection, organize the agenda of your event looking for your attendees to have balanced and dynamic days. Remember that before launching an event, whatever the type, strategic planning is essential. Everything counts to get your assistants to repeat the experience!