Event Planning Skills & Successful Management Qualities

May 25, 2021

Event Planning Skills An Event Organizer Must Have

Event planning is one of the fancy job titles in the world. However, people don’t talk enough about the hard part. The truth is planning an event is stress-laden and time-consuming, and pretty hard. especially when there are other things (Job, education, and family) that require commitments.

But there are skills you need to have before you can plan a successful event. These skills are also known as event planning skills. Event planning skills ensure that the entire process of event planning is a bit hassle-free. In this post, we will look at some of these skills.


Different events come with their challenges. Event organizers must rise to the occasion when things get chaotic. They are in charge of every aspect of an event, from logistics to catering to booking a venue.

A lot of work goes into planning an event. They keep their team updated on vital information relating to an event and plan events based on the budget and timeline that a client stated. They handle bookings, hiring and pay attention to every detail.   


Anyone can book a venue location, hire caterers, and come up with a party theme. But it takes a creative person to transform spaces and ideas into something spectacular. Creativity is the ability to impress your guests with the infusion of unique innovations into every event you plan.

Creative event organizers get inspiration and ideas from different channels like social media, blogs, magazines, and many more. The skill can be l if you intend to put in the work.


In event management, customer retention is not just about the delivery of stellar service. How personable you are is also a factor to consider.

A savvy event organizer must communicate effectively with donors, attendees, brand sponsors, and agency staffers. You must be able to convey messages and tasks appealingly. During communication, a great event organizer has to be confident, polite, clear, and composed even when you are having a rough day. An event organizer needs to have good communication skills.

When clients communicate their needs, you must be able to listen with rapt attention without interrupting them. If you need clarity on anything, ask politely. Good communication is essential with your team. When instructions and tasks are with clarity, it saves time and ensures that you have a smooth event at the end of the day.


It’s no secret that sometimes when we do everything in or to make things right. Things don’t always go as planned. Factors like weather and traffic can have adverse effects on event planning. This one of the reasons even an organizer has to be adaptable.

Adaptability is the ability to come with a quick solution and trump difficulties arising when organizing an event. Event organizers with this skill do not tremble in front of clients when things get rough. They remain calm, polite, and composed. They don’t play blame games. When a situation arises, they are thinking of the best way to take charge.

Understanding The Basic Aspects of Event Planning

There are many sides to event planning. There is entertainment, catering, security, transportation, and decoration.

However, it is unrealistic to expect event organizers to have vast knowledge in all these areas of event planning. But they are required to understand the rudiment of event planning. That way, when clients state their demands, event organizers will be able to differentiate realistic ideas from ideas that are not.

Tech Savvy

Gone are the days when understanding tech was not a thing in the event industry. Today, a lot of softwares is available to make event planning easier. There is software like webinar tools for virtual meetings, social media for networking, and tools for event scheduling. Therefore, an event organizer must understand tech.

Budgeting and Bargaining

Event organizers are required to negotiate a contract with a client. They must be able to get the deal when booking with a band or a venue. Event organizers with this skill are confident and prepared for anything when bargaining and handling expenses.

The Importance of Event Planning Skills

Event planning skills are paramount to the success of an event. But genuine learning is acquired through experience. If you are ready to put your mind to it, you can learn these skills with time. With that said, here are the importance of event planning skills.

    • Professionalism: Event planning skills help you keep your emotions in check when you encounter difficulties in an event. All these skills project professionalism to prospective clients and sponsors. 
    • Good communication skills will help you handle difficult people without any hassle.
    • Event planning skills help you identify what a client wants.
    • Lastly, these skills make you a better person. With adaptability, an event organizer remains calm and collected amid chaos. Not just that, they can think fast and come up with quick solutions.


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