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April 19, 2023

Event Planning Outline

The modern-day event planning outline and techniques have obviously flown off the grips of a layman. As a result, terms such as CMP certification, CMP designation, conference planning checklist, event planning guide checklist, etc, are now very popular amongst eventgoers. 

It could only be so if event planners populated their events with such terms. But that is also evidence that the event train is fast leaving the traditional corridor.

What’s the point here?

The point is that the event industry is getting bigger, better, and more digitized with every passing day. 

But, sadly, the new dimension is largely beyond the limitations of a layman. 

Today, we have careers like certified meeting planners

However, things were different in the past when meeting planning used to be everybody’s business. In this article, we will look at what to consider when planning an event.

Event Planning Guideline for Fresh Professionals

Have you just joined the event movers and shakers? Welcome onboard!

One of the first steps to take as a fresher in this industry is to make it a habit to attend other organizers’ events and assist them in the planning process when permitted. Not only will doing this empower you with the needed exposure, but it will also give you a practical experience of all that you learned during your training.

While this is happening, explore avenues like the internet to reach your potential clients and advertise your skills. Some people land their first contract within their first month of applying this measure. If you are good, once the contracts start rolling in, they can only multiply.

Upon hitting your first contract, meet the event stakeholders to find out their specific requirements as well as the objectives and purpose of the event.

Be aware of the dynamics in the event industry. It has made it nearly mandatory for event stakeholders to request evidence of professionalism from event planners before reaching a contract with them. This is why you must keep some documents like your CMP certificate handy.

What is CMP Certification?

The acronym CMP stands for Certified Meeting Professional – a certification for event professionals, which was formed by the Events Industry Council and offered in conjunction with the Meeting Professionals International (MPI). CMP events are predominantly those organized by planners with excellence in comprehensive events management.

If you have yet to attain your CMP certification, it’s time to start the journey. Not having it will cast doubt on your skills, thereby placing limitations to your stride.

How to Become a Certified Meeting PlannerCMP Designation 

  • As the Events Industry Council simply puts it, “CMP is recognized as a badge of excellence in the events industry”. Having it is a short route to higher salaries and greater opportunities in the events industry. 
  • Check for Eligibility: start the process by checking if you are eligible. There are certain conditions you are expected to meet before this application. The first of those is the educational qualification. Next is your level of experience. A candidate is expected to have at least 24 months of on-the-job experience with a degree in a related field like event management, meetings, or tourism.
  • Second requirement demands that the applicant should complete a minimum of twenty-five hours of continuing education in an industry-related field within the last five years. Internships in related industries may get you a pass here. All you need to do is present documents that prove your attendance.
  • If the above requirements are satisfied, you can send an application online via their CMP platform. You will be required to make a one-time payment of 250 USD. Make your application thorough enough because that’s where the evaluation committee will hinge on their assessment of your capabilities. In 3 – 5 weeks, you’ll be notified about the status of your application. If approved,

You’ll be called to sit for an exam within 12 months of your application’s approval. Once you succeed in that exam, the next thing is issuing a CMP certificate. Good luck!


CMP Certified: All you need to know


As a Certified Meeting Planner, here are What to Consider when Planning an Event 

With your CMP certification, most of your clients will have no problem paying a premium price. Remember, however, that it must come in exchange for premium services. 

Before starting your next conference event, consider creating a more comprehensive, better-organized, and easy-to-follow conference planning checklist. Pay detailed attention to the elements of the event planning guide checklist. This is important because the success of any event is rooted in its outlined guideline.

A good conference planning checklist will help you review your internal staff’s strengths even before the program commences. It will also lead to smooth implementation when roles are adequately assigned. 

My best advice to you as an events planner or fresh CMP certificate holder is to keep a seasoned professional by the corner. The contract that comes to you is a test. You must deliver top-notch to stay afloat. 

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