March 20, 2023

Many event planners need help when planning a business conference. This is because of the formality associated with business meetings. Still, despite the almost no fun allowed in such a gathering, the business conference can be a fun event to look forward to. Business conferences allow professionals to meet, discuss innovative ideas, and network. As such, there should be a list of fun things to do at a conference to get the meeting going.

This will engage the occasion and get business tycoons to share their ideas on global issues. Planning a successful business conference or even a luxury event requires that you play all your hands. 

The planning must be thorough, with everything acting out as it should. The venue, decorations, programs, speakers, and guests must present a unified front. The activities running in sync are what makes a successful business conference. 

Business conference activities

Several activities take place at a business conference. To spice your business meetings, below are business conference activities to do.

  • Presentations:

Business meetings are great opportunities for attendees to present what they have discovered or hear from experts in the field. Experts come with their innovative ideas and services and showcase what they have. Sometimes, it is the experts coming to watch startups’ products and ideas. This way, they can offer their expert advice over such


  • Panel discussions:

The business conference is almost incomplete without panelists coming together to talk about compelling matters in business. Panelists have their topics which they discuss extensively. 


  • Breakout sessions:

     This is the breaking of attendees into smaller groups to be handled by experts. This helps to have better access to experts and to be able to disseminate creative ideas directly to everyone. 


  • Networking:

    Conferences like this provide attendees with ample time to network. They can have contacts of experts in their business and introduce their ideas too. Networking is one activity that must always come into play at every event.


  • Keynote Speakers moment:

    Conferences feature keynote speakers in their area of expertise. Keynote speakers are the main speaker in that field. For instance, when organizing an agricultural conference, you want to get speakers who are in the agricultural sector and doing great. Those speakers are your keynote speakers.   


  • Exhibition:

     Manufacturers see the business conferences as another time to showcase their products. Having a show is one business conference activity that pulls them in. 


  • Fun activities:

     This is where it gets interesting. Getting people to engage right in a business conference needs to be considered. Games, challenges, surveys, polls, and a venue tour if it’s an attractive site are activities to induce into the program. It will make the conference not so business-like and get participants to loosen up. 


10 Creative Conference Ideas to Increase Attendance



Due to the long hours conferences take, breaking it out into sessions makes it not boring. Conference sessions hold as part of activities at the business meeting. These sessions include panel discussions, lectures, workshops, presentations, or roundtable talks. 

These activities are intended to make the meeting interactive and engaging. After which room is given to questions and answers, observations and comments. 

How to make a conference session interactive

Event planners are often at a loss on how to make a conference session interactive. This could be a great task as these sessions are handled not by the host but mostly by keynote speakers, panelists, or conference speakers. But not even that can stop a determined event planner who knows that the success of the meeting rest on their shoulder. 

As the event planner, the secret is listing out what is expected of each speaker and fashioning the order of the program in a fun way. Then, if you want the sessions to be interactive, draw out the fun list ideas and enforce them. Here are a few ideas to help boost your choices, as every great event begins with great conference ideas.  

Incorporate introductions:

Informing session speakers to include a brief introduction in their sessions is an excellent way to start. Give room for the attendees to introduce themselves briefly and let speakers get to know their participants. This will open the floor for some fun. 


 Incorporate Q&A:

The participants can also be implored to actively participate by asking questions and stating their observations or what they’ve learned from the session. 


Breakout sessions:

Try grouping the attendees into smaller groups to allow for more engagement and interaction. And have something fun for each group to do. It could be a challenge where you pitch the groups against each other. 


Introduce technology:

Many tools are available to make your event top-notch. Making participants take surveys and polls and even answer questions online while in session is a fun idea. Their interests are spiked, especially if this is a new tool or something they aren’t aware of. Gathering feedback online is one of the creative conference ideas you can incorporate. 


Hands-on activities:

It doesn’t have to be a game, and it could be. Some hands-on activities include working on excel sheets, drawing, or even playing card games. 


Planning luxury events

A luxury conference is a professional event that is designed to be upscale and lavish. Everything about this type of event screams luxury and splendor. Industries into luxury, like the fashion industry, travel, and high-end technology, are the ones that hold luxury events. As such, a luxury event planner will always go out of her way to bring the best to the table. Planning a luxury event is a complex task but handed the right tool, one can do a great job. Sample luxury events are:

  • Gala dinner

  • Charity ball

  • Wedding

  • Private concert

  • Corporate retreat

  • Product launch ceremony

  • Fundraising gala

  • Art exhibition 

People attending luxurious events expect world-class feelings and VIP treatment since they are highly placed, dignitaries. Therefore, you will want to satisfy them on a global scale. Doing this means getting your hands on the global events list to ensure all T’s are crossed, and I’s dotted. Planning a luxury event is to create an upscale atmosphere. Give your guests that, and you will have their smiles forever. You can also have an agency work you through the plan for that exquisite taste. Smart Work Event Agency gives you the best course for every event.