Event Planning Checklist

May 25, 2021

Event Planning Checklist

Are you thinking of planning an event, and you have no idea how to get started? In this read, figure out what to consider when planning an event. In a moment, we will be looking at the event planning checklist or conference planning checklist.

4-6 Months to D-day

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning early determines the success of your event. It is advisable to start planning 4 to 6 months before the d-day. That way, you will have enough time to cover every aspect of an event timeline.

Here is the list of things that need to be done 4 to 6 months before the event.

    • Define your goals and objectives: Identifying your goals and objectives serves as the right metric to measure the success of your event planning outline. Do you hope to expand your reach? Or maybe fundraise for a charity cause?
    • Pick the date: Now that you have defined goals and objectives. The next thing on the event planning guide checklist is to select a date. Ensure that the date you choose is not clashing with any big event or holiday in your country/state.
    • Venue selection: Don’t book a random venue for your events. Do your homework before booking. Examine the kind of insurance they have. Is the venue alcohol-friendly? How’s security? Is it easy to locate?
    • Pricing and budgeting: Before you draw a budget, it’s paramount to get the cost estimates of travel incentives for your employees, speakers fees, venue, logistics, security, food, and more. Draw out a budget based on the cost estimate you have. You can also cut costs by canceling anything that’s not important.
    • Planning Committee: When you hire a reputable event management agency, you will be accessible to an event manager.
    • Design a publicity plan: This cuts across printed material, social media campaigns, PR, and graphic designs.
    • Reach out to guest speakers or presenters you would like to have in your event. See if they would like to participate in your event.
    • When required, get sponsorship or partnership for your event.


1 to 2 Months to D-day

At this stage, you should be finalizing some details of the event planning guide.

    • Send a reminder to people you would like to be in your event. This reminder could be via SMS or email list.
    • Clarify travel and accommodation details with your guest speakers or presenters. Ask them for a copy of their presentations or speeches.
    • For events that require sponsors, you need to check in with sponsors. You can also ask your sponsors to share details of your event on their social channels.
    • Share details about your event on social media and websites. You can also release statements about your upcoming event.
    • Cross-examine every printed material one last time.


7-days to D-day

Below are some of the list of things you need to do a week before your event.

    • Now it’s time to finalize the event script. Ensure guest speakers or presenters go through every session of the event.
    • Come up with the total number of registers. Provide the figures to the caterers.
    • A final seating arrangement. Consider registrants with special needs in the seating arrangement.
    • Print a copy of speeches, videos, and presentations. Don’t forget to make online copies. `


24 Hours to D-day

Here are some last minutes activities on the event planning timeline list

    • Check the media attendance.
    • Make sure signages are in the appropriate places.
    • Check if everything checks in the registration and media table.
    • Check the AV equipment if they are functioning as they should.



Here is a list of the things you need to do on the event day.

    • First off, try as much as possible to be composed and calm. The hard part is almost over.
    • Have copies of all instructions, phone numbers, guest lists, directions, seating charts, and every other vital document related to the event.
    • Ensure things are straight with your sponsors and catering teams.
    • Work with guest speakers/presenters, event managers, and other teams. The success of your event depends on it.   
    • Welcome arriving attendees. You can also guide them and show them around.


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From the event checklist above, I know you will agree that the entire process of planning an event is no child’s play. The process requires patience, planning, budgeting, bargaining, and negotiation. Apart from that, there are days things won’t go according to plan. You will be required to come up with a quick while maintaining your composure. It gets harder when you have other commitments, but having an event checklist template would always help.

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