Fundraising for Charity Events

May 25, 2021

Charity Events Ideas You Should Try Out

There are a lot of avenues to do some good in the world. One of them is organizing a charity fundraising event.

These events are a fashion to raise support for the mission of an organization. It is a perfect means ways to raise money for charity and internally displaced people in countries dealing with insecurity. Are you looking for creative charity ideas? Then read on.

Battles of Bands

The event idea can be likened to musical concerts. The only difference is the battle of the bands is a contest between bands performing. In this event, funds can be raised in two ways. First, you can come up with registration fees for bands that would like to perform in this event. You can also sell tickets to attendees that like to be entertained.

This event can also be held virtually. Here, participants are required to upload pre-recorded clips of their performance online on your event page. Like a regular “battle of bands” charity event, attendees have to register (fundraise) before they are accessible to the event. Since it’s online, attendees can vote in the polls for the band with the best performance. There should be a grand prize for the band that raises the highest amount of money.

Silent Auction

A silent auction is one of the ways to raise money for charity. You can include the charity event in the existing fundraising event plan (if you have one). And if you don’t, you can host a silent auction event independently. This event is ideal for audiences that like to be anonymous.

Employ social media channels and email lists for publicity. Here’s how the charity event works.

    • First, you need to garner collectibles from sponsors and donors willing to support your cause.
    • Set your biddings right and ensure that you have well-grounded rules bindings attendees.
    • And lastly, market every item available for auction.

Themed Pub Crawl

This event idea can take different forms. You can decide on any theme, host the event in any location of your choice. You can also infuse any other creative ideas into this event. One of the creative ideas is deciding on a theme related to fundraising.

To get started, you need to decide on a starting point and plan for the event. Then get people to sign up for the event. Ensure that these people are adults because the event takes place in a bar, and there will be a lot of alcohol flying around. Attendees must be willing to participate in bonus activities like mini-golf, dancing, and buying raffle tickets and T-shirts.

However, there are ways to include non-adults and folks that don’t take alcohol in a pub crawl. You can come up with something cool. For instance, if you decide to raise money for a startup brand like a wellness brand. You can host a pub crawl in places like salons and fruit stores.

Gala Events

Gala events are known for music and entertainment. They are used to raise funds for charity or even a cause. This charity event requires a lot of planning and financial support from your board. You also need to invite people to this event.

It is paramount to decide on a suitable venue for this event. A reputable event management agency like SmartWorks can help you book a perfect venue for your gala event. Gala events can be made better with themes and other creative ideas.

Networking Dinner

Networking dinners are formal or casual events where attendees share meals and form relationships. One thing you need to know about networking events is they double as a fundraising event. Like a regular networking dinner, this event is either formal or casual.

Bowling Competition

Bowling competition is one of the most popular charity events. It is cost-effective and accessible.

It is almost impossible to see a town without a bowling lane. Therefore, it is pretty easy to organize a bowling competition. Bowling takes place indoors. So the weather would not be a problem.

Comedy Night

We all love a good laugh. Invite stellar comedians that their vision aligns with your vision. A band that understands that your event is a non-profit. You can also hire local comedians around you.

A comedian night can also be held virtually on social platforms like Youtube Live and Facebook Live. Attendees will pay a registration fee before they are accessible to this event. They can also donate to your cause.

Tips for Organizing a Charity Event

Now that you are familiar with creative charity fundraising ideas. There are a couple of things you should know when planning charity fundraising events.

    • Use your social media channels to raise awareness.
    • Decide on a fitting venue for the event
    • Consider your audience before you choose any of the charity event ideas mentioned above.


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