September 19, 2022

Choosing an unique event entertainment idea is a tough job as one of the most crucial parts of an event’s success or failure. 

The decision you make for your events can either make or break you. The goal is usually to maintain the right corporate event ideas within the budget while putting on the best entertainment for your audience.

It is pivotal to note that a variety of big and small details could affect your event, so it is best to have a carefully thought-out plan before you begin an event. 

This article seeks to provide you with great corporate event entertainment ideas. However, these tips may also be very applicable to other event types.

One of the most important aspects of event planning is finding the best event entertainment.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult to get correctly. Many event planners believe that having any form of entertainment is sufficient, but this is not the case. 

Perfect entertainment can transform a decent event into a fantastic one.

But, on the other hand, the wrong entertainment can turn a wonderful occasion into a letdown or, worse, a tragedy. 

“The quality of your event entertainment can make or break your event.” 




Before you decide on the entertainment ideas for your event, you should be sure to ask yourself the right questions, some of which are:



The theme of your event simply determines the type of audience to be entertained.

For example, if it is a fun corporate event, you need to channel your entertainment idea into a corporate-themed one to fit the occasion.

Keeping in mind your audience can be a helpful way to trim down the long list of entertainment ideas for events. 

Let’s assume you’re planning an event for a corporate and older audience, and you’re looking for a musical performer. In this situation, you can fairly rule out someone like Wiz Khalifa because your attendees are unlikely to be familiar with his music.

On the other hand, if you’re catering to a younger crowd, you can cross someone like Barry Manilow off your list.



The next step is to examine the type of event you’re hosting after you’ve whittled down the list, depending on what you believe the visitors will enjoy.

For example, is the event open to the public or closed to the public? Unarguably, the event’s focus usually determines the extent or type of entertainment adopted.



Top Exciting Corporate Events Ideas






This is one of the best ideas for a corporate event. It is mostly used in fundraising events, in a scenario where balloons are lined up in a row with several things in them.

Then, attendees randomly poke each balloon and do whatever they find inside. Often, it contains an amount that is meant to be donated, while in others, specific items are meant to be given to the corporate body.



Obviously, group dance comes to mind.

Especially if you need your audience to appreciate the artwork, you might have a few talented employees willing to put on a show for you.

We might even engage a professional dancing troupe to perform a whole show.

Irish dancing isn’t the only activity that can be done. Most types of dancing have their musical groups. 

If you want music to be the main attraction of the evening, we can help you hire a DJ, a band, or a singer of your choosing.

They can play background music at the reception before filling the dance floor later in the evening.

Any celebration with good music will be remembered.



You can hire a magician to entertain your guests if you want to provide truly memorable entertainment. Magicians are frequently hired to perform “mix and mingle” magic at corporate gatherings.

The magician will move among your guests and entertain them in small groups at a time.

This typically occurs at the reception, between courses at dinner, and/or prior to the band’s performance after dinner.

We can also help you book the best performance.

This is a formal show, similar to what comedians would put on. This usually occurs after everyone has been seated at their tables.



Hiring this type of artist for an event is a fantastic entertainment idea because people enjoy seeing artists at work in real-time.

Furthermore, it will give many participants something to hold on to and share.

Booking a caricaturist for your corporate event is a fun way to entertain your visitors while providing them with a memorable gift. 

Moreover, we can help you lighten the burden at Smart Works by helping you narrow down just the best for you.



Photo booths are another popular form of entertainment for event organizers and spectators alike.

They add a touch of class to events while providing a lovely backdrop for guests to photograph as soon as they arrive.

Organizers can also put up virtual photo booths, which aren’t confined to in-person events.

Attendees may also modify their selfies with various virtual backgrounds, and organizers can add their event logo to the mix. 



As event planners, we can plan activities for your spectacular business parties, such as playing interactive games, taking a mixology class, or shooting entertaining photos in a photo booth.

Create an atmosphere where guests may temporarily disengage from job obligations and enjoy a fantastic event, regardless of the type of entertainment you choose.