Top Corporate Event Ideas

May 25, 2021

Exciting Corporate Events Ideas

Your corporate events do not have to be boring and cliche. There are ideas you can employ to spice things up.

In this read, we will be looking at some of these corporate event entertainment ideas. These ideas feature entertainment ideas for corporate events like games, contests, bidding, craftworks, and corporate party entertainment.

Office Trivia

Office trivia is one of the best ways to bring your team members together. Like every other trivia event, the corporate event stimulates the brain with different trivia questions. In the fun corporate event, each team is award points. With these points, they can bet on trivia questions in each category. To get started, you need to do the following:

    • Divide your team members into smaller groups.
    • Trivia questions are different categories. Come up with 5 to 6 questions in each of these categories.
    • Give each question in each category point value.
    • Add bonus questions at the end of the game.
    • Ensure there is a winning prize for teams with the highest points.


Mystery Dinner Night

Mystery dinner night is a perfect way to stir up the curiosity and interest of your team members. It allows team members or random groups of people to have splendid night experiences coupled with delicious meals and a quality conversation.

In this event, you send your team members to dinner somewhere. It could be in the outskirts of your city or at the residence of a team member. An executive in a company can host this event.

However, note that none of your guests/attendees should be aware of this event. You do not want to ruin the mystery of the dinner night, do you? So keep mum about the event. The only information your team members need to know before the event is the date and time of dinner.

In the afternoon of the D-day, send emails with the venue and who they will be their company. The heads up will give them time to prepare for the event. Also, you can add any additional information like the dress code or theme of the event in the email.

Corporate Fundraising

Supporting a charity cause is indeed a noble gesture. The corporate entertainment event garnered financial support from commercial companies, sponsors, and stakeholders.

You can either host the event virtually or face-to-face. This event can also double as an auction. Here, attendees bids on items or services donated by sponsors.

With that said, some people like to keep their identity anonymous when making donations and biddings. An audience like this will prefer a silent corporate fundraising event. It is advisable to know which of the two options rocks the boat of your attendees.

Themed Craft Workshop

Hosting corporate events that synchronize with everything a company stands for is an ideal way of engaging staff and clients. A themed craft workshop fits perfectly in this description. Here, the end products of the workshop have to mirror a company’s value, the product, and the services they provide.

Pop-up Street Market

A pop-up street market is a perfect avenue to give back to the community. Events like this support and celebrate local communities by giving small business outlets, artisans, and small-time entrepreneurs a spot to showcase their products and services. One of the perks of the pop-up street market is the event is fit for almost all industries.

Room Escape Games

Room escape games are widely known as activities that improve the bonding of a group or team. Qualities like logic, leadership skills, and teamwork are needed for this corporate event. When played right, the game can be adventurous and exciting.

In this event, people are locked in a single room for at least 60 minutes. Within this period, participants have to find hidden items, figure out clues to the key to open the door, or even solve puzzles, depending on the rules of the game.

An Interactive Masterclass

The fun corporate events allow your team members to pick up a few valuable things. It is advisable to seek their opinions of what they’d like to learn. Is it painting or learning how to photoshop and edit pictures? This event can be held virtually or physically.   

Catch a Phrase

Catch a phrase improves communication skills between team members. Here, your team members are split into groups. These groups thereby nominate a clue-giver to gesture or give verbal clues to phrases and words to their teammates without literal mentions of these words or phrases. The words in this game can feature anything like the expression and name of a place/thing/animal/person.

You can easily play this game with a basket filled with phrase paper.   


We hope you find the list of entertainment ideas for corporate events helpful.