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May 25, 2021

Conference AV

Networking is one of the reasons people attend conferences. Many understand the importance of expanding circles and meeting like-minded people in their respective industries. Other than that, conferences are the ideal avenue to pick up industry trends. With that said, it’s pretty clear that the conferences are goldmines in the corporate world. But our focus here is not on the perks of hosting a conference and attending one. Our focus is on conference AV.

Now, what is conference AV?

A conference is a corporate meeting where we meet with shared interests meet and discuss a particular topic. AV is an acronym for Audio Visual.

In the course of a conference, two things are practically crucial, the audio and the visual. The visual is synonymous with lightning, and everything in that has to do with visuals. On the other hand, audio has to do with everything that has to do with sounds from microphones to speakers and sound systems.    

Are you planning to host a conference soon but you have no idea about av needs? Here is a list of av basics for a conference event.

Recorded or Real-time Video Broadcast

Video broadcast is one of the core av needs and can take various forms. It can be in video conferences, webinar broadcasts (Recorded or real-time), or even live streams. With the visual need, you can record throughout the event, create other resourceful content like podcasts for those that couldn’t make the conference. With a few edits, you post them on your social channels like YouTube and Facebook. You can also utilize it to increase sales conversion and brand awareness by adding it to promotional content.


A video conference requires a camera. Cameras come in different specifications and sizes. Before you decide on the type of camera, consider the location of the conference event. Big-size sophisticated cameras will not work in a small venue. Also, you can use cameras to record events for later use.

Wireless Microphones

With the help of sound speakers, microphones enhance the voice of a presenter in a conference. Here, we will be looking at the two main types of wireless microphones. They are:

    • Handheld wireless microphones: As the name suggests, handheld wireless microphones are like the good old handheld microphones with cables. The only difference is that this one is wireless.


The wireless microphone is ideal for the audience Question and Answer session after a presentation. Due to the easy movability factor among the audience, handheld microphones are considered facilitators of engaging the audience. Some presenters prefer handheld microphones to other kinds of microphones. Therefore, you should have a handheld microphone around to be on the safer side.   

    • Lavalier wireless microphones: The wireless microphones are also known as clip-on and lapel mics. One of the features of the wireless microphone is that it can be used hand-free. The wireless mic gives a conference presenter the chance to move around and gesture without any hassle.


Lavalier wireless microphones are easy to use. All you need to do to get it working is clip the device on your collar or shirt.

Sound Speakers

Wireless microphones and sound speakers synonymously work together. It is advisable to consider the size of the venue before deciding on any sound speaker. You can also consult technicians to know the ideal speaker for your event.    

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

A lot of laptops come with video output capable of transmitting HDMI. You can do this via a dongle or an adapter. A conference venue should have essential adaptors to connect video systems with the high-definition multimedia interface.

Ensure that your laptops and other audio-visual sources can transmit HDMI. It is also crucial to have spare cables, extenders, video switchers, splitters, and other essentials in emergencies.

Interactive Whiteboards

When it comes to conferences, you cannot undermine the values of whiteboards. It comes with visual perks, which is a plus to your conference event. Some of the functions of interactive Whiteboards include:

    • It can be utilized for interactive video conferencing on platforms like Zoom.
    • It helps annotate docs and web pages.
    • With some interactive whiteboards, you can write directly on the board in different colors.

Hire SmartWorks for Your Audio-Visual Production

When it comes to hosting a conference audio visual events, you need to take note of the following tips:

    • Know your budget and stick to it
    • Leverage professional advice
    • Consider the space before you decide on a AV tools

However, to a non-experienced event planner, conference AV events can be a hard nut to crack. But when you decide on SmarkWorks, we will take your event to a new level of transcendence with our in-house AV production.

Our audio-visual services covers:

    • Creative development and implementation
    • Cutting-edge audio solution
    • Video and large screen display
    • Specialized lighting
    • Hybrid events
    • Stage design and construction