Checklist to Organise an Event

August 1, 2016

Make a list is something natural in the people who organise events!

But, even the ones with more experience, could forget things. To do not loose a detail of all the important things in your event, next, we will explain you an easy checklist to have everything under control.


–       From 3 to 5 months before the event:

o   Subject of the event, number of guests and the ambient we would like for it.

o   Select the space and organise the logistic (AV, catering, etc.)

o   Budget, deadline and schedule of the event.

o   Sponsors (if is needed)

o   Look for speakers and invite them.

o   Check what we need to buy/hire


–       2 months before the event

o   Call the possible speakers to confirm the attendance.

o   Contact with the sponsors to explain the advances.

o   Choose the catering.

o   Make the logistic for the event (transport)

o   Decided if press will be invited. Make a list.

o   Send invitations.

o   Study the audio-visual needs.


–       1 month before the event

o   Contact with the speakers about their presentations (template, additional information, etc.)


–       2 weeks before the event

o   Material needed for the event (make a list)

o   Share out the work between the team.

o   Confirm the details of the event with all the suppliers. If there is a photographer, tell what we want to be photographing, for example.


–       1 week before the event

o   Verify the venue’s details. Check the AV with the manager.

o   Check the venue is correct.

o   Inform the journalist. Encourage coming to the event.

o   Finish and print the participating list and diary.

o   Contact with the speakers, ensure they know the date and exact time. Remember the duration time for the speech and who is going to be the person receiving them.

o   Redact press note, explaining the event to send the day before the event or the same day.


–       One day before the event

o   Bring everything to the venue.

o   Make a “kit” with the entire thing we could need (scissors, sell tape, stapler, pencil, pen, paper, etc.)


–       The event day

o   Arrive one hour before the event to check everything. Check that the AV is working correctly.

o   Verify that everyone knows what he or she has to do.

o   Check the information signs are correct.

o   Send the press note.


–       Post event

o   Meeting post event, to evaluate the event and check what could improve.

o   Summarize the event and evaluate.

o   Check the invoices and make the pending payments.

o   Make a feedback with all the collaborations, assistants, participating, etc.

o   Send gratitude to the speakers, suppliers and members of the team.

o   Offer help to the media that assist to the event.