Wine Tasting in a Wonderful Winery in Malaga

July 25, 2016

Smartworks DMC offers you a wonderful wine tasting in one of the most emblematic places in the city, “El Patio de Beatas”.

This place is located in the historical centre of Malaga, that appears after the rehabilitation of two houses, from the XVIII and XIX century, protected because of their beauty and historical value.

This wine tasting includes a Sommelier, who will resolve all the doubts that could come up. He will give you advises and he will bring you closes to the wine history.

With this wonderful tasting, Smartworks DMC offers you the possibility to enjoy the drink also with some food. You could taste from 4 to 6 different wines and make a selection of plates.

You can choose between Iberian cold meat, selection of cheeses, selections of foies and selections of dried fruits and nuts.

Smartworks DMC makes all your evenings uniques and unforgettables. Try the quality in the South of Spain!

wine tasting