The Biggest Events Company for Corporate events

July 20, 2023

There are several reasons why you need to look this up. But one clear bet is that you have a corporate event picture that needs to become a reality. Corporate events are necessary for creating huge impressions for clients. It is also an opportunity to network with other industries, bring teams together, and pose as a thought leader. Hence, outsourcing your corporate events to the biggest event company is not wrong.

We’ve compiled a list of event management companies that have won the best event awards in recent times. Each of these planning companies has put in its best work of art to create unique experiences for companies in different industries. You may find your match.

Best 8 Award-winning Event Companies you must-know

  1. Pico Art International

This is one notable agency and winner of the best event awards for B2B conferences, meetings, and seminars. Pico was the forerunner of the DBS Asian Insights conference in 2020. The event was well-coordinated, with exclusive marketing designs, communications, and technology. The agency works with a worldwide network of experts and creatives. This makes them a good choice for virtual or physical automobile, finance, health, orpharmaceuticals conferences.

Pico Arts International has been a leader with proven track records and event planning awards in the industry. If you seek to organize your event to be as good as the launch of HP Antarctic Dome at Coachella, try Pico.

  1. JK Global Events

Here is an event company that aims to exceed your expectation. Their success is related to a series of marketing events awards. They earned this by coordinating great trade shows and exhibitions. Jk Global Events take a strategic approach to ensure that your corporate events are well-handled. They are reliable in providing full-scale networking events to help impress your clients and satisfy your needs.

If you want to create an event that can earn your company the best events awards, you can look out for companies like JK.

  1. Liquid Media Live Events

Yeah, we can award them the best in event design awards. Liquid Media Live Events provide unique creative content development, equipment rental, and full-event management for the corporate world. They are dependable for organizing launches, awards, gala dinners, and conferences in various fields. These may include fashion, law, automobile, sports, technology, or pharmaceutical event.

Liquid Media melts hearts with its exceptional mix of creative, technical, and support from experienced staff.

  1. Evolve Activation

Evolve activation creates corporate marketing events with measurable impact. They have innovative event ideas that earned them good records and marketing events awards. This agency is one of the best in California. It is famous for maximizing the budgets of both small and large-scale businesses.

This is an excellent choice for event budget development and on-site event management. Evolve takes a proactive approach to ensure potential issues are avoided.

  1. Mercury Marketing & Communications

Asides from its excellent marketing and communications service, Mercury is also one of the biggest event company ever known. They organize your event activities from publicity to finish with the most suitable messaging to reach your audience. This is a top-notch event promotion agency awarded the event agency of the year in 2020 by the marketing events awards.

So, try Mercury if you need a company to create a strategy to promote your automobile, fashion, or pharmaceuticals conference.

  1. Wonderland

With over 15 years of existence and multiple event planning awards, Wonderland should be on this list. They are experts in creative events and production. Wonderland has reliable technical support, DJ services, and logistics. They plan corporate events, fundraisers, conferences, and more. Wonderland provides the best entertainment for current events at a reasonable price. They are a good recommendation for events set for the UK.

  1. Alpha Events

Alpha Events is another example of one of the most prominent conference organizers in the world. They specialize in creating memorable guest experiences. Alpha Events has a clientele that includes Nissan Motor GB Ltd, St James Place Partnerships, McLaren, and more. This grounds their expertise in corporate, charity, and music sector events.

Alpha Events create innovative ideas from concept design to the day’s final activities. They also pride themselves on quality personalized service for their clients.

  1. Smart Work Agency

Here is the last on the list for best with virtual events. Smart Work Agency provides reliable audiovisual streaming, gala events, etc. They have a network of creative experts and experiences that spins them through satisfying their clients. Smart Work Agency is highly recommended for conferences and events in all niches, including pharmaceutical events.

These are the biggest names in the event industry. They are most of those who qualify for any event company awards. Get the best hands to help bring your idea to life and impress your clients. These companies have excelled in creating memorable experiences for guests.

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