Best Apps for Events

August 3, 2017

Everybody know that Smartphones have come to stay, we are increasingly centralizing more functionalities and tasks, therefore they have become essential in our life.

There are apps for events which will help you to offer a more complete service to attendees, keeping them updated at all times, and enhancing the experience. They also provide you detailed information that would benefit both sponsors as organizers.

In this interesting post we will see some of the most popular apps and the functionalities they offer.


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This platform allows you create and personalize totally the app for the event. Enables infinite functions to attendees and a deep analysis of the event’s development. Provides to attendees a mobile agenda, conduct surveys, promotes the networking among the public, the sponsorship opportunities, chats and gamification as a way to involve all those present in the active participation of the event. It also allows you to know information about sessions, speakers and expositors and their repercussion and those which need additional attention. With this app you could download reports and infographics to measure the attendees’ satisfaction, so also organizers could take advantage of it.

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This complete platform allows you to create an app for your event and guarantees to inform about agenda, speakers, headquarters, hotels, as well as enhables networking through its wall, list of attendees and messages among attendees. It also allows to announce the attendees’ degree of participation, condensing the questions to the speakers, making surveys and instant voting. This application can also benefit the sponsors and organizers, as it facilitates analytics and statistics of the event app in your “content manager” area, while also making it possible to unify all your events in a single application.

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The technology eventmobi allows managing the experience of the event from start to finish. The value of this tool for sponsors is evident: by measuring ROI, by penetration, branding, etc. From branding to content management, this mobile application gives the control that the organizer needs to customize and update its Event app. It translates to 15 languages, allows privileged locations for sponsors, they say in their website that in less than an hour you can have your application designed and running and even offers demonstrations with Webinars to see how easy it is to use.

Engineering cloud




Tu Fábrica de Eventos

Tu fábrica de eventos is a tool for the integral management of events that also works as a mobile app. From the application you can access the general information of the event, list of participants and speakers, request networking meetings, generate agendas, send messages, access your private area (invoices, documents, tickets, etc …) and doing surveys among other functions. It is a design that includes the functions and tools that the organizer needs to manage the event in an integral way.

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Meet by CWT M&E

This app allows you to manage all aspects of meeting planning. It contains all the relevant information that organizers or attendees need to plan or navigate through their meetings, including meeting details and agenda. In addition, meeting organizers have the ability to send emails to all attendees. Users will also be able to suggest new features that can be added in the future thanks to an integrated system to collect opinions.