Events and New Technologies

July 31, 2017

The new technologies has changed our society and how t olive day by day. In our sector, how in rea life, happens the same. From SmartWorks we add to the event a distinctive and diferencial value.

Here you have some of them:

Streaming, allows you to be at the event virtually. It is not necesary travel to the place. We could enjoy the event online.

Video mapping. It is a huge revolution that consist in a projection with lights. From Smarworks we guatantee that it is somthing that our clients request a lot. You can create an amazing atomosphere.

Using holograms is something popular in events. Conferences and congresses. Famous and busy people use this technology to be everywhere.

Another trend it is the us of drones. This machines have video cameras to take pictures and videos. With this technology you can capture moments from your event.