Sponsorship Tiers: Choose The Best Types Of Sponsorships

March 1, 2022

Are you in need of the right partnership to sponsor your event and you find it hard to attract the right sponsor? Look no further as this blog post right here is for you. A firm that supports an event by offering finances in exchange for something worthwhile is known as an event sponsor. Increased business visibility, access to attendee data, speaking chances at the event, or discounted event tickets are all examples of “something worthwhile.” Companies sponsor events mostly in hopes of advancing their businesses. If your event provides them with the option to do so, you’ll most likely be able to obtain partners and boost your event’s perspective. In this blog we’ll be looking to give you tips to help you pool the best type of sponsorship tiers as we offer you our knowledge of everything we know about the discourse.


Purpose Of Sponsorship Tiers

It’s important to keep in mind that not all events will appeal to potential sponsors. Internal events, for example, rarely give enough value for other organizations to invest in an event sponsorship opportunity – though outliers exist. This article will expose you to the various ways sponsorship tiers can be beneficial to your event.

Sponsors are the backbone of fundraising events, this is why we are here for you to call upon when pooling some of the best sponsorship deals gets tough. Nonprofit organizations, political campaigns and social movements rely on a variety of funding sources, and often, this includes fundraisers like dinners, performances, exhibitions and galas. Companies that sponsor events do so to gain brand recognition and promote their brands. There are several types of sponsorships for events that businesses aim towards; some of them are:


Types Of Sponsorship

The several ways to sponsor an event depend not only on the size of the event but also on the unique benefits of each type of sponsorship. At Smartworks, we project some of the best options for you to work with and we also offer sponsorship tiers opportunities. Some offer unique packages like phone charging stations and name rights for specific products. The categories of sponsorship fall into four types such as:

Financial Sponsorship

Also known as Cash sponsorship, these types of event sponsors offer capital in the form of cash to event organizers in exchange for benefits such as promotion and recognition through the event. This is one of the most popular sponsorships that businesses often use as their promotional strategy. This type of sponsorship program is commonly associated with individual sponsorship, where a single person brings in the cash as his contribution either towards society or towards an outlined goal.

While trying to host, for example, a large-scale type of sponsorship in sports, it is usually best for an event planner to create a different event sponsorship for individuals. Notably, specifying the type of sponsorship for an event you wish to employ is the first step towards achieving a successful program. Financial sponsors are expected to contribute a combination of capital markets skills, numerous critical relationships, operational improvement initiatives, and experience owning leveraged companies to a deal in addition to funds.

In-kind sponsorship

In-kind sponsorship is a type of sponsorship in which the sponsoring company gives goods or services in exchange for financial support. A restaurant, for example, may choose to supply meals for a fundraising event. In-kind sponsorship can add a ton of value to an event and increase its profitability. This type of sponsorship employs a substitute of cash for kind thus, attracting your event to more potential sponsors.

In-kind Sponsorship Level Examples

  • Food and drink – Supplies can come from a third party or, in the case of water and energy snacks, from the manufacturer, who will gladly give goods in exchange for event exposure.
  • Giveaways – T-shirts, medals, and other freebies for participants can be funded either directly by the manufacturer or through sponsorship by a third party. The things are frequently provided by a municipal authority, tourist board, or commerce board, which may often obtain the items at a lower cost from a local firm.
  • Volunteering, policing, venue provision and many more are some forms of in-kind sponsorship level examples.

Media Sponsorship

Financial sponsors who arrange to advertise for an event are known as media sponsors. This can include purchasing ad space on local television or in a local newspaper and producing event-related content on their own channels, such as a blog post promoting the event or cause. When it comes to evaluating the success of this partnership, finding the ideal media sponsor for your company is critical. Similarly, you must design sponsorship packages that demonstrate how they will benefit sponsors in order to pique their interest.

Promotional Sponsorship

Media sponsors are similar to promotional partnerships. The difference between these sponsorship is that promotional partners are usually individuals rather than businesses or news organizations. A promotional partner informs his network about the event or cause. As different from media sponsors, promotional partners are individuals with a strong social media following. They can spread the word about your organization’s event to their own fan base.


Types Of Sponsorship In Sports

Kit Sponsorship

A sports kit is an outfit or piece of equipment used to participate in a sporting activity. In this type of sponsorship, the sponsor contributes funds to the sports entity in exchange for the right to have its logo displayed on the sporting entity’s uniform or equipment for a set length of time. Sponsorship of a team’s uniform is sometimes known as shirt or jersey sponsorship. It entails imprinting a sponsor’s logo on the equipment used in sporting events.

Title Sponsor

In recent years, naming rights, sometimes known as title sponsorship, has grown in popularity in sports. Many sporting organizations release their naming rights in return for resources from corporate sponsors.

The sponsor offers resources to the sponsored entity in exchange for the right to put their name on a specific property of the sponsored entity, such as a building. For a limited time, a facility, competition, or event. The practice of title sponsorship is not limited to sports; it is equally prevalent in other businesses. Some title sponsor examples are Adidas and the World Cup, Microsoft and the NFL, MLB and Snapchat, and many more brands are the few types of sponsorship in sports.

Sponsorship For Technical/Product Development

In these types of sports sponsorship, the sponsor offers resources to the sponsored entity in exchange for the right to associate its brand with the sponsored entity’s brand image. Technical and product sponsor generally assist the sports entity with technical or product-related issues.



When it comes down to it sponsor tiers by event sponsorship is essential if your company wants to keep growing and advertising itself. We know just the right ways to help you acquire the best sponsors for your event.  Not only is working with us a great way for your company to network with other businesses and form long-term relationships; we have one of the best team of workers readily available to help pool resources however you may need our services.