6 Tips to Choose the Best Event Agency

August 10, 2017

We know that choosing the best event agency is not an easy task, since there are many factors to consider and to get service provider goes much beyond “to look for the most economic one” due to there are more elements that makes the difference.

In this post we will list a number of factors to take into account to ensure you a good decision and, therefore, a good professional experience.



We know that we have not just discovered you the secret of eternal life, but it is a factor that we sometimes do not value enough and can make a big difference between one service or another.

The experience is the best way to learn, only through the experiences, learning from our own mistakes and failures, we can draw our own conclusions and continue growing.

And with experience we do not only refer to time, but also to the experiences and the desire to learn. We recommend you ask for a portfolio of previous events, which will give you an idea of what they can offer you.

At SmartWorks we have been immersed in the wonderful world of events for 15 years, we have extensive experience in corporate events, audio-visuals (AV), hiring of hostesses, gala dinners, fairs, hiring artists, entertainment, shows and contracting transportation and accommodation, so it is a guarantee of success.



Probably, it is something that we do not take into account when hiring but it is important that they have a good attitude, that they are interested in your project and contribute with ideas. That will give you both confidence and information about how important is your project to the agency.

Positive and proactive attitude is part of our philosophy.



Do you see them engaged enough? Look for an agency that commits to your project as much as you are, that make it theirs and strive to achieve the objectives satisfactorily.

For SmartWorks, your events are our events.



It is also important to value the disposition, many agencies take a long time to answer and send proposals when you need it most. With Smart Works that will not happen to you.



To know with which equipment or services they count to make your event: catering with those who work, audio-visual, suppliers of material, sound, coordinators, technicians and assistants during the event. When we say: “If you can imagine, we can do it!”



That they pay close attention to the most minor details of the event, so it is important that they ask you a lot of questions. That they give ideas and be ahead to your possible doubts.