56th Nerja Caves International Festival of Music and Dance

July 31, 2015

Since 1960, Nerja hosts the annual Festival of Music and Dance (Festival de Música y Danza). From July 2nd till the 15th of August 2015 the Festival features eight concerts.

Nerja, part of the Province of Malaga, is home to a series of caverns, called the Caves of Nerja. They are divided into two different parts, Nerja I and Nerja II. Nerja I includes the Show Galleries chambers where some of the concerts are held.

This year, four of the concerts took place in the naturally created amphitheater of the cave, while the final four performances will occur at Plaza España. The program includes performances by the Málaga Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Carmen Roche, a Flamenco Show with Eva Yerbabuenaa and a closing show by the singer Argentina Sinergia.

For years the Caves of Nerja have been one of Spain’s major touristic attractions, and with the combination of performances by international artists it is one of those must see events.

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