2nd Platino Awards for Ibero-American Cinema

July 24, 2015

Among the many activities and events held during the Starlite Festival in Marbella, Spain, which takes place over the course of one month, is the 2nd Platino Awards For Ibero-American Cinema.

The second year in a row, Platino is awarding the rapidly growing production and success of Latin American Cinema. It was established in order to introduce and widen the recognition of these films and the talents involved in it throughout Latin America, Spain, Portugal, but also internationally.

One day prior to this year the ceremony that took place on July 18, at the Starlite Headquarters, the Egeda-Fipca collaboration invited its more than 500 guests, many of them, from the 23 Latin American countries, to the Platino Welcome Party in PalmyraMarbella.

The Platino Award of Honor was presented to actor and director Antonio Banderas was his successful career in which he has taken part in 92 films.

David Bisbal, Miguel Bose, Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi, Rita Moreno and Lucrecia Cuban musically accompanied the gala.

As, “the Platino Awards have become, in just two years, a worldwide reference that serves as a showcase for the industry”, we will see and hear more about it in the future.