5 Benefits of Making a Corporate Event

September 14, 2017


Nowadays, most marketing campaigns focus on the online environment and this is basically because it is a much cheaper way to reach the target audience.

Even so, it should not be forgotten that face-to-face events, despite representing a higher cost for the company, are much more effective for the attendees to remember.

The concept of a corporate event ranges from meetings to company dinners, to meetings, conferences, congresses, symposia and even playful activities for employees.

Whatever their form or typology, these types of events occupy a very important place in the communication strategies of companies for the advantages listed below:


1)    Events, meetings and other events are very effective communication tools both internally and externally

This means that they are very positive both to publicize the company’s products or services to actual and potential clients and other companies in the sector, such as to launch internal information campaigns and strengthen ties among employees.


2)    Enable and foster interpersonal relationships

Corporate events are a great opportunity to expand and narrow our network of contacts or networking, meeting in person with customers, suppliers and other professionals.


3)    Improve motivation and work climate

Few activities can be more effective in motivating employees and helping them to regain their strength or to combat the stress caused by the daily work routine, such as a conference or meeting where leisure and work are combined in an attractive destination.

Another variant can be the organization of a team building activity, such as a paintball championship or a gastronomic day, where the employees of a company have the opportunity to strengthen ties, reduce harshness and get acquainted in the personal sphere and not only in the labor sphere. The possibilities are endless.


4)    Serve to reward achievements or recognize successes

The organization of a special dinner or a party can be the ideal context to recognize, thank and celebrate in group certain achievements and goals achieved by a professional, a team or the company as a whole.


5)    Boost business and sales 

From a quantitative point of view, the main benefit of the events is that, because of the intensity of the contacts that are achieved and because of their promotional effect, they increase sales and do business.

Despite the rise of new technologies and the virtual environment, face to face continues to be one of the most effective methods to get new customers and close trade agreements

Organizing a cost-effective and efficient event is not an easy task, since it is necessary to consider and interrelate very different factors: technical and human resources issues, budget adjustment, definition of objectives, etc.

That is why we recommend having the help of professionals like SmartWorks who have experience in the sector and ensure the success of the event.