The Cocktail: When and How to Hold a Cocktail

September 7, 2017

Are you thinking about holding a cocktail? Do you have doubts about whether what you have chosen is right? Or are you afraid of not up to scratch,  among your assistants?

If so, from SmartWorks we will offer you guidelines to make your cocktel a success.

It is usually a “standing” act where many people circulate freely and are related amon them.

There may be a small pre-presentation or conference before going to the cocktail party. Hosts should receive their guests at the front door and stay until most of them have arrived.

The most used time is in the middle of the afternoon. But we can also find ourselves this type of act at noon.

The setting chosen for the cocktail, usually are the halls of a hotel or a restaurant, although in the summer season can be done in gardens and outdoor spaces.

For the service you can opt for two options, the first, hire waiters to circulate serving and offering food and drink and the second, put one table for drinks and another for food.

As well as for the discards, you can choose to have the waiters pick it up or put other table. The food should be presented in small portions to take them in a single bite.

From SmartWorks we tell you that it is better to put the tables in the background and away from the access points so that people do not stay at the beginning of the place. At SmartWorks we place a lot of importance on the comfort of guests so it is very important to correctly calculate the number of guests and the space of the place. The approximate duration of a cocktail should be one hour, although depending on its magnitude and the number of guests, it could be extended. Therefore, if you want your event to be a success, do not hesitate to contact us.