Why We Love Events

June 29, 2017

Organize events it is not a job for everyone, but it is for you, it is the job of your life. Here you have some reasons why we organize events, why we love our job and why we are proud of what we do.

The events professionals are passionate and a group of people tough that, often get better under pressure. Of course, every event organizer can have love/ hate relation with the events but, never will think change the profession. Because of that, we are going to focus in the positive things and highlight some real reasons why we love what we do and why we feel proud of call ourselfs “event organizer”.

Variety. In one day, we could be visiting a venue, knowing something technological, having a meeting with clients, having a brainstorming, etc. Two evenets are not equal and, probably, we will be dealing with different projects at the same time. Even when we are in our desk, we can reach different roles. The variety is the sparkle in the event organizaer’s life. There is no time for boredom in the event organizer’s world.


No matter if the event organizer born or you have to make it. There is an important factor in being or creating. Work with the team of your dreams it is the best way to obtain results, help to do everthing less stressful and share the work duties. You could exchange ideas and collaborate to solve problems and find the best solution. Working like that, we will enjoy the victories of the team. The social factor it is very important.


Organize events could take you everywhere. The city next to yours or even another country, we are always ready to explore new worlds. No matter the destiny, we will always enjoy if we are going to do an event.

Pleased the wishes of the people

Make the event of your dreams for your clients or your boss and see the happiness of the guests is the best gift for and event organizer, because we spent a lot of time working for that result. Understand and produce the wishes of the client or the boss perfectly is a challenge, but at the same time it is a huge reward to encourage a bigger loyalty.


Maybe, it is not the first thing you think when you consider why you love your work, but it could supposed an increase of adrenaline when you get what you propose. A good negotiatior could make the other part think they have to give without commintment. In this way, we all are happy. It is not just about money. Maybe, you can get an upgrade in an hotel without extra cost, better Wifi, etc. This Little things make you feel proud of yourself.


As a good event organizer, you should explore your creativity and see your ideas became reality. Those who get see their creativity expressed in reality are happier. You have the chance to show everything you know.


We spend a lot of hours working and, sometimes, the social life is fictional, but event that the event organizer’s life has a lot of flexibility. You could work wherever you are. Those who prefer the mornings or the nights, depends on the productivity.

To sum up, if you are an event organizer you understand everything we talked before. Sometimes, we feel tired but, at the end of each event, the satisfaction is huge.