Incentive Travel Program For Employees

February 2, 2022

Have you ever considered taking your employees on a trip, and you haven’t found the best place to take them to? It might help for you to take a little while to analyze what your employees need and how you can go about it. We have just the right solutions for you. We are here to inspire you on new ideas for a great incentive trip or vacation with your employees.


Knowing More About Incentive Trips

First of all, we believe it will be great for you to take an incentive trip rather than just a vacation with your employees. What is incentive travel or trip? It is a trip that is created to motivate and encourage the employees of a company or its client. A good incentive trip or activity seeks to create a unified employee relationship for the group or reward a job well done. This sort of trip is a great way to increase and promote the productivity of both customers and workers; additionally, it helps increase the achievement of a goal or sales target. This article is to help you brainstorm ideas to enable you to have the best trip incentives or the best incentive travel packages for your employees or customers.


Purpose Of An Incentive Trip

Before you can specifically choose what incentive travel or trip you should choose for your company, it is essential that you know that corporate incentive trips must be uniquely creative and exciting. In that light, it is usually best to focus on sports and group activities; it is the perfect choice if you’re looking to promote good teamwork and competitive spirit within the company. These sporting activities don’t have to be about the physical alone it can revolve around cultural activities.

It is also vital to note that company incentive trips can be divided into two types; for groups and for individuals. Individual incentive trips aim to reward an employee for specific achievements, while the incentives to groups seek to enhance the closeness between the department members or a company.


Deciding On The Best Company Trips

While trying to decide on the best option for your trip, you should put into consideration several things. Firstly the incentive travel packages to take along with you, the location for the incentive vacations, how to make sure that the trip incentives actually achieve their aim of unifying and promoting the company. If all of these questions or points I’ve been answered, then you are set to go on the best company trip with your employees.

Below are some creative incentive trip ideas.

  1. A golf getaway
  2. Ski and snowshoe trip
  3. A yoga incentive trip
  4. Event incentive trip


  1. Golf Getaway – it is true that planning a vacation can be more stressful than work at times, that is why we have worked to narrow down your search for an incentive trip idea to a golf getaway. Golf vacations are the perfect plan for a trip with no stress; you’ll be sure that everyone is going to get something in the end. Plus, a golf getaway helps you readily prepare for an incentive travel package. You’ll be able to easily acquire great amenities for luxury and save enough when you plan your trip.
  2. Ski and Snowshoe Trip – this is a great winter exercise if you’re looking for a way to stay in shape when the snowfalls. Snowshoeing or skiing lets you extend your hiking and running season; all ages and ability levels can enjoy the sport together, which makes it a great social activity. Plus, the upside is it only requires a few basic techniques, and it is a beginner-friendly outdoor activity for your company trip.
  3. Yoga Incentive Trip – this is very best for the individual incentive travels where the person is rewarded for his achievement in the company. By offering a yoga incentive trip to a person or a group, you can creatively unite and bond your whole company together through this indoor activity after a nice ski trip or a pleasant golf getaway. Yoga activities or incentive trips help you save money and also help you improve your company’s loyalty and unity at the same time.
  4. Event Incentive Trip – this is probably the most effective form of a trip to woo your clients and their employees. You can easily create or book an annual event for your company members to attend together and share with them memorably the exciting events. Events incentive trip ideas range from film festivals to music festivals, comic book or film conventions, and a location-specific celebration (for example, a carnival in Asia or Brazil). Other ideas of an event or location-specific incentive trip are a visit to Giza’s great pyramids, the Colossus of Rhodes, Machu Picchu in Peru, a visit to the Great Wall of China or anywhere that attracts your attention employees or customers to feel they are really appreciated.


Hiring An Event Planner Or Trip Planner

Even after knowing all you need to know for a trip incentive, you might be finding it hard to plan and achieve your goal correctly. In cases like this, it is best to employ the help of an event planner like Smartworks to help you create the best and most memorable incentive trips for  employees. We can help you prepare the right incentive travel packages for your incentive vacations and also help choose the perfect incentive travel location for you and your company. It is never a bad thing to actually employ the help of a trip planning expert. So while you’re considering the type of events to go to, you should also properly consider how or who to handle the whole trip.



In the end, it is essential to note that the aim of the trip is what matters are not where the journey leads you to. The aim of the company’s unification, promotion of company products, rewarding an achievement or task, invocation just for relaxing the whole nerves in a company should be the fundamental motivation behind your choice of incentive for the trip. So, beat a trip to Barcelona in Spain for food tasting, oh and events travel to Brazil for conventions or carnivals, what matters is that you achieve the purpose of the trip.