How to Select the Best Sponsors for Your Event

October 15, 2019

Sponsors are an essential part of your event budget, but they can also serve as an attraction to motivate attendees. Choosing one sponsor or another can be a decisive factor for the participation of your audience in your event. In this article, we give you the keys to success when choosing the sponsors that call the attention of your attendees.

1. Identify your audience: To get sponsors that interest your audience, you need to know your attendees well, what their interests, behaviours and consumption habits are. To do this, you can use tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. Analyzing the data that your event or company generates on social media will help you obtain relevant information about your target audience. For example, if most of your audience “likes” the Facebook page of a beverage brand, this company could be the right choice as a sponsor for your event.

2. Locate the niche of interest of your attendees:
Once you have identified and know your target audience, you must find categories of brands or companies that are in tune with the interests of your attendees. For example, if you have noticed that most of your attendees are interested in luxury travel, you could contact spas or resorts for sponsorship.

3. Convince your sponsor:
Once you have selected your objective sponsor, you need to convince him that your event has everything he needs for his brand. Always remember that sponsorship is a symbiotic relationship and that your event will offer in return a benefit as significant as your contribution. The key to convincing your sponsor is to discover how you can enhance the image of your brand and present how you will benefit your brand with your event. That way, you will create lasting and beneficial relationships for both parties. Trust your event and sell it properly to the right sponsors.