How to Have a Good Event

August 8, 2023

Organizational goal getters will say: “let’s have a good event or give us nothing.” To them, anything less than the best is not an option.

I suppose you are in that league, too. But even if you are not, it’s still okay to insist on the best outcome from an event that you have spent your hard earned money to put together.

Planning an event gulps a lot of time and resources, hence the disappointment if it flops. To have successful event planning, you need to equip yourself with good event management skills and qualities. Here are some of the things you need to know when trying to scale up with top notch event organizer skills:

How to Become Successful in Event Planning

Like everything in life, you need knowledge and skills to have a good event.

You have probably gone to seminars and workshops to learn how to be a good event planner. Perhaps, you have gone ahead to test your abilities in a pilot-event. The big questions are:

After all the efforts and resources, what do you learn in event management? Can you confidently say that you are now immersed in good event organizer skills?

Consider the following tips a stretch from whatever you have learnt and take your event planning skills to the next level:

  1. Start Early: when you are early to your journey, you can always have enough time to look back and correct your mistakes. Successful event planning requires that you start the preparation as early as possible.
  2. Make Appropriate Research Online and Offline: things change a lot within the very brief space of days. Event technology is redefining events and outcomes. So don’t get stuck in any obsolete event sample. Search for the trending event themes and their corresponding outcomes.
  3. Plan for the Unforeseen: it sucks to be stuck halfway into your event planning because of poor allocation of funds. Endeavor to keep a reserve of extra funds to be used in tackling any development that was not factored earlier.
  4. Share Responsibilities: successful event planning isn’t for  lone rangers. Bring the best reachable team to your side and assign the right responsibilities to them.
  5. Document the Process: make a proper documentation of the overall process as this will help you to retrace your steps and address any error.

Be in tune with the Present-Day Invent Technology

As someone that desire to be an innovative event planner, the least of what is expected of you is to keep abreast of the event technology.

In the past, events were purely traditional, and devoid of technological integration. Even invitations to events were by word of mouth. All of that has changed now. Event technology has redefined how and where events can be carried out.

  • An innovative event planner will always have their eyes on event technologies such as apps, tools, themes, props, etc. Their concern is the relevance of these event technologies to their event and how they can exploit them. It might interest you to also think in this direction.
  • Technology industry events are constantly making event planning less stressful. Beyond being less stressful, they guarantee more beneficial and tailored outcomes.
  • Event technology will help you to effectively plan and manage your events in real time. For example, it’s a lot easier to use event management tools to process registration and ticketing than any traditional means.
  • The same tools are equally effectively used for event reporting and contact management.

Similarly, event content tools can be pretty useful in session registration management, agenda building and editing as well as speaker portals. When you want to achieve a great engagement, you can consider event engagement tools like apps.

These and more are some of the beauties of technology industry events in our modern world. And luckily, they are available to anyone who desires to succeed in the event industry.

Take Advantage of Feedbacks and Recommendations

It’s not enough to have events back to back. An innovative event planner will always strive to make their next event better than the last one. How is this possible?

One recommended approach is to utilize all available feedback channels. Get people’s reactions, criticism, and level of satisfaction from your previous event. No doubt, this is the reflection you need to view your own performance from a third person perspective.

Feedbacks will leave you with a balanced thought and enable you to make informed decisions. In other words, your next event will be free from avoidable mistakes that marred the previous one.


It can be pretty daunting to have a successful event planning especially for those not professionally trained. You certainly do not wish to channel your resources on an event that will flop due to poor planning.

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