How to Be More Productive

June 13, 2017

During events, the organization is essential. SmartWorks will give you some tips for you to use your time to the greatest advantage. You will become a winner and the obtained results will be better: be organized, stay focussed, take care and simplify.



Make a “things to do list”. They are the most productive and simple tools and at the same time, more powerful:

a) Note down tasks.

b) Each task is an aim.

c) Divide big tasks into easy and simple steps.

d) Update the list once a day.

e) Classify and assign priorities: focus on the important and urgent tasks and finish them as soon as possible.

f) Plan your day: you should choose the tasks you will do each day. Set your daily objectives and achieve them. But don’t forget to be realistic!

g) Goals and rewards: select goals that keep you motivated. Never give up until you reach them.

h) Learn and get better every day: you are not equally productive everyday. Find out where the problem is and solve it.



Everyday it gets more complicated to stay focus because we have more distractions:

a) Disable your phone’s notifications and keep it away if you don’t need it

b) Don’t check the e-amil every 5 minutes. Schedule times to do it.

c) Control the time you spend in Social Media. Use Social Media during your break after you finish a task.

d) Focus on one thing at a time: doing several tasks at the same time is not productive. Better choose one task and finish it before you move into the next one.

e) Keep your house and office clean and tidy. The mess is a focus of distraction.

f) Analyze your productive hours: it is important to know in which moments you are focused the most.



a) Sleep enough: 7 hours minimum! You will be more restful and focused at work.

b) Wake up early and make the most of the day. Whatever you do during the first hour of the day can determinate your mood.

c) Eat healthy: Food is very important to keep focused and with enough energy.

d) Take little breaks: Productivity is increased if you take 10-15 minutes break every 2 hours. Stretch, breath, relax, drink or have a snack.



Keep in mind that productivity is not just about doing more things but it is about doing things right.