6 Effective Ways to Connect with Your Audience

January 17, 2023

There is nothing better to bringing a community together than a fun event. Every community has that one host or company who calls for a gathering, and you want to be there. This isn’t only because the community loves the host but because there is an unspoken attachment beneath all the love. That extra topping is none other than the fun event ideas this host keeps managing to spring into their events. This keeps pulling the crowd back whenever that company sends out invites. Creating a fun event is an art everyone and every company should learn. Learning to organize fun events is a deliberate move requiring detail to attention and other elements syncing. And that journey starts with having fun ideas for your events.

What should you know?

There are great fun ideas for events that one should know to have a lingering event long after the party. 

So many fun ideas are available to spice your social and corporate events. However, several things must align at your event to get the best fun. First, who are the people coming for this event?

Corporate events or social gathering

The first thing to consider when planning your fun event is categorizing the gathering. For example, is this a social call or a corporate gathering? Knowing this will help you develop the best fun ideas for the occasion. 

This is because some fun games and ideas wouldn’t go well with a corporate gathering but do just right at a social event. 

On the other hand, when such fun ideas find their way into a corporate circle, it is like coming dressed like a clown to a contract-signing event. No one takes you seriously! You don’t belong there. That is why you must check if this is a social call or a formal gathering before making your fun list. Once this is ascertained, one can come up with your social event idea list for a social meeting or corporate fun ideas to chip into a formal gathering.

Having sorted this part out, here are Fun event ideas to make a memorable event.

  • Charity walk or run:

     a charity walk is a great way to keep your guests excited while also getting something for charity at the backend. It is a great idea also for a corporate gathering.

  • Outdoor movie:

     movie night is always a fun idea. Imagine having the movie night, not in the cinema but outdoors with all the extras to spice it up! Nothing beats that feeling.

  • Competition:

     competing is another fun idea to do at your event. It is always, always fun, both at corporate and social gatherings.

  • Live band:

     live band at your party depicts class, and having them at your party is enough to pull the crowd in.

  • Talent show:

     a talent hunt is another fun idea to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

6 Effective Ways to Connect with Your Audience

Corporate and Social fun event ideas

Social events are gathering for luxury, celebration, and fun. It is majorly not a business gathering. On the other hand, corporate events are formal events and business gatherings. It is the type of gathering where business associates meet, deals are sealed, and contracts are signed. And though a touch of fun goes on underneath, everyone knows it is an official gathering with the appropriate codes in place. For a successful corporate or social hosting, some fun ideas must be chipped into the program for the day. This is to leave a lasting impression on your guest and ensure they want to come back when you call for another, and it is rated a success. It should be noted that even though a business gathering is a formal event, it is also a social one as people would be coming together. hence, you need social event ideas even for a corporate event. 

The following are elements that make a great hosting a corporate gathering:

  • Conferences speakers

Conference speakers play a great role in corporate gatherings. They are like the highlight of the day. People will judge your party by the speakers listed on your invites. 

conference speaker is someone who will determine how your gathering goes. Therefore, your fun ideas will also hinge on this speaker or speakers. If your conference speaker is fun-loving, they will support having a fun event idea, even if it is a corporate event. If he is the strict type, you should remove some fun event ideas from the list. Also, several conference speakers depending on the event’s theme. These are:

  • Expert Conference Speakers:

     these are conference speakers who are academicians, researchers, business leaders, or professionals.

  • Comedian:

this is someone who provides the event with a burst of laughter and humorous activities. Sometimes, these speakers are brought into the corporate gathering to boost the mood.

  • Motivational speaker:

This speaker inspires the crowd to be all they can be.

  • Public figure: 

This is the speaker invited for their fame to pull the crowd and give the crowd something to look forward to.

  • Experiential speakers 

As magicians, demonstrators, and acrobats who perform to entertain.

  • Author/Orator: 

These conference speakers are the ones who create engaging talks at the event.


  • Entertainment for a fun event

Entertainment is another element that makes an event memorable. The type of entertainment allowed at a social event differs from what can be brought into a formal gathering. When planning an event, the kind of entertainment that would be done must also sync in for a successful hosting and a memorable one. 

  • Keynote speakers

For a corporate event, keynote speakers are considered the best as they are the best in their chosen fields. Because they are experts in their field, they are often the best when calling for a corporate gathering in that field, and their speech is targeted at getting more engagement at the gathering. The keynote speakers can be called on to present a captivating speech at the beginning of an event to motivate the crowd. They may also come at the tail end of the event, so their speech is something everyone takes back home and ponders on. However, the best keynote speakers to get are the ones who can deliver on the theme of your event. To make your event spicy, get some Keynote speakers for the conference.

Conference keynote speakers also have panel discussions, where a group of speakers participates in a moderated discussion on a particular topic. 

  • Guest speakers.

Guest speakers also make for a great part of your event. Like the conference speakers, guest speakers will either pull the crowd or push them away. So, deliberate on the speaker you are bringing to the table. Look for an expert speaker in the field your themed event centers on.

Conclusively, planning an event takes a toll, but with the right fun ideas, and other elements, you can have a fantastic event. Sometimes, a little external help is all the planning you need. Smart Work Agency provides the help you need to pull off a super event.