Everything You Need to Know About Audio Visual Innovations

April 27, 2022

It’s not news that planning events comes with a lot of hassle. One that can take a toll on you if you are not used to the stress and dedication that it requires. Event planning has different phases and one of them are new technology in audio and the newest video technology. Whether it’s a conference, lecture, or even Q&A session, you will need audio visual innovations. Shortly, we will walk you through everything you know about AV technology.


What is AV Technology?

AV technology is best described as the hardware utilized to transmit new audio technologies and new video technology signals. Some of the hardware include sound speakers, cameras, displays, microphones, and many more that can be used with thousands of other technologies. AV is an acronym for audiovisual. The earliest usage of AV technology can be traced to the early 1990s when real-life images are transformed into films.


Audiovisual Technology Checklists

If you are not a savvy event planner, you might have trouble coming up with an AV technology checklist. Don’t you worry, we get you covered.



There are different options of projectors you can use for your events. But your event should be a determinant for the kind of project you choose. It could be stream speech/interview, PowerPoint presentation, and even video projection. For instance, a bright projector is an ideal option for a PowerPoint presentation. And that is because this kind of projector ensures good visibility.

Moreso, it is crucial that you consider the level of natural light. Having an event in a room that has a lot of windows demands you decide on a brighter projector to ensure better visibility. Also, rear screen projections are a great choice for streaming content. And that is because of audio visual innovation: the project provides top-quality visuals.

Adapters and Dongles

If your speakers are presenting from their laptops. Or perhaps they need to project on the screen from their system. Then you should consider getting a lot of adapters. The truth is most PCs do not have HDMI outlets. The outlet is what allows you to connect your PC to your TV to enjoy streaming services like YouTube and Netflix. Apart from that, having them will save you from likely AV disasters.


Before you decide on any microphone, you need to determine the purpose of the mic and how it will be used. There are Q&A events that require the microphone to move around. There are events that are like lectures, the speaker stands on the podium from the start to the end of the lecture.

For Q&A events, you should consider wireless or CatBox microphones. But for events where the speaker stands on a spot, you should go for a wired mic.

Mixer or Sound Board

If you will have multiple microphones in an event, there will need to adjust volume levels, control feedback, and balance the sound. Your AV team will require a soundboard or mixer. These devices come with electronic consoles that control audio signals before you route them to the speakers.

Furthermore, ensure that your AV team knows the numbers of speakers that will need microphones in your event. But in cases where more microphones are required for Q&A with the audience, just make sure the mixer has enough channels.

Bandwidth to Support Multiple Devices

If you will be needing multiple devices, support such as mobile devices, tablets, and mobile phones. Then you need to consider more bandwidth. One of the perks of bandwidth is that it determines the level of information your internet connection can handle at a time.

When you have more than enough bandwidth, there will be consistent uploads and fast downloads speed. If you are streaming, it will not be interrupted by bad connection connection. It will give you and your attendees a smooth event experience. Here’s the trick, let’s say you are having approximately 200 attendees. And a large number of them are coming with their PCs and mobile devices. Then you should get bandwidth for more than 600 devices. That way, everything will run smoothly.


Hire SmartWorks for Your Audio-Visual Production

When it comes to hosting an audiovisual event, you need to take note of the following tips:

  • Know your budget and stick to it
  • Leverage professional advice
  • Consider the space before you decide on an AV tools

However, to a non-experienced event planner, AV events can be a hard nut to crack. But when you hire SmarkWorks, we will take your event to a new level of transcendence with our in-house AV production.

Our audio-visual services cover:

  • Creative development and implementation
  • Cutting-edge audio solution
  • Video and large screen display
  • Specialized lighting
  • Hybrid events
  • Stage design and construction

Furthermore, our services transcend beyond AV production, it covers full spectrum of event management such as:

  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Venue selection
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment and many more.